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  1. I think it would go against what caching is all about. If they want to place a cache in a way that isn't around animals they need to place an urban cache. I tried snake away around my backyard due to me finding no less than 10 snakes in my yard within a weeks time. It didn't work! I still have snakes all in my back yard. King snakes and Copperheads. I thought the king snakes would keep the copperheads away, but not that ive seen.
  2. You can solve the DVD player problem by making a dozen or so copies of the dvd that cachers can take back home and watch. Then after watching when they return to start the cache hunting or after finding the cache put the dvd back in the starting cache location. the idea sounds very fun. I dont know if you will get to many people in the woods at night. I think most would want to hunt it during the day. It may make it more enjoyable to search during the day.
  3. I just ran another and it did come through this time on my gmail. Dang it now Im at my limit for the day and can't run the one I really wanted.
  4. yes, I do have comcast, but I ran them with my gmail and still not getting them.
  5. I ran my PQs last night. I never received them. The list shows them being generated, but nothing in my email. So, today I tried again with no luck. I even tried sending them to my gmail. Is anyone else having problems receiving their PQs?
  6. Now that my day trip is over and I missed out on caching along my route, I was able to get mapsource and cachemagnet to recognize the file with the helpful post by Team Demp! This is an issue that really needs addressed by Groundspeak. I don't pay 30.00 a year to have to change files to get them to work. I pay 30 bucks to cache along a route and I didn't get to do that. Thanks again Team DEMP!
  7. Im having the same problem. I think it must be a bug right now. Im leaving to go out of town in the morning and can't get the darn file to be recognized by mapsource. It keeps saying not a valid GPX file. HELP!!!!
  8. I used the software for about a week now. Its great. I have one glite to report to you. When trying to sort by distance it groups each number together instead of sequentially. As the distance gets to say 1.9 miles instead of the next being 2 miles it goes to 10 miles. It doesn't list the rest until all of the mileage starting with 1 finishes. Example: 1,1.1,1.2,1.3,......1.9,10,10.1,10.2,10.3 & so on Should be: 1,1.1,1.2,1.3....1.9,2,2.1,2.2,2.3 If you need me to explain better just let e know.
  9. sorry just got home and received the invoice. Paymant sent Via Paypal. Ill send you an email with shipping info. The shipping info on paypal is correct, but ill send anyway
  10. Im interested email me info. I have a paypal account.
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