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  1. I sell them at work but Oz may be a bit far.
  2. So was there any more info on this one?
  3. Still up for sale or is it gone? And what area is it desizned for?
  4. Did it sell and if not would you be willing to sell it to a cacher in Oz?
  5. Well there is one who is always giving and never asks for anything in return and that would be Geo.Error. If you see she places smile coins around the world and brings happiness to alot of caches. For no reason other them how great she is after a quick hello to my 7 year old she has sent her two of her own coins. Just because she can. Error always has a nice and warm word to say that would make anyones sad day look bright. I vote Geo.Error.
  6. There are a lot of "special" coins, my friend! Hard to know where to look if you don't know what to look for! You could always email the info of the coin to me or anyone else, maybe someone will know. Thanks will do so tonight, it is forsomeone whos comes here so hard to post.
  7. Looking for a specal coin, can anyone tell me where to start looking for one? Would like to keep details of coin off these boards. Just need to know where to look.
  8. It was larst night before I went to bed and now iit is broken here in Oz.
  9. Hi Kapatro, Try posting on the GCA forums as this is where you will find most Ozzies hang out. http://forum.geocaching.com.au/index.php There is an internatioal section that you can post in and doesn't require you log in.
  10. JABs

    Adopt a cache

    All's good and thanks for the info, just have to contact the owner who hasn't been active since 2006. Will look at just maintaning the cache as it is in a great area that due to recent changes don't let any new cache placements. So once gone thats it.
  11. Wish to adopt a cache from an owner that hasn't logged on for several years. How can this be done? Have tried sending PM and emails with no reply.
  12. Who has had experiance with either owning one of these caches, or placing and receiving TBs from this series of caches. Try this one QCHXQE Stargate P4079 Just after peoples options thoughts.
  13. Should one log a find on a cache that has been archived that is still in place? Should this cache be logged and or removed?
  14. Get a personal TB that you keep hold of and drop it in and out of each cache you find. Even can be dropped into those that you DNF.
  15. Not shore where to post this info. Leader News - On hide and seek trail in Warburton Hope someone can put it where it belongs. Thanks JABs.
  16. Does anyone know if any of these change affect my Magellan down under in Australia?
  17. Ok so whats the differance between Diesel and Off road Diesel?
  18. Hope this link is what you are looking for.
  19. JABs

    Feature Request

    Thanks sTeam for explaining more the posting a link to here.
  20. JABs

    Feature Request

    baloo who have not tried to understand my posting
  21. JABs

    Feature Request

    Not quite. 1-Release Notes by OpinioNate Shows the current list of Bugs fixed and site upgrades. 2-Geocaching Announcements Here you can read the latest announcements of changes to the Geocaching.com web site. Really only lists changes, bug fixes and release notes. It needs to be placed in the pinned seaction of Geocaching.com Web Site Where one could go if they find a bug and not need to read through 7 pages of topics to find out if there bug has been reported (as some topics cover several different problems). Pinned under say release notes and called say Known Bugs, with a release of a new list fortnightly. It would mean one would have somewhere to look if they come across a problem and see if Groundspeak where awhere of the problem and are working on it or if there problem is not listed then a new topic to report this problem could be started.
  22. JABs

    Feature Request

    This is a feature request for this this part of the forums. Geocaching.com Web site. At the top you have a pinned area for the mods. One more pinned subject would be where you (Groundspeak) could post current known problems, bugs, fixes etc. currently been worked on. Updated weekly/monthly to let us know. This may stop alot of double/triple questions. If we know that you know then atleast someone knows. Just a thought.
  23. Take this cache as an example. SLOTGCTV30 It has 3 different waypoints which are all part of the cache find. Trail Head, mid way and final location. Is there a way to see all three plotted on Google Maps without having to open each one then view? Additional Waypoints PrefixLookupNameCoordinate W1START1START (Trailhead)S 34° 07.038 E 150° 47.827Note:TRAILHEAD ON APPIN ROAD. PARKING SHOULD BE DONE AT NEARBY COPPERFIELD DRIVE. W2MWAY1MIDWAY (Trailhead)S 34° 07.291 E 150° 48.113Note:FIRE TRAIL SPUR. GIVES EASY ACCESS TO THE CREEK. W3FINAL1FINAL (Final Location)S 34° 07.323 E 150° 48.217Note:ENTRY TO THE SLOT What I would like to see is a way to view all three waypoints on the same google page.
  24. JABs

    Cache Maintenance

    The biggest problem here is caches that are missing. Have visited the site myself with another cacher and as I had found these caches before we can confirm that they are missing. All the owner has done is disabled these caches, somethimes the only note posted is . yes thats right a full stop no note on what may or maynot be done. So how long should these caches be left to come up? How long after a needs archiving BECAUSE ITS MISSING and been missing for quite a while before it gets replaced or arhived? Just in case these caches are within about 10 km radius of a main town where the cacher lives and works. Yes I have tried to contact them by email with a couple replacing/repairing and even arhiving those trouble caches. Thanks to those caches who took responsiblity with there caches. Now to get these missing caches to be replace or archived.
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