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  1. Is that Clayjar's chat? Yes and looks like there are currently 28 people in the chat. although not all are active at the moment
  2. It's the weekend. Don't expect a response from Groundspeak at the weekend. (Unless the servers are on fire, and making the national news!) Elias has responded with an email to those who posted in the feedback site. He confirms there is a problem and they are working on it.
  3. I considered that when I saw the thread after I posted this one, but decided not to since this reaches just those in the area. Given that we won't be doing this until Saturday, we are certainly not going to be FTF.
  4. Debaere, who is a Canadian cacher, will be visiting Seattle late next week. He was planning on doing the APE cache this on Saturday, July 30, but it went missing. Now that we have a replacement in place, he would like to make that trip to check out the new cache. He has not set a time yet, but he and I will be doing the cache next that day and then getting to the WSGA PS Chapter picnic later that afternoon. If anyone would like to join us, you are more than welcome. Post here if you are going to join us. Edit to add a link to the cache page.
  5. Hopefully this went well today. Debaere, a Canadian cacher, will be visiting this next week and would like to take the trek through the tunnel to this cache. Time to be determined, but he would like to be able to attend the WSGA PS Chapter picnic later in the afternoon so a morning start time is in the works. Anybody that would like to join us is welcome.
  6. It still looks good. Have fun with it.
  7. I'm going to be leaving town for a bit. If anyone else wants to try this, I can still forward the video and pics, but it may take some time for me to answer the email.
  8. I was just in contact with a person who is not a cacher. Someone had found a geocoin and asked him to place it. Not knowing it had to go into a cache, it was left in a hiding hole at the top of Mount Si. I have a rough set of coords for it as well as some pictures of the hiding hole and a video showing the hiding hole followed by the general area. The coin is this one. I might add that the grab log was accidentally deleted, but it does show as in the hands of this person. If anyone can help rescue this coin and get it into a cache, please let me know. I will email you the specific information that I have.
  9. There is an open feedback item on that located here. Feel free to add your votes to that as well as the rest of us who would like to just see the caches in the PQ on the preview map.
  10. I have reported this on the feedback site. Click here to add your votes to the report. Seems that one was a duplicate so don't bother with that link. Use this one instead.
  11. I have reported this on the feedback site. Click here to add your votes to the report.
  12. Are you using an adblocker that only works with FF?
  13. They changed the format (and the address) when I wasn't looking! Thank you for pointing that out. It is now: Click here for the new calendar Just a thought. That link is not going to be easy to find if this thread adds a few more pages. You might have a mod lock this thread and start a new one with the new link. Your choice.
  14. Given the name of that cache, I might suspect a fake rock or maybe something hidden under a rock. If there is gap in the rocks there, that might be it as well. I see there are a couple of others with related names in the area. I took a look at the Google Earth map (including street view) and don't have much of an idea from there.
  15. If you were looking for a micro, you might want to start with a larger container. Micros can be devilish to find until you have an idea what you are looking for. If you can give us the GC# of the cache, someone might be able to give you an educated guess on the location or be better able to tell you where you might have gone wrong on it.
  16. It is possible to have a cache on ignore and also have it on your watchlist. I would add this one to my watchlist first and then ignore it. You will get log emails, yet is won't show up anyplace else. I know this because I have a cache like that. It is a long story and not relative to this discussion, but that's the way it is.
  17. That was the place. We had a nice group there. I'm not sure what my schedule looks like when you are visiting. Perhaps we can work out something. BTW, the cache in Denny Park was archived, but is probably still in place.
  18. Hey TL, you can get big bucks for you next HOTM.
  19. Bingo! Give that man a kewpie doll! One problem with those I found out the hard way. They are not really water tight. I have one out in the wild now that I have had to put a bison inside of because the log was soaked.
  20. And as I was just surfing the forums (and cursing the slow down) all of a sudden back to normal speed. I hope that continues.
  21. Sometimes the dimensions of the photo are the last three digits of each of the coords.
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