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  1. Thank you so much tonamigon ! This will really help me! :grin:
  2. Hi there, a Puzzle of sorts Just wondering if a fellow cacher could help me with an unrelated topic! I recently purchased a motorbike of Japanese origin, and the manual for it is entirely in Japanese! Could someone please be so nice to translate the following 5 pages into English? You'll see that there isn't much information to be translated, and the pictures tell me some information, but not the finer details! In order to acknowledge your time, I have an unregistered HQ geocoin which I will send to you for you help! You can PM me the translation, and an address to send the CG to! Pictures below, Thanks !! Spark_ie from Ireland 1 2 3 4 5
  3. Well this totally depends on where you are going, or what you are planning on doing... There's some great caches which involve long hikes etc, in remote scenic places, there are great hides in cities etc too.. Just keep in mind that as dino said earlier, although Ireland looks small on the map, getting around isn't as easy or as fast as you may wish. I think your big priority is not to try and get too much in Join us on forums.geocachingireland.com for more questions
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