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    activate coin

    Morning walleby, In short yes the store has gone there is the option of trying an E-mail to Groundspeak with your tracking number and explain the issue and they’ll send you the activation code. This is from the trackable FAQ page.-My activation code was missing/stolen/eaten by a pack of wolves. How do I get a new one? If this happens, email contact@geocaching.com and reference your Bug's tracking number and the invoice number from the location where you purchased the Travel Bug. Hope this helps you out. JABs.
  2. JABs

    Oz Mega Event 2

    This info is also listed on the GCA (geocaching Australia site). But as not every one visits that site I keep thread updaated here to let the rest of the world know.
  3. JABs

    What GPS?

    Hi Guys and welcome to the Game, Sport, Obsession. There are two main GPS brands used within OZ Magellan and Garmin. After a long hard look it can be similar to asking which car, where some are Holden and others are Ford Fans. There are several stages to a GPS, first up a basic unit without maps and all Waypoints need to be hand loaded will set you back about $180. To a more complex unit with the whole of Oz topographical Maps that are Routalbe like an in car unit from $600. Still have not answered your question. My choice is a Magellan GC built for the sole purpuse of Geocaching. But can I surgest that one of the best ways to see these units and even have a good look at them would be attend a couple of events. Other cachers would be happy to show off there high tech toy, and gives you a chance to look and feel the units. Most people will even tell you the down fall of the unit they own. There are a couple of Events in the Newcaslte area early next month. All I can surgest is if you already own an in car navigator then get yourself a base unit Like the eXplorist GC from Next Destination. You are able to load 10000 caches very easy to operate. As you can see I an a Magellan Fan but of the 5 operating units I own I do use one which is a Garmin Nuvi in car navigator.
  4. JABs

    Oz Mega Event 2

    Keeping this one near the top. Please remember to post your intentions to help move this one along.
  5. Any chance of letting us know what the article is going to appear in?
  6. JABs

    Oz Mega Event 2

    The twin cities of Albury – Wodonga will be host of Australia's next geocaching mega event. Home to around 90,000 people , Albury /Wodonga is deep in the heart of one of Australia's most exciting touring regions. All around is history, scenic locations,vineyards, gourmet regions ,snow fields, peaceful parks and reserves , top fishing locations and the mighty Murray River. Located on the NSW/ Victorian border ,its geographical location within Australia is ideal for travellers. Sydney to Albury 560km's = 6 hours/ 9 mins. Melbourne to Albury 326 km's = 3 hours / 51 mins. The Albury/Wodonga Tourism website has all your tourism details... http://www.alburywod...ories.asp?ID=43 There are over 100 caches available within 13 km's of the centre of Albury with a steady flow of new caches placed continually.The cache map of Albury / Wodonga will give you a idea of caches in the region... http://www.geocachin...55&lng=146.9179 The dates for the event will be from Good Friday 6th April, 2012 to Easter Monday 9th April, 2012. The event and venue will be open from Thursday 5 th April for all early arrivals, so you can make it a 5 day event .Registration check in will feature from 9 AM Thursday/ all Friday and all Saturday. The home base and venue for the event will be at the Albury Wodonga Equestrian Centre. This facility is the ideal set up for all requirements. Set on 97 hectares or 239 acres of flat ground , it is located in Thurgoona next to the Hume Hwy for easy access from all directions.. Your event facilities will include 74 powered sites, flat picturesque camping areas on the circumference of the arena and outside of the 5 polocross fields plus many secluded areas, clubrooms and a large registration building , hot showers and toilets available 24 hours, lights, a PA system ,boom gate security entrance and much more. A designated spot will highlight all the nightly entertainment on stages.The front gate co-ordinates are S 36.03.172 E 146.58.336. All forms of tents , campervans, caravans and motorholmes are welcome for the event .We can accommodate between 2,000 tents and campervans comfortably , but triple this number wouldn't be a problem ,so big is the area.All geodogs are welcome, but must be kept on a lead at all times.Plenty of water taps are available around the complex.Meals maybe cooked by gas cookers,but not log style fires.Meals will be available from Thursday night , 3 times a day , right through till Monday lunch at family friendly prices by our specialists brought in for the event. St John Ambulance will be onsite for the 5 days and be available for any geocachers needs 24 hours a day. Registration per team for OZ MEGA ALBURY WODONGA will be around $65. Camping fees will be $29 per night at the 74 powered sites. All other camping fees per night will be $19 . This will be per site and include up to 3 tents, campervans , generator powered caravans and motorholmes. Your registration includes a registration pack full of all kinds of information and mystery gifts. An event geocoin, entry to all games during the event , all nightly entertainment on stages, entry to all lucky draws and giveaways and much more. The OZ MEGA ALBURY WODONGA will be listed on the geocaching .com cache page during May. All information will be on the website with details on all components of the event. You may place your " Will Attends " from May on the Geocaching.com page. We invite you to place your intent to attend.Please state probable numbers and state your travelling from .Thank you .
  7. BIG BREAKING NEWS. Re: Launching Australia's "OZ MEGA ADVENTURE"The advantage of planning a mega event 18 months plus in advance , is that , it gives great scope to adjust major factors early in the plans. The Oz Mega Committee has had various reasons for not progressing with the Tumbarumba leg of the planned event. So, we decided it was early days and an ideal time to adjust. We decided to completely move the event to one location. We scouted wide to find a location that would fit all the required ingredients for a mega, that would suit more geocachers . We spent many hours of meetings, phone calls and enquiries and came up with a location that fits all the criteria. The next location will host the event for all days at one location. Meals will be conducted by a mixture workforce from many rotary clubs. Geodogs are permitted. There are 74 powered sites and space for 2,000 tents. Registration will be cheaper and camping and meal prices will be at very family friendly prices.Plenty of caches about with over 100 within 13km's.We have had great assistance with a geocaching team who works at the mega site. The tourism centre is involved as is the council and local Mayor. We will be placing the new details on a new topic for all indicative intents to attend next Tuesday night , 15 th March at 8pm. The Committee thanks you for your patience and looks forward to all the intents from far and wide.
  8. Hi Riion, A couple of pointers, We would love to run an event for you but would need dates of where and when you would be. As for large power trails there are a few short ones. The best interstate series 'Great Aussie Icon Hunt #' I know of is by mtbikeroz . You may also like to post on a different forum found on GCA http://forum.geocaching.com.au/index.php most Ozzies hang out in there and you will get a farster reply. You will need to create an account as there are a different group to GC. Start off in the international visitors section then you can use the individual states sections. Good luck and happy hunting. JABs.
  9. We have about 250 intents so far which is very pleasing for the Committee after only 36 days. So just a little bump and hopefully some more will post there intetrest in the event. This makes it about half way well done guys.
  10. Look forward to seeing a sample page and a copy of the required cards that are to be included in the cache. Top Job on a very hard area. Well done gus and thanks for all the hard work.
  11. Just a bump to help keep this one near the top of thge page. Please remember to post your possible intentions.
  12. Just a bump to help keep this one near the top of thge page. Please remember to post your possible intentions.
  13. Tartansnake's larst reply was in fact ' Posted 14 July 2010 - 10:53 PM ' I think the 2008 bis the year they joined ' Joined: 24-October 08 '
  14. Thanks for the replies, Once was a an easy place for posting Bugs and would get an answer. Posted in there feed back sight with still no answer.
  15. Please visit Geocaching Australia for more details http://forum.geocaching.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=15449 This will require a different log in to post reply as they are a different site. • The Committee now welcomes all your exciting posts of indicative interests. We request your 1/ State travelling from 2/ Probable people attending. We understand their will be many questions ,but at this stage getting to a large indicative tally first is more important to progress to the next stage. • Please place your intents on this page. Thank you.
  16. Presented By TheOZ MEGA ADVENTURE COMMITTEE Welcome to Australia’s first ever exciting 4 day progressive Mega Geocaching Adventure. The event commences on Good Friday 6th April, 2012 till Easter Monday 9th April, 2012. Starting date for the adventure will be on Good Friday 6th April at the Gundagai Showgrounds , Southern NSW,to set up camp . The campground will be a sea of colour on arrival with banners and balloons, plus as you enter the gates, an Australian Flag will be placed on your car aerial for the 4 days. Registrations will feature at the designated Registration Centre only on Friday and early Saturday morning. The Registration Fee will include your “Registration Pack “ full of surprises and the main “Oz Mega Adventure “ game with a minimum $5,000 in prizes. Entries will have all day to complete day one around Gundagai of the 3 day game visiting many historical spots including rare permission from the Police to visit Captain Moonlights cell
  17. Looks like an old problem has returned. IE Windows First issue comes up with is to many scripts running Then when either yes or no is pushed it loads up caches in view then starts that old issue of parsing. See image two.
  18. This post has been taken from the Geocaching Australia Site. Australia's next Mega Event launch.Next Thursday , 16 th December at 8 pm, will see the launch of Australia's next exciting mega event. The Committee consists of 5 teams representing 3 states .It has 10 adults and 12 kids as assistants. We have worked hard in recent times and lifted the bar to another level.All components of the Mega are booked. The name, Committee, accommodation, meals, stages, lighting, sound , two semi trailers with fixed toilets and showers on top and some entertainment are all booked.In fact , every part is complete. The event is an exciting logistical event and we have scoured the country and found the best location that will dazzle all geocachers.[/size] The release document next Thursday night has 1184 words of information. There are 19 pictures and 5 websites included. Much thought and detail has gone into this and together with sponsors ,we have worked with 3 tourism departments, 3 councils and 2 Mayors for a great geocaching package. The event is not in Wagga Wagga. The Committee are all under secrecy until release next Thursday night. The only clue we will give is that the much anticipated event is all booked and located in either Canberra, NSW, Victoria or South Australia. The Committee is proud to present the full glossy package next Thursday night and are looking forward to the indicative intents from all teams to the great event planned.
  19. Yes I am looking for old units even those that no longer work. Why I seem to have a collection of dead units and just enjoy the look and fell of these GPS units. Please even if the unit no longer turns on , has damage , is broken or not in any way.
  20. Hi don1der, reply posted on GCA and PM sent. Cheers Jon
  21. Hi MadWizzard, You may need to post this in Geocaching for iPhone Application Or our Mod could do the right thing for us and move it there. Hope this will help.
  22. Hi again Discombob, I see you have posted on GCA, if nil answer would happy to meet with you up in the Blue Mountains. And help show you some of the sights and caches. Jon
  23. Hi Discombob, You may like to check out the GCA forums this is where most Ozzies hang out. There you can post in the two State sections NSW and Vic. This does mean you will need to open an account as they are operated via a different group and not GC. You many like to let know also dates of where you are likley to be and to you will have your own trainsport. Jon aka JABs.
  24. Hi dean, Looks like you have already posted in the GCA forums where you may get a farster reply. There is a group that meets on a regular basic which can turn into an event. JABs.
  25. With the release of these new units move only weeks away, what are your thoughts? Touch Screen? Topo Maps? Turn by turn Routing? Camera and Audio? October is only around the corner so who thinks these's will be up to the mark?
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