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  1. How prevalent are the odometer and 'drift' issues with the HCx?
  2. *sigh* I have been trying to decide between a GPSMAP 60CSx and a Vista HCx. I was strongly leaning towards the HCx because it is nice and compact and about $80 cheaper. Considering a new unit is likely to come with new firmware, should I just go with the 60CSx? I'm leaving on a big trip in 2 weeks so i want to get one right away, not wait for a bug to be fixed. Is it possible this is just happening in a small % of units and I might get lucky?
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone. Has anyone handled both units? I'm wondering what the actual size/weight difference is. Specs are one thing but I'm wondering if anyone has used both. Are there any side-by-side photos?
  4. Hey folks, I'm looking at buying a new GPS unit this week for an upcoming trip. I've narrowed it down to the eTrex Vista HCx or GPSMAP 60CSx but I'm having trouble deciding. I'm leaning towards the HCx because it is about $80 cheaper (buying from gpscity.ca) and more compact. Anyone care to sway me the other way? I like the idea of the bigger display on the 60CSx but I'm not sure it's worth the bulk and the money. I'll be using the GPS mainly for hiking, but also for driving and geotagging as well.
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