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  1. I have to side with you! I worked in the field of IT Security for years and I wouldn't plug a "strange" Flash Drive in my system no matter how secure my system is!
  2. Wow, I have been a PM since 2007 and this is, by far, the worst "upgrade" to GC.com I have ever seen!
  3. I haven't seen any mention of this but when I was looking at "myGarmin" tonight I noticed that an updated set of CNNA maps has been released.
  4. Tooey - There are trusting souls out in the world. For example, I know of a vendor in Arizona that sells Koa wood fountain pens. They usually run about $35-40 each. One day I wash mine with a load of clothes. I tracked the guy down and he, on good faith, send me a replacement pen and just asked me to send him a check after the pen arrived. He now has a loyal customer in me and I have purchased several of his pens. Just because this vendor does not haunt the GC forums does not mean he is a shady character. Nor does having the comments closed on his website. Give the guy a chance instead of prejudging him...
  5. I just placed a small order with them and yes, they do have their own PayPal link. I will let everyone know how it turns out!
  6. Wow! My three arrived today! (red on gold, green on gold, and copper) I must say that they all look super awesome and I cannot get over how heavy they are! Thank you, scavok!
  7. Living it Hawai'i I have yet to get hit by a snowball! A snowball couldn't last in 80 degree year-round weather!
  8. Geoswag carries the WDD geocoin for something like $7.50; I don't think a person can purchase the actual travel bugs. Hope this helps!
  9. Aushiker - Aloha, please add my name to the Hawaiian register!
  10. Very Nice! I'm looking forward to seeing them in person!
  11. Be cautious when you are doing this! A while back I used to target geocaches that contained geocoins as well. I moved several but, more often than not, the geocoins would not be where they were suppose to be and I missed them. A fellow geocaching team, who shall remain nameless, who noticed my pattern of activity accused me (in these forums, no less) of being a geocoin thief. Which, of course, I wasn't. I privately tried to politely explain my actions and the fact I was laid up in the hospital for a most of the summer to these two but they failed to respond. Now, I generally avoid geocaches that allegedly contain a geocoin. Geocaching-Geckos
  12. 3. Geocaching-Geckos, not yet received, no refund given as yet.
  13. Like them? I love them! But, I knew I would - I'm somewhat of a sea turtle person as well.
  14. Rcv'd all four of them in the mail today and they look awesome!
  15. Surely you are thinking of the Makapu'u Point Lighthouse here on O'ahu!
  16. Sorry to see you leave the hobby due to health issues!
  17. This photo was taken at a place called "Kaniakapupu", which is the only remaining structure associated with Kamehameha III. The ruins of Kaniakapupu lie in Luakaha, the forested upper portion of Nu‘uanu just north of Honolulu, Hawaii. It served as the summer retreat of Kamehameha III. Kani-a-ka-pupu ("the singing of the land shell") is considered by some to be the most important site in all Nu‘uanu and was built in the late 1830s. What is most remarkable about this place location is that not many folks know of its existence so it is totally undeveloped. For more info about this site, please following the URL: http://www.pacificworlds.com/nuuanu/native/native5.cfm
  18. Yeah, I dropped $54 on a full set of the remint Ladies. Can't say that I'm thrilled by their lack of communications. I'm not saying that they need give a blow-by-blow description of what their personal issues are but the bottom line is that, as a customer, I shouldn't be left in limbo like they have left me (and numerous others, from what I gather). This whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth concerning pre-sales.
  19. I have a Denali National Park Stamp Antique Silver along with a 2008 Evil Micro LE (glow-in-the dark) along with three of the standard versions of the Evil Micro geocoin up for grabs in anyone it interested in a trade. All are unactivated! Specifically and in no particular order I am looking for: Mimbres, CSI, Snowwolf, or a Hawaii 080808 Infinitity Geocoin. Feel free to make any trade proposals even if you don't have the above geocoins as I am open to just about anything! Please respond via my profile address as I usually don't log in the forums much these days.
  20. I use a home-grown Access database to track my geocoin collection. It still "in development" as I'm always tweaking it in my spare time.
  21. Not exactly the same scenario as what you desire to do but there is a multi-cache on Oahu that is on property owned by, I believe, the University of Hawaii. The place is sort of a garden/plant reseach center and it is only open to visitors from 9AM-2PM, Monday - Friday. Yep, it is closed on weekends & all holidays. The staff makes the visitor sign in and out, for liability purposes I'm sure. It is a little tough to get out there when it is open (I've only been out there once) but it was well worth it.
  22. Just my $0.02 but I would think that the geocoin owner would be happy that his trackable is still travelling! Isn't that what it is all about?
  23. This one does not take new members today. I keep getting an error as not added. I just signed up for a new account a few minutes ago. I would suggest you take another stab at it.
  24. My first Colorado had the exact same issues with the time feature not working like it should. After a few firmware upgrades I decided enough was enough and RMA'd it back to Garmin. A brand new unit was back in my hand less than two weeks later and it works flawlessly. I believe, like others on this forum, that the earlier units, like mine, suffered from a hardware error and not from a firmware flaw.
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