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  1. We did our first 20 or so without one and still do the odd one for the extra challenge without a GPS. The is one Cachers in Oz who has several hundred finds all with out a GPS.
  2. Just tested it But instead of typing in your new home co-ords grab the google man and move him to where you need him to go then click on 'save changes' in lower left hand corner of screen.
  3. Believe there may be a bug in the system see this topic.
  4. Just a bump to see if there is any new interest in this feature.
  5. A cache in Oz is still unfound GCG3HJ it was placed April 2003. But I am shore there are more.
  6. The Riverina Geocaching Committee is within a few weeks of posting the much anticipated Oz Mega Wagga Wagga on Geocaching.com. We will inform all Geocaching members on which night it will be and "The ump" has agreed to assist us with an exact time we nominate. Caughtatwork will assist with all postings on Geocaching Australia hopefully as the first event to be listed at the top of every state at once for all to see. The 4 day Easter weekend for 2010 also has the Classic Car Rally booked in for 4 days within Wagga Wagga with 300 car entrants from around Australia and about 700 people. What this means is: if you are intending on being at Oz Mega Wagga Wagga and If you are one of the teams not planning on staying within the Kurrajong Camp Reserve on the 4 days of Easter, now is the time to book your appropriate accommodation within Wagga Wagga whether it be Caravan Park, Motel, B&B, Hotel, etc. If you are making a holiday of the event, staying a week or two either side of the event, not so urgent, but it would be advisable to book your accommodation shortly as well. The School Holiday dates for each state are here: http://www.australia.gov.au/topics/aust ... term-dates The best link for all types of Accommodation and Riverina Tourism is here: http://www.waggawaggaaustralia.com.au/ Greg, President Riverina Geocaching Committee.
  7. Thanks for your endless time and effort and I hope this will allow you more time to get get back out and hunt some of the many you help publish.
  8. Hi Moira, Welcome to this Hobby, sport,addiiction. Please try this link to the Queensland Facebook group. Or you my like to join the Geocaching Australia Forum group, this will require a seperate log in / account but you will find it is where most Ozzies hand out and you may get a quicker reply. I hope you enjoy the challenge and the chance to see things in a different way. Jon aka JABs.
  9. A knowen problem by a couple of us. See topic Ignore list bug.
  10. JABs

    Ignore list bug

    Hey like that idea there is room for one more Premium Member Filters: a check box to turn on / offf ignore bookmarklist on the maps.
  11. JABs

    Ignore list bug

    Just bumping back up.
  12. Love night time caching, do about 75% of my caching in the dark hours, less muggles, closer parking, less traffic on the roads. Coming from the micro capital of our state makes any micros a breeze. You get use to hunting at nigth and focus better on the GZ.
  13. I believe it is something to do with the page size. All it takes to fix (this is back when I printed pages) I would use print preview and if needed changes zoom size usually to 85% and all would fit on the page. This is also a good way to fit a large multi cache page onto one page just by zooming down to around 60%, this lets you fit 2 pages onto one and thus saves paper.
  14. Thanks for all of you that surported this but I post this with sad news. Sam the Koala has past away.
  15. So does anyone else like the idear of there disabled/ need maitenance caches showing up on there home/profile page. As a way to help remind you that there are some caches needing attention.
  16. JABs

    Ignore list bug

    It seems that any cache you have have on your ignore list that is a multi or mystery cache still shows up on the map page, while all the trads are hidden.
  17. I love going and finding archived caches, it is more of a thrill to find one archived 2-3 years ago and is still in good order then going for a FTF. Some of these older caches also hold alot of history and yes I know you can see it through a profile, As cachers hide there caches all over the place only via maps cacn you see what was hidden in the area you are looking. Have ago finding an old archived cache that no one has found for 18 months and is still there.
  18. The Major sponsor is : Riverina Camping World . Gold Sponsors : Geocaching.com, Garmin Australasia, Big Springs Riverina, Southern Cross International (Team Crackers) and GeocacheStore. Silver Sponsors : Sistema and Ron Crouch Transport. Bronze Sponsors : Coca-Cola, Campbells Cash and Carry Pty Ltd, Wagga Wagga City Council and Campbells of Oura. The Kurrajong Reserve venue for Oz Mega Wagga Wagga will open at 9:00am on Good Friday 2nd April 2010 and the venue will close about 2:00pm on Easter Monday 5th April 2010. Camping will be available for tents, campervans, camper trailers and caravans plus onsite bunk-rooms are available. There are no powered sites. Any geocaching teams planning on making a longer holiday for a week or two either side of the dates are encouraged to start making plans to book the appropriate accommodation. There are 1100 rooms available in Wagga Wagga plus many caravan parks with powered sites. The link, http://www.waggawaggaaustralia.com.au/, will assist with bookings plus Tourism information. Greg, President Riverina Geocaching Committee.
  19. JABs

    FTF Prize

    I like that idea, great surrgestion
  20. JABs

    FTF Prize

    Anything but nothing is acceptable. In a micro/nano all that can be lfet is a blank log scroll to sign. I only place FTF prizes in a cache that others have to work hard at getting, while some of my easy cache just contain a heap of swag. It is up to each cacher if they wish to give a FTF prize or not. We have one local who hides one cache each year just pri to Christmas and inside you will find three presants gift wrapped, you may only take one and can not swop it one you have opened it.
  21. Yes you can go back and revisit a cache but this time when you log your visit use post a note instead of log your find. The cache main page should tell you if there are any coins or Travel bugs in it. But this item may be a personal swag.
  22. Thanks for the replies, I now understand why my first idea of no maintenance no new cache hide is not a great idea. Please keep the feed back coming re second idea.
  23. Thats if there are any caches left. The BCC seems to have a good collection.
  24. I have a piece of Granite which I hollowed out using a dimond rock coreing bit. It now has a film containor in it and sit's out in the middle of an open paddock like area. But it helps when part of your work is a hardware store and you can borrow these items.
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