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  1. I can get the Explorist for about $140 and the Legend HCx for about $190...why should I pick the higher priced one ? Are the elctronic compass and the Barometer worth going for the Vista HCx at $230 ?
  2. Anybody out there using the Sony CLIÉ PEG-TG50... How exactly would a PDA "surf" the internet....Bluetooth to a web enabled cell phone ? Sorry for all the newbie questions.... JO
  3. Thanks for all the help here....leaning towards option #1, but still am interested in hearing from anybody that does #2 or #3 as it would seem that having a GPS unit and all your cache info in one handheld unit would be ideal....looks like you could get a CF Sirf card GPS and a Palm IIIxe PDA that would work for about $80...am I missing anything besides the fact that this is a somewhat fragile setup ? For Example... Palm IIIxe and Holux GR 271 Cf or GlobalSat BC337 CF Thanks, JO
  4. If you were going to start Geocaching today and wanted to do paperless caching, which of these combinations would you go with... 1. Cheapo PDA and handheld GPS 2. PDA using a CF/PCMIA GPS 3. PDA using a Bluetooth GPS Also would like to hear peoples combinations (model #s and software used) , how they like it, what they cost.. Thanks for the help...I donated an old backpack to the thrift store the other day and it just happened to have my Garmin 76 Csx in it....I bet somebody got a great deal on a $2 backpack...OUCH! Thanks, JO
  5. This is a noob question so I apologize in advance.... I see a lot of talk about PDA's and paperless caching, but see little mention of the CF or USB GPS plug - ins ...this would seem like an ideal setup to me so you would have just one unit ... what is the reason this is not mentioned more ??? And a question to you PALM users...which plug in have you found that works pest with the PALMS ? THanks for a complete NOOB.... JO
  6. If you have a used 60CX 60CSx 76CX or 76CSx and want to sell it please let me know.... Thanks, JO
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