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  1. I have seen bears twice. Once was many years ago in Olympic NP, the other was from a chair lift at Whistler during the Summer. Both times all I saw was the back end. You may be afraid of bears, but they are much more afraid of you. The only time they are really not afraid is when Momma is with her babies.
  2. Is the tunnel open? It is usually closed this time of the year, but, given the low snow totals, it might just be open.
  3. I have this on my list for July 19. I have to pick up two travelers at the airport that day before driving to Eugene. I can check on it then if nobody gets to it earlier I stopped by today on my way to pick up someone at the airport. The cache is in place, but I could not log a find as I could not get the combination lock to open. I can understand why a new cacher could not find this. I did post a DNF stating why I couldn't log a find.
  4. I have this on my list for July 19. I have to pick up two travelers at the airport that day before driving to Eugene. I can check on it then if nobody gets to it earlier
  5. I have a couple of bookmark lists that cover part of that trip. This one is 101 and CA 1 and This one is I-5. Those will probably cover more area than you are doing, but they are ones I liked when I did them.
  6. If you are talking about Icy Strait Point near Hoonah, AK, you are pretty much out of luck. There is one cache there and the next closest is over 14 miles away from that one. In looking at that in Google Earth, it does not look like a normal cruise ship port.
  7. Mick's friend (Pat?) with the cabin has been homesteading for the past 40 years. He probably has a 99 year lease grandfathered in. Technically, Mick is illegally residing within the ONP. But he did start living there almost 26 years ago probably just before Congress designated 95 percent of the park as wilderness becoming grandfathered as a loosely defined resident. I'll add the location he built his little wagon to cart his caches around looked to be on a reservation near Ozette Lake. The area is pretty torn up from a long ago harvest. I don't recall seeing a harvested area along the Hoh River a few years back when Ray and I attempted the hike through in that area before bad weather pushed us back... but I could be wrong. Back in the day, I used to hike quite a bit on the Hoh. I have been up both the north and south forks although most of my hiking was on the north. I don't recall any clearing of timber within the park in that area. There are some farms just outside the park that have obviously cleared land. I'm not familiar with the show so I can't help with any placement. I do recall an episode of Dual Survival that started in the park, I think close to the Bogachiel. It wound up on the beach, crossing 101, but that wasn't shown. If this does take place near the south fork of the Hoh, the closest cache would be South Fork of the Hoh, which is well east of the western boundary of the park, but still south of the park.
  8. That is Travis sending us on a wild goose chase to make up for the cache in Portugal I tried to send us to. Actually Travis missed that when he edited the boilerplate from the winter cache machine. The dinner will be at the Panda Inn. Oops. Fixed it. now what excuse am I going to use for being lost? thanks for the info update. I remember a radio conversation during the Gig Harbor CM. Someone was on the radio asking how to get to the restaurant for the post-CM dinner. The reply was something like, "You can find a micro in the woods, but you can't find a restaurant?"
  9. I'm experiencing the same bug http://coord.info/GC4K87R I am see this as well using Firefox 26.0 on my iMac with the latest software. The cache is Kubota Garden
  10. I have a multi that has the final in the same place with the same container, but I have had to move the other waypoints. That would be Frink's Folly. It is a 50 cal ammo box and, if you know where it is, can actually be seen from the trail.
  11. It is in the United area and so, if you are on another airline, you would have to change terminals.
  12. While in Wyoming, be sure to visit Yellowstone. I am planning a trip to Yellowstone and there are several virtuals in the park with lots of favorite points.
  13. Just a data point to add... Although I am on the other side of the country, an Alaska cruise is something that I (and I suspect others) am interested in and while readers of the Northwest forum might be able to provide answers, I think the topic (as would a thread about a Caribbean cruise) would have more of a widespread interest. I certainly didn't intend for this to be moved. I was just pointing out a thread that should be some help.
  14. Are you calling at any place other than Juneau?
  15. Since most of these cruises start in either Seattle or Vancouver, there is a thread in the Northwest forum just for this.
  16. So I have to go out to the location, hide the cache (keeping with the guidelines), come back and register it for review, and then, if accepted I have to go back out to the cache to write the GC Code on the label? Not at all. Go ahead and click on the link to submit a cache. You will get the form to fill out. Be sure to uncheck the box that says the cache is available (or whatever it says). That will get you the GC code. Fill out the form and then place the cache. Once the cache is available, then check that box to submit the cache. I'm not sure exactly what that box says since it has been some time since I last placed a cache, but it is close to that.
  17. I will be leaving in a few weeks for a cruise from Sydney to Auckland. If anybody has a TB that would like to head to that part of the world, contact me. I am in the Seattle area and probably don't have a lot of time for heading too far away.
  18. I guess I haven't had to change coordinates in some time and things have changed. Oh well, learn something every day.
  19. You have to edit the listing. On your listing there are some options listed as Admin tools. The first one is Edit. Choose that and you have the original listing page you had when you first hid the cache. Change the coords there and you will be fine. You do have to indicate that you read the guidelines once again.
  20. My vote would be a puzzle. Clearly state in the description that the cache is at the listed coordinates and that the puzzle is to get the log sheet signed. A challenge is generally a cache where a set of caches has to be found first such as a county challenge where the cacher must have a find in every county in the state.
  21. According to the news tonight, the fire is at 12 acres and they now have two helicopters working the fire along with 50 men on the ground.
  22. The most likely problem is that you have checked two boxes that can't both be true. For example, found and not found. A cache can't be both found and not found. I usually just check "Active" and "Not on my ignore list" and leave it at that.
  23. I have a couple of bookmarks that might help. These cover more than you are going to travel. This one covers the coast south of Astoria, OR. This one covers I-5 through Oregon. I will add Forks Geocache as another cache you should take a look at. Since you will be passing through Port Angeles, you should make the detour to see High on a Windy Hill.
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