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  1. Re: New native iGeocacher I have downloaded it and loaded a GPX query of caches. It seems to work smoothly, and provides paperless caching for me on the iPhone 3G. Previously, I have tried to look up caches on-line in the field through Safari, but I am often only in an Edge range and it is just too slow. So I am psyched about having all the cache data with me on the iPhone. There are enhancements I'd certainly like to see in the app. I know the developer is working on the next release and will keep improving the product. You can check it out at the Apple iTunes app store. There are links to the supporting website. As far as the GPS capability - iGeocacher works nicely with it. It will load the coords from a cache and give you distance, direction to the cache. You can also sort your caches by distance from your current location. Geode looks very promising too. I will check out the reviews once it comes out and then decide which application to use on a permanent basis.
  2. Check out iGeoacher in the Apple app store. I have downloaded it ($15) and am checking it out, but I haven't used it in the field yet. It just came out today. The developer is very responsive and maintains a yahoo group for discussions about the app. I will continue to load coords to my Garmin GPSMap 60csx also, but this will give me all the paperless cache info - without being connected to the web.
  3. Hey, I have been following the development (via a yahoo group) of another geocaching native app for the iPhone. I don't recall seeing it mentioned before in this thread...but I may have missed it. The iGeochacer app is going native for off-line use (i.e. paperless) geocaching. It also integrates to the 3G's GPS. The developer has just submitted his 1.0 version to Apple for their review. He has lots of enhancements planned, but from the demo videos that he has posted, I know I will find it very useful now. The developer's website is: http://www.ayefon.com/geo/index.cfm. He is very responsive and open to suggestions. I personally find the Geopher Lite app very handy when I am in a new area and have a little time to cache and want to quickly locate caches close to me. But the downloading time makes it impractical to do a lot of caches in a row - I spend too much time waiting for the pages to open to read the full cache descriptions and check the google maps for exact location, etc.
  4. Yes, sort of. You can enter coords into the map application and it will drop a push-pin icon onto that spot, and while it's tracking you it will show your location as a pulsing blue dot. Close-in map resolution isn't great though, and I haven't yet seen a shipping app that can really give good caching functionality. Posimotion might have what a cacher wants, but I haven't played with their apps yet. http://www.posimotion.com/ I tried some urban micro caches with my iPhone today. It isn't very efficient. Even with 3G, I had to wait a bit for info to come up on the Geocaching.com page, then I'd type the cache coords into the map program to have it locate the cache with a "pin". As previously mentioned, it does accurately locate the pin, and you can see your position (the blue ball) move right up to the pin - but without knowing X feet to cache and the accuracy of the GPS (i.e. accurate within 10' or whatever), it was hard to tell if I was right on the correct location or not. Certainly, a traditional cache may have been easier to find (than a micro). I found 1 of 3 that I searched for. Muggles made a through search of one area difficult. I wish I had my Garmin 60csx along to compare the accuracy... As for durability, I saw heavy duty cases - even water proof - on a website. Search under OtterBox Armor iPhone cases. I am hoping a good native app comes out soon for Geocaching with the iPhone. I don't expect it to replace my Garmin, but I would like it to replace my Palm (using Cachemate) now. I contacted the iGeoCacher developer - he hopes to have his new native app out in about one month. I looked at Posimotion's apps--they don't seem very useful for caching. But maybe I am missing something. Then, if only I could bluetooth Cache coords from the iPhone to the Garmin, I'd really be set.
  5. I appreciate the info! I just got my 3G iPhone on Friday (arrived at AT&T at 6:30 am - should have gotten there sooner). I just now input coords as you said and it worked great. I then saved the coords as a Contact - with the GC # and description. However, when I tried to get directions at that point, I found that iPhone automatically adds "United States of America" to the location, so then I get an error that it can't find the location. I can't figure out how to delete the country from within the contact card, but I can delete it within the Maps app. This certainly doesn't make for efficient geocaching, but it is fun to see the possibilities. I tried to go out caching today with just the iPhone and my Garmin 60CSx - and found that Geocaching.com had web problems! I confirmed with my husband that the same problems existed on our laptops at home. Not a good first try! FYI - I emailed Trimble about a Geocache Navigator for the iPhone - they said they haven't started to work on an app, but they hope too. I hope others have an app released soon!
  6. I use a Nuvi 350. We purchased it for the car, and love it for driving. Then I started caching. I find it easy to orient myself with the map because it shows landmarks in the area (streams, roads, etc.). I suppose if I was in very deep woods with no land features on the map, it would be difficult. I am happy with it overall, however I am considering buying a more traditional unit with the compass and close-in distance to the waypoint. With the Nuvi, once you get within 30 feet or so, it says you have "arrived". You can zoom in on the map and you can position yourself right on the target indicator, but it is not as nice as having the exact remaining distance displayed. The other negative side of the Nuvi is that the screen is touch sensitive. Since it is not meant to be hand held, it is easy to accidently touch the screen and lose your current screen.
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