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  1. Not shore if this is related to release.



    Started a new bookmark list tonight (I do at least one a week) got to the 45 cache Ok, but now any other cachers that are added do not show up on list. Page displays 'Total Records 48' but only the first 45 are showing. Have shut down IE, cleared cookies, logged back in but still only shows 45 caches.



    If I try and add one of the missing cache to the list again I get standard -This bookmark already exists for this list. So I know they are there but just not displayed. And no they are not on the next page-currently only displays 2 pages with total of 25 caches each page. First page shows 25 caches and page 2 shows 20 caches.


    Current IE and Windows XP

  2. Can not update cache coordinates. Keeps changing back to the current coordinates.


    Be sure that you are saving the changes (button in the bottom left of the map).


    I don't see a map on the "Post a new log" page?



    Just tried moving a cache of mine and this is what id did.



    coord_update.gif July 28 by <A style="TEXT-DECORATION: underline" name=78759551>JABs (1415 found)

    S 33° 40.609 E 150° 00.562

    ** Coordinates Changed From **

    S 33° 40.609 E 150° 00.562

    Distance From Old: 0 feet




    Have tried it twice and both times returned same result.


    IE Windows

  3. Currently investigating an issue with displaying a user's cache finds...



    Arr beat us to it. This is the message I got when looking at someones cache finds.



    Procedure or function spgsp_GetCacheList_UserFound_ByArray has too many arguments specified.

  4. Just submit cache after cache, but do NOT check the "ready for review" box. Each submittal gets a new number.


    BTW, this really irks the reviewers who see it as an abuse of the system.


    Did this once to a good friend of mine who was about to hide a cache in an area so made a listing for every 160mters alaround his hide and when he submitted it the reviewer posted him back a note saying it was to close to another cache. Took him a week before I gave in and moved them out the way.

  5. So i planted a geo in a short train tunnel along a desolate mountain side. There is plenty of room on the side if a train came by. But, i was wondering if any one would attempt to search for it? would you?


    (the cache already got rejected by geocaching.com but i could always place coordinates somewhere else and have it as a mystery cache, leading to the tunnel)


    thoughts? too dangerous for you?



    Um A disused train line/tunnel I would go look, but an active line/tunnel I don't even think it meets the guidlines. -Caches hidden in close proximity to active railroad tracks. In the United States we generally use a distance of 150 ft (46 m) but your local area’s trespassing laws may be different. All local laws apply.


    By making it a Mystery the reviewer will still get to see the final co-ords as a waypoint which are hiden on the cache page.

  6. I would love to see a personal notes. Currently I am almost paperless in the way that I don't print out cache pages anymore but instead print out both a copy of the PQ (which gives me size and name) and also print out the bookmark list (which has all my short notes).

    So now a trip of around 50 caches is reduced down to 4-5 pages.


    Yes notes would help in preplanning a visit to areas.

  7. In CT, every cache that comes out has 1 watcher the instant its published. I'm guessing it's our reviewer.


    His/her mailbox must be insane.


    One of our reviewers does just that till that cache gets its FTF and STF, it is his way to make shore there are no other problems with the cache he has approved.

  8. Would like to see when one zooms out parst the 10km view (when the red bar with over 500 limit apprears), a indication of where caches are as some of the regions in our area there is only a dozen or less caches.

    This would help in deciding where one would go in planning a road trip.

    Take 'swing on by GC14HCH ' and zoom out parst the 10km to the 20 km range and thats it you can't even see the few caches that are there.


    I like GOF & Bacall's idea of showing

    A representation of where the clusters of caches are instead
  9. Will post the link shortly

    But been a premium member is a must.


    Go to your profile page.

    Sroll down on the right hand side till you see

    -'Premium Features '

    Build Pocket Queries

    Manage Bookmarks

    Set up Notifications


    Click on Set up Notifications then follow directions.

    Hope this helps if you need any more help just post a note.

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