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  1. Not the first time, not the last. Those caches usually end up on the excluded list.
  2. Oh, I've always been saying this whenever someone complains on a specific type of a cache (like LABs, fishing rod caches, power trails). One day all I need will be a rest area cache during a road trip, but another time I want an adventure or a place I'll spend half an hour taking photos. The problem I'm seeing right now that the "find and forget" caches start to dominate and push out the more ambitious caches out of the game, because why bother preparing a 10 stage night UV cache if it will get 2% of finds of a parking lot nano nearby? That's what I hate because it's not variety any more.
  3. I'd so go there if I was in the area because it looks like a great place. It's sad when you "hide the cache you'd like to find" and then it turns out people are just too lazy to go find it .
  4. I always have my stamp with me. I have a telescopic pen attached to my keychain. I still accept found it logs when someone added a photo because they forgot a pen. They found it, why make the game irritating for them (unless it's a puzzle box where signing the log is some kind of task on it's own).
  5. I interpreted "There is no group of unfound caches within a 1 1/2 hour drive from home, " as "there are plenty but further away".
  6. Well, it just happens. I've had one of my caches (fortunately requiring less work than yours) go missing twice because people hit the railing it was on with a car. I've had to retrieve a cache I've put some more money in preparing on the day of publication, because it turned out an investment just started in that area. The longer you play the game, the weirder reasons you'll see for the caches to vanish. Sometimes those will be your caches...
  7. I usually get both sovenirs on the first weekend of new session without even thinking about it and without whole day trips. While I fully understand the urge to complete the task and get the souvenirs, I'd seriously change the attitude. Look for nice caches within 2 hr drive, plan a nice saturday with your caching partner, pack a small bbq and sausages and just enjoy the whole outdoor experience. The end effect is the same (it's impossible to not get both levels after whole day caching unless you end up doing one multi requiring climbing 10 mountains) and you won't be pissed about some Internet points
  8. If you have premium on Project-gc, there are few tools to compare caches with other cachers (map based and date based).
  9. To be fair, this is easily achievable in PQ (unless we treat the crossed tree climbing attribute differently from it not being present at all - I'm not sure how PQ filters that exaclty).
  10. That's quite a nice idea. If i might complicate it a little, a bonus of a few areas would be nice too. The dashboard shows only the events near the home coordinates.
  11. Hi, As the title says, it'd be nice to have one of the above implemented. Probably the later would be even better because saving search results to a list means the necessity of maintaining it later after the caches have been found. To show on an example what I can't do with neither: I want to have 2 separate PQs: 1. All challenges in Poland (or any region abroad I'll happen to visit). Some of them are part of geoarts so they will have their coordinates updated. - this is easily achieved by a PQ now. 2. All solved but not found puzzles in a region. They will also have updated coordinates and won't have the "Challenge" attribute. The 2nd cannot be achieved by a PQ at all because there isn't an "updated coordinates" parameter. Creating a search while the area has already challenges with updated coordinates means that, the challenges would get mixed into regular solved puzzles mix. While separating them later in "postprocessing" isn't such a big problem with right tools, in an area with a lot of geoarts the 1000 caches limit can be hit easily. While the question, why I need more than 1000 puzzles at once isn't the issue here, I'll answer before the topic gets derailed: I often travel across the country so I migh't drive next to various caches and preparing each time is a burden. It's more handy to just have "everything" on my phone just in case. Please treat the above as one example where the request might come in handy I'm sure other users would have other use cases for the feature.
  12. Apparently, you have to find 2 caches to get the tuesday souvenir.
  13. Są twarde reguły i są zalecenia. Jeżeli szlak jest dłuższy, ale miejsca są warte odwiedzenia to ja bym je i tak pokazał. Sam mam jednego laba, który wymaga zrobienia kilkudziesięciu kilometrów. I nie zrobiłem tego dlatego, że jestem złośliwy (to swoją drogą :P) tylko dlatego, że tak były rozsiane miejsca opisywane przez przygodę. Narzekań nie było.
  14. I can't fully express my dissatisfaction with this change without using language that would get me instantly banned here.
  15. Update: found my answer somewhere else. The AL starting points appeared after logging out and in again.
  16. I think 3 pictures should say more than 3000 words. The Geocaching app did get updated to it's newest version to the point of removing the old one's shortcuts from wherever I had them on my phone. Images: 1. Newsletter 2. Adventure lab app 3. New geocaching app (i did Check the filters but there was noe AL option).
  17. Hi, I wonder if this is some site wide failure. I got logged out from geocaching.com . When I try to log in again, the site claims my password is wrong. The forums, as you can see still work fo me.
  18. I'm happy we've got updates but limiting the checker attribute only to the built in checker seems unfair. For one, it's a blow to all the other checker creators out there, and also you are excluding the caches where an external checker is needed, e.g. because it's part of the puzzle, or the location is to obvious for the hint to be given before solving the task. Please reconsider this to allow the manual selection of the attribute.
  19. @hiuppo ja jeszcze polecam Opcje programisty -> Wymuszaj pełne pomiary GNSS. W tej chwili jedyny scenariusz, gdzie juz wiem, ze będzie mi brakować garmina to kajak/ponton, gdzie dało się go przypiąć karabinkiem do czegokolwiek i mieć na bieżąco podgląd na pozycję względem keszy. Na to też już mam zaplanowany patent dla telefonu, ale w najbliższym czasie nie mam kiedy przwtestować.
  20. Cache has the same name and is literally at that specific site (Petra, Jordan).
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