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  1. Hallo! Ich benutze zum Cachen ein Garmin-GPS und nutze die Field-Notes (Drafts). Seit ein paar Tagen wird beim upload nicht gespeichert, wenn ich den letzten upload gemacht hab. Somit hab ich dann alles Doppelt und Dreifach. Kann das Jemand bestätigen und evtl. an GS übermitteln? Mein Englisch ist da wohl etwas zu schlecht. MfG splitti
  2. Ich vermisse bei Events den Link (Add to Calender). War das eine GCLH-Funktion? Oder kam das woanders her? Wenn das woanders her kam, wäre es toll das auf die Wunschliste zu setzen.
  3. Thanks a lot. I use severel GM-Script to make the GC-Site usable. Now I use one more. The logs look great, just likenothing happens. ;-)
  4. Today I had the problem, too. I clicked a cache (a mysterie). It was an easy mysterie, I solved in 5 Minutes. After going back to the map, the above mentioned problem occurs.
  5. Are you using firefox and AVG Antivirus-Software? I had the same (an other problems), but when i disable the "AVG Safe Search" Plugin all problems are gone.
  6. I think, I found the problem. I have found a cache with a very long name without spaces. Because of that, there can be no linefeed?! It is the "Sonntagsmorgensfrühnebelbeobachtungscache" ...
  7. Not seeing that here on Chrome 6. What browser are you using? Firefox, but it is the same with iexplorer. Maybe it is because of my screen resolution 1024x600?!
  8. There is an other layout problem. This is on the privat profile page. The right side is on top of the middel part (see screenshot)
  9. There is a big problem on the printer-frendly-page with html-tables. It looks like, there is a very big space before any table. For example on one of my caches: http://coord.info/GC24HGF There are two tables, one with border and one without. If you go the printerfrendly-page it is a mess ;-(
  10. Which Link do you mean? http://www.paza.co.uk/?page_id=185 ? I know, how to get the images, but can you change the units from miles to kilometer?!
  11. The distance in km wouldbe very nice. If you have seen it at some profiles, ask that person, how he dit it?! greets splitti
  12. Hello! I have quite a lot coins in my inventory. I bought the coins and they are not placed in caches. I show the coins on events, or if I meet other cachers. Is there a way, to delete the coins of my inventory list? Or should I make a secosn account and transfer the coisn to that account? Greets splitti
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