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  1. What he's talking about is http://www.garmin.com/garmin/cms/site/us/o...rail/custommaps


    At the moment, only a very limited range of GPS support this feature, which is why you won't find a whole huge number of people using it.


    I've been thinking about goofing around with them a bit, but I don't have a GPS that supports them.


    I've got a couple of neat ideas, but with no way to test them, there really isn't any incentive to develop them.




    They use the KMZ format, so you can play around with them in Google Earth, but yeah there's not a lot of use to it if you don't have an Oregon or Dakota to use them in the field. I believe Garmin's new models will have them too, so hopefully that spurs some development.

  2. Hey folks,


    I recently got a Garmin Dakota and am really enjoying the custom maps feature. I'm visiting my family in Alberta soon and I'm wondering if anyone has any custom maps they're interested in sharing? (legal ones of course).

  3. If you're looking for urban/driving maps, I'd go with City Navigator. You can get them with lifetime updates now, so your maps will always be up to date. If you want 'outdoor' maps for hiking, etc., but also need driving directions, go with Topo Canada. If you don't need routing, go with the (FREE!) Ibycus Topo Canada.

  4. I'm going away on a camping trip tomorrow and I always seem to have problems with my GPS before I go on trips.


    I loaded the tracks and waypoints I need for my trip onto my Dakota 20. I have CN, Topo Canada, and Ibycus Topo on my Dakota. But when I zoom in on my campsite I see pretty much nothing. No detail, no lakes, no rivers. It doesn't matter which maps I turn on or off. It actually looks like it gets less detail as I zoom in. If I turn on shaded relief I do see some shading, but that's all.


    Any help would be appreciated. I'm leaving tomorrow and would prefer to have a working GPS!


    EDIT: Well, it seems to be better now, not entirely sure how I fixed it, but I did :rolleyes:

  5. I was hiking the other day and I think my Dakota 20 may have reset itself - that will teach me to not lock the screen. I was wondering if there is any way to recover the tracks that I logged before the reset happened. I tried running Recuva (a file recovery program) on the memory, but I couldn't find any GPX files with the tracks. Would they be stored in a non-GPX file?

  6. I'm a fan of geotagging photos. I usually do it on the software side with Robogeo. When Panasonic's new Lumix DMC-ZS7 (aka TZ10) was announced I thought it would be great for me. It's an extension of the ZS3 which is a great camera, and it has a built-in GPS for geotagging. It would certainly save me time in geotagging which would be great.


    The more I think about it the more skeptical I get though. How effective can the GPS be? It takes my Dakota a bit of time to find its location when I turn it on. There's no way a camera will be quicker. So will I have to stand around waiting to get a signal every time I want to take a tagged photo? Or will the GPS be on all the time? That seems like it would eat the battery.


    Does anyone have experience with geotagging cameras?


    EDIT: Well, this article seems to answer my questions...

  7. I just did the same upgrade. There are two big cons for the Dakota: the (regular) price and the screen. I got mine on sale but I would not have paid the regular price for it. The screen, as you've probably read, is much harder than the Vista to read in sunlight. It's a big pain, but it's not impossible.


    The touchscreen is a big pro though. 100x easier to use than the Vista, and much nicer to look out except in bright sun. The custom maps feature is a bonus, and one of the reasons I got one.


    For me the pros outweigh the cons and I'm glad I upgraded. I love the bigger, easier to use touchscreen, and I love loading custom maps. I can deal with twisting the angle to see it in sunlight, but I can see how this would be a deal killer for some.

  8. Ok, I'm having a problem with Basecamp on my Windows 7 laptop. I've used Basecamp before on the computer with no problems. However now when I start Basecamp it appears in the taskbar, but nothing appears on screen. If I hover over it on the taskbar I get a screenshot of Basecamp that shows that it seems to be working - but I can't seem to access it. Clicking on it, alt-tab, win-tab, taskmanager, nothing will let me see and use the program. It doesn't seem to be 'frozen' - I just can't see and use it.


    I tried uninstalling and re-installing, even with Revo Uninstaller. Not sure if this is a Basecamp or Windows problem. Does anyone have any advice?

  9. When I download my data from my Dakota 20 to Mapsource there are no waypoints, although they're definitely there in the device. A little background:


    When I got my Dakota I switched my SD card from my Vista HCX to the Dakota. I can see all my old waypoints on the Dakota, and I have added new waypoints on the Dakota too. Neither the old waypoints ore the new ones will download with Mapsource.


    Any advice?

  10. I currently have an eTrex Vista HCx. I use it for a number of things, including geotagging pictures with Robogeo. The HCx archives my tracklogs by date and retains the timestamps, so this makes geotagging easy.


    I'm thinking of grabbing a Dakota 20 (there's a sale on near me) - Does it record and archive tracks in the same way? I seem to recall some Garmins deleting the time info from tracks and I want to make sure the Dakota won't do that on me. Thanks.

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