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  1. Ich vermisse bei Events den Link (Add to Calender). War das eine GCLH-Funktion? Oder kam das woanders her? Wenn das woanders her kam, wäre es toll das auf die Wunschliste zu setzen.

  2. I have an idea though. One 'sub'-session regarding the map is timing out, even though we're still logged in, making the module that refreshes the map think we're not logged in after long time of inactivity?

    This seems true for what I've seen.. it has only happened when I haven't done anything on gc.com at all for a while and happened to have the map-window open.


    Today I had the problem, too. I clicked a cache (a mysterie). It was an easy mysterie, I solved in 5 Minutes. After going back to the map, the above mentioned problem occurs.

  3. Hi,


    since the update, the maps site is broken in regards, that after some time, suddenly all found caches are shown as unfound.


    It's quite easy to reproduce:


    - Go to the maps site with your home coordinates as start point

    - Hide all found and your own caches by selecting the check boxes

    - zoom out 2-3 levels, move around

    - click on the "hand" in the left top circle ("back to last result")


    Now all caches are shown as unfound. There are quite some more ways to get this effect, but this is the most reliable way to reproduce.


    Are you using firefox and AVG Antivirus-Software? I had the same (an other problems), but when i disable the "AVG Safe Search" Plugin all problems are gone.

  4. Hello!


    I have quite a lot coins in my inventory. I bought the coins and they are not placed in caches. I show the coins on events, or if I meet other cachers.


    Is there a way, to delete the coins of my inventory list?


    Or should I make a secosn account and transfer the coisn to that account?




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