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  1. Thanks all.

    All passwords are differant and where changed straight away.

    It now looks like a previous user of this computer has logged the cache onto the JABs account and not there own.

  2. This topic was started on the Australian GCA site .


    Alot of Australian Caches use this forums site. As for getting any helpful information on this subject I thought I would bring it to the site linked to GC.com and see if I am able to get a better responce from the Global Geocaching community.


    Has any one ever had there caching account stolen?


    Looks like the JABs have and about a dozen caches in the south of the ACT have been looged as been found by us.


    As this is not the case I have edited those logs to note that we never visited the area.


    Please let us know if anyone else has had this problem and if so what was done to overcome it.


    Thanks Jon aka JABs.

  3. As noted before IE XP latest of both and norton with auto firewall was having the same problem as

    everybody. Have not changed anything and now all seens to be working fine.

    Will keep watching this tread to see what happens.

  4. As a premiun member you can check or uncheck the types of cache you wish to search for.

    Uncheck all but say earthcaches and this limits what is showen therefore loads quicker.

    The other way is if you know a cache near by load that page then instead of going to google.maps

    FIND..........all nearby caches, that I haven't found.(click that I haven't found) and this list shows

    from KM out all caches and gives you the mapping icon as well.

  5. Still can't get mapping to work on IE or Firefox -Firefox does let us pan map around and shows symbol,

    except there is no base / background so makes it very hard to work out very one is. Hope I'm not the only

    one out here with this problem????? HELP PLEASE.

  6. Well thought that running Mozilla would fix mapping problem but not for me all it does is shows caches

    there is no feature to zoom in or out and IT DOESN'T SHOW ANY MAP at all just stars and smilies.

  7. Hi as a premiun member you can set up notifications which emails as soon as a new cache is listed within the guidlines you request EG. 80km from home co-ords, new listing only, trad, size or how ever you wish.


    This email tells direction and distance and provides link to cache page for quick access to info.

    If you are after FTF this is a great way to get ahead as the email usally comes a few minutes before it is showen on wed site.


    "Instanotify" Notification Service

    The Notification system is currently active .


    The Geocaching Instanotify service is a Groundspeak Premium Member feature. As new logs are posted to Geocaching.com you can get an instant email sent to you with the contents of that log entry. The Instanotify feature is now out of beta but is still not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration.



    New Notification Traditional Cache [edit]

    Log type(s): Publish Listing, Enable Listing


    Enabled subscriptions are checked. Click checkbox to toggle status.


    Create a new notification

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