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  1. Ok a few caches have taken to ever repairing or archiving there caches

    but there is still one cacher who has not even posted a note.



  2. Link to cache pages from google maps is not working.



    On google maps when it shows caches you click on a cache that wish to see and all the happens


    is (if you hover over you get name and GC No.) requesting cache description for about 2 seconds


    then nothing thats it. The map and everything still works find you just can't get to the cache info or



  3. OK sick of posting notes on local cache pages or even emailing there owners re a problem


    and nothing been done. There needs to be a better way to control the trash out there.



    Here are a few examples


    Too TwistedGCXYTW


    Derros WorkGC115T6


    Pro Utilitate HominumGC14MRG


    Charlee's PlanesGCQ6EC


    Look left, look right!GC10ZYP


    South Side.GCT5YM




    Under the OverGCZRH3



    These are only a few of the disabled or needs maintenance caches just within the local area.


    Is there a better way to clean up out there. There is even one cache that was archived after this


    note posted by another cacher


    -The lid is cracked along the seal and the cache was full of water.


    The Log book is soaked.This one NEEDS ATTENTION ASAP.



    Two weeks later while driving pass we stopped by because there sitting in the open was the


    cache container sitting out in the open after the owner posted this note and archived it.


    -fix maybe icon_disabled.gif April 2


    Then a couple of days later There rubbish left for others to clean up.


    -Bye traffic_cone.gif April 7



    And no it wasn't along way from anywhere, about 10 min drive from town on a main road.



    How long after an event before it should be archived?


    Who is responsable for the Coins and Bugs going in and out?


    Bathurst 24 Hour Endurance Event GC14BD3


  4. Problem with when you print out a copy of any cache page it cuts off the left hand side of the page


    The word Difficulty: ***** Terrain:*****

    you can only read culty:***** Terrain:*****


    So there is alot missing.

  5. icon_minipost_new.gifPosted: 26 July 08 12:07 am Post subject: Geotalk 32 - online for your listening pleasurebluemtns.jpg


    Plus ... the next set of audio clues for a new series of caches being released in August.


    Also on the look out for people to contribute to a segment in the next episode (coming out 4 August) on night caching.


    Call in your tips for night time geocaching to 02 800 50 436 (24 hours) or email geotalk@mac.com

  6. I noticed a cache issue back in April and PM the owner. Here is a Found log by another cacher re the same.




    icon_smile.gif April 27 by ...........................


    After figuring out they had put a new fence in her way eldest Geodaughter was on a mission to find her 2nd cache

    well I am surprised that you didn't hear her from your place when she had it in her hot little hands.





    So in passing next time I noted this issue again on the cache page





    icon_needsmaint.gif July 20 by <A style="TEXT-DECORATION: underline" name=48928978>JABs (975 found)

    Noticed again that passing this way that the whole area has been fenced off. We think someone now owns this parcel of land. A check by the owner is in order.



    Some owners just don't care and this was his responce.



    -icon_note.gif July 21 by <a href="http://""" target="_blank"></a>...................................


    Jabs have you nothing better to do ??




    Some cache owners just don't care.

  7. Having just read several pages of peoples replies, I agree with most of the changes.


    Problem from downunder.


    -Maps load find move etc OK except when you go to print a page and scale on the left hand side plus the Map Statellite Terrain buttoms disapear.


    -Maps on cache page of the two the bottem middle one does not print with the page just a square out line.


    -Map on print frendly page (simple) only prints a grey square.

  8. Here is the link to the latest Podcast on Geotalk.



    Geotalk chats to mos6510 about an innovative geocache, learn how to beat the competition in those FTF chases, and listen to the first set of audio clues for a new set of geocaches being released around the country.




    Got something to something to add to the show? Email geotalk AT mac.com or call (02) 800 50 436 (GEO)

  9. Have just spent a lot of time reading as many posts as possible but still can't find the


    one I have read before. Can any one remember where I can find the link to a group of


    caches that dare you not to find them?

    Hmmm... would that be"dare you not to find them" or would that be "dare you to find them"?



    That would be them- now just a link to there GC.

  10. Its secret code to the reviewers. you should not be able to see it. Obviously since you can we need to fix it. It contains the marching orders for the reviewers. Its all part of the plan to achieve world domination through subversive religion masquerading as science.

    Message received. Task Force Bullfrog has been activated and we are launching Plan Lily Pad this evening. We will start with the puzzle caches just like you said.





  11. Hi from downunder,

    Our youngest was only 6 months when we started cacheing and othen we used a backpack carrier. There was many trails we where able to take our pram on aswell.

    I just have to say it does slow you down but that is a great thing as you will end up enjoying more of what is around you.

    Take care and enjoy.

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