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  1. Hi JABs here just goto your cache listing page and under navigation (top right) click on log your visit. Under type of log -select one (where you normally log your found or DNFs) click on Owner maitenance. Here you can type a short note that you have checked cache and all is OK. Hope this helps.
  2. Hears another Id for an electronic cache that I have done. Each time i pass this way i still tune in the radio to listen Sandhills FM by mos6510 (GCYB0Y)
  3. To log a find of something you hide isn't a find as you put it there. My partner has log a couple of our hides as she wasn't with me when they where placed.At least one of us got the frill of the chase.
  4. This is a local cache near us just right for mushrooms Just check GC12J0A and visit the link.
  5. JABs

    Google map changes

    Do like new map feature except that if you zoom out more then a couple of sceens you can't see any caches which is handy if you are looking at different routes to take. Also at the monemt after scrolling around several pages the whole map locks up.JABs
  6. Hi ya all, I believe if it ever can down to it one ansewer would be (and not the only one) would be ** number of free cache logs/visits per month. With those payed for different levels of access.JABs
  7. JABs


    I know geocaching.com supports Garmin gps's to load directly But is it possible to send the same info to other brands eg margellen? If so please let me know how?
  8. I do believe that when you hide a cache without your partner then they are able to find and log it as a find. JABs
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