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  1. Hi Jabs from down under here. look at the archived page and read all the parst logs to see if there muggle problems before.

    Also look at how long ago was the cache muggled? How busy is the area and are most the poeple local or passing? If local that could become the problem.

    A trick we try around here sometimes is we hide the container with a small amount of money in it and wait several weeks (this works from small micros up to Ammo) and if after a period of time it stays in place you know that a real cache has a good chance of survival.

    Any why good luck.

  2. Just do what one local team does and have an account for the team with all there finds and all there hides under that account.


    Even if the team has over a 1000 finds each menber my only of been to 3/4 of those finds.

    But they get to claim the team finds/hides.

  3. We plan all our holidays around where we can cache and what new places it will take us.

    Usally we spend the Two weeks pri to going reading cache pages checking and planing routes.

    But I still run sevearl PQ of different areas so that we always have somethiing up our sleeve

    for those larst minute trips that send you all over the place. Including work related.

  4. Hi Pradogang and welcome to the sport, hobby, parst time.

    I'm Jon from the JABs.

    Have sent you a PM, but you may like to also try the forums.


    Goto the main page where all the Titles are, eg Groundspeak notices, General Geo Discussions.

    Click and enter into Getting Started.

    Click and enter into - Pinned: Read First! Geocaching Frequently Asked Questions

    This Page/post one gives you a list and link to Frequently Asked Questions.


    Here is a link to the page. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=8749

  5. There has been a couple of posts where people have taken photos of the cache and emailed them to the owner as proof.


    That has been showen as a way to log that missing cache as Been there and to show the owner they were in the correct place. It also helps us who own the caches on weather it is really missing or if the location was missed.

  6. Gotta love night time caching.

    Quite offen go on 24hour caching spree.

    I believe you can get closer to GZ at night because you

    use your gps and not your eyes.Eg Cache hidden in a

    stump day time you start looking in every stump until

    you are on top of it where at night you can't see all those

    other stumps as you what till GZ before looking.

    You also move slower at night allowing gps to settle

    more quickly.

  7. Have just searched the Groundspeak shop list for caching suppliers but

    unable to locate a store which I have visited before and offered a large

    range of clothing- shirts, hats etc.

    Can somebody let us know if this store is still opperating ?

  8. My rule is that if I find it, I count it. That means holding it in my hand and opening it up. I have had a few instances where I wasn't prepared to cache and didn't have a pen/pencil. I figure if I have the log in my hand, that is as good as signing it.


    Just my opinion, I know others say you have to sign the log to count it.


    To hike 2km's into the bush and find a cache without a pen and not to have brought your own is it or isn't it a find?

    I have afew finds not logged on there cache page for one of several reasons, and several finds not logged in the log book ( this manly been that the log was all but a pile of mush).


    Question if I hide a cache and at somepoint in the future my partner goes and lookes for it with out my help is it or isn't it a find? Just food for thought.

  9. Hi Jon from the JABs here.


    Would love to help you but due to work only travel down to Sydney every two months or so.

    Have read the logs for this one and did noticed that Hexy from Australia found this cache on 18/11/2007

    and was looking for someone to join them.


    Look hope this helps and if you have no luck I will give it ago in about 6 weeks.

  10. Here the first three logs out of a local cache


    May 31, 2007 by Furterbrown (301 found)

    FTF if that translates to fourth to find. Saw this one and off, a quick run close to home only to find I've been beaten by the three mousecachers. And by 15mins only, a little quicker through dinner and I could have caught them in the act, pretended to muggle them off and grabbed the prize.

    A well stocked cache with a nice view. Thanks Mr Router.


    May 31, 2007 by Skeeta (50 found)

    This cache should be called Pit Street.Three cars in the car park at one time.Third to find great hide keep up the good work thanks mr router tnln


    May 31, 2007 by JABs (580 found)

    well what abusy part of the world this is.had just loggeg old mens camp when this popped up so a print out of co-ords and we where off.a car turns the same way just in front onto dirt we go and there in the distant coming our way is any car, I pull up in third place and the race was on and there as i turn the torch found.

    So FTF Third to arrive or is that the other way round..



    May 31, 2007 by The Unbreakables (86 found)

    New cache up, shopping to do oh the delema, solution drop off the domestic engineer and away we go hunting a virgin.

    Was first at Gz, waited for a few cars to pass only to find they were here for the same reason, no be my guest here, off we went.

    Tourches blazing, we had a gander then our beams met and bingo, Jabs was closer to the spot so FTF goes to him, congrats, me and skeets made first two of the loosers!!

  11. Have noticed over the larst few days In List Newest Caches -in my local area , when some are now logged they come up in the larst found list as -1 days ago*

    Not Yesterday or Today but -1days ago.

    When you check the cache page logs the find dates are for today.

  12. The JABs have now tried using Firefox too only to get this message.


    The page at http://www.geocaching.com says:

    EO.Web Controls Client Side Debug Message:

    An error occoured while applying the new output.Error message: jsonData.cc has no properties

    You can turn off this message by setting EO.Web.Runtime.Debug to 0 (not recommended for debug build).


    You click out off message and you get nothing. Not even a blank map page.The dots just keep going around as if they are searching.

  13. Would love to help but I'm some 850 km aways.

    If you donn't have any luck let me know and he may have to mail it to me.

    By the way most Australian Geocaches use a different forum and not many will see this post.

    I will try and contact someone Melbourne who may be able to help you.


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