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  1. After I find a cache I am unable to delete found caches. How do I get rid of this found cache, thanks!
  2. How do I get rid of found caches from my 550T Garmin GPS? I have tried everything to get rid of these caches but no go, help!!
  3. We purchased a Montana 610 and it has 250,000 caches loaded. But, we have found some of these caches and need to remove them from the GPS to be able to geocache without having found caches showing up. Ideas?
  4. I'm trying to download my found caches using a Garmin 550 to geocaching.com from my found listing. is this still available?
  5. Thank you to everyone who responded to my problem. 1mudmaster your answer solved my problem...Thanks
  6. when I try to load a cache to my GPS ( Garmin 450) the cache page will not recognize the plug in. I downloaded the latest plugin but it still won't work. My Garmin popup says the plug in is not recognized...help!!
  7. I ve purchased and loaded Topo Canada to my Computer. I have already installed previously BaseCamp and map install...I also have mapscource installed. When I go to my topo map using Basecamp I get the map up but cannot select areas of the topo map to install it. What am I doing wrong...Help? I have installed in my GPS a 4 Gig micro SD card.
  8. I am trying to install some of the Canada Topo Map. I have loaded the map onto my computer and now using BaseCamp as my utility program. Map install is also loaded to my computer. But when I try to pick parts of the Canada Topo, i.e. BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan I cannot pick or select it to download to my Micro Sd card on my Garmin 550t. My card is a new Sd card with 4Gig of space available. Help, any ideas? Thanks!!
  9. Yes we are having problems loading Geocaching.com or individual caches. Very slow or timing out. We are from Nothern BC..
  10. When I load my 450 or 550t Oregon with a query of 500 caches in GPX format from GSAK they work great but when I try to load a second query the first query disappears from my GPS. I use GSAK to load the queries. I have deleted the GPX files from the GPS and then it is clear of caches. Then I try to load a query again I get only the one query ....what am I doing wrong? I do know that my GPS's can hold up to 5000 caches! Is there a setting I need to make somewhere? We would to have at least 3 or 4 queries running at one time for a total of 1200 caches. The queries are each named for the area into which I am going eg: Williams lake to cache creek2011.
  11. Thanks for all the help~ changing the Trusted sites seems to have fix the problem. Thank you
  12. Hi everyone we thank you for all your help and Ideas. We will pass them on to our daughter so she can try them and get back to you next week when she has tried everything. Thank you once again
  13. We tried to access our account from our Daughters compter and GC at first would not recognize our login ID and Pw. When we finally got in, it would kick us out every time we opened a new window. The Computer uses MS Vista. Our Daughter has been trying to get on for abour a year or so and can not get past the log-in page. She used XP with no problems before the change to Vista. Her account was working from our computer. Does anyone have any idea what is going on. HELP!! Thank you Oldgala
  14. How do I read unzipped GPX files and download them to my computer. What program will read these files? I used Adobe but it did not work...help
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