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  1. You can buy a new one with full warrantee for less at this link and others. You may want to adjust your price. http://www.ehqonline.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=100-0038 Ray
  2. Is that a coffee maker behind that GPS? How dare you mock the original Mr. Coffee gps!! Ray
  3. What does the Sirf chip do for me??I know the 60csx has it but I dont know whats what. I would want the best for getting into heavy cover as I live in the mountains. But of course I'm looking to save a buck SirfIII is what you want then. It will work well under heavy cover and in canyons too.The 60csx,60cx,76csx or 76cx from Garmin are what you need. Ray
  4. Motorcycle gps units are pricy unless you get a 60csx,60cx,76cx or 76csx however you give up a touchscreen. Bike gps's must be waterproof above all else. The Zumo 550 is supposed to be a good bike unit but it's expensive. Personally I am thinking the 76gsx is good unit for the money however add another 100+ dollars for mapping unless you already own them. a 76csx can be had for $330.00 shipped but with maps you'll push 450.... http://www.shipdog.com/product.asp?i=GARGP...ku=010-00469-00 Ray
  5. My i3 came with CN NT ver.8 could you tell me what the NT stands for? Thanx, Ray "New Technology"? I think it just refers to the new compression scheme Garmin uses to fit the maps into a smaller space. Not every mapping unit supports them, as they require a faster processor to do the decompression. Good guess you may be right. From what you're saying gps units that use NT decompress on the fly then? I didn't think my lil i3 was that powerful. Ray
  6. My i3 came with CN NT ver.8 could you tell me what the NT stands for? Thanx, Ray
  7. Yes you can use it on up to 2 units . What version are you running on your i2, the latest is ver. 8. From what I've read make sure you install the mapping on your 60csx first if you'll be upgrading the maps. I use an i3 and plan getting a 60csx or 76csx in the furure and doing the same. Right now wally world sells the i3 for less than $200.00. A good deal when you consider map costs. CN NT ver. 8 sells for over $100.00. Ray
  8. Here is one that will do the job: http://www.meritline.com/kingston-1gb-micro-sd-card.html Ray
  9. Hi Adam if you just got to Germany from let's say USA it could take 20 minutes or so before your gps gets a lock. Get the gps in the open with a clear view of the sky and turn it on and wait and see what happens. Ray
  10. Thanx for chiming in Wesley. I only put this out as a feeler for opinions. I would be more afraid of a prisoner finding a tire iron,rod or rock for that matter. Most anything can be a weapon in the wrong hands. I will not place a small pocket knife or multi-tool in a cache because it's against the rules. Basically I was thinking the keychain variety but I guess anything that can be construed a weapon is a no-no. This post has given me a few good ideas for items so far. Ray
  11. LOL we all know it's illegal to leave food in caches and that would be considered to be some sort of animal feed Ray
  12. Great job on that camoflage!! Muggles would not be a factor much either.. Did you weight the bottom to prevent it from blowing over? Ray
  13. My understanding is Garmin maps are only for Garmin units. I definitely advise checking Garmins site. I contacted Garmin tech support via email to find out which handhelds will work with CN NT ver. 8 and they sent a list of units that can use it (not all units can). Tomtom is a different animal and I think it uses Teleatlas mapping which I have heard is not as up to date for USA. For me it makes sense to use Garmin because I do own the map DVD plus I like their products and support. I do own an eXplorist 200 and it does a good job and is accurate I just want one gps that does it all. BTW go to Garmins site and browse their mapping and you can see if your area coverage is adequate. Good Luck, Ray
  14. Hello Chuck, I am considering the 76CSx and would like your feedback on this gps. Any pitfalls I should be aware of? Thanx, Ray
  15. My i3 uses that mapping and it works very well. Walmart now carries that gps for under $200.00 and that includes power adapter, usb cable and CN NT ver.8 with full unlock for up to 2 units. Navteq maps are currently the best for USA. Ray
  16. Hi folks, I have hatched a game plan to make my geocaching, hiking and motorcycling more enjoyable and would like feedback on my ideas. 1)I did some research and while I feel the Venture CX is a decent gps I decided that I like the idea of the SirfIII chipset to work in all areas. That being said I looked at both the 60CSx and 76CSx and for some odd reason it's cheaper for the 76CXs and it has all the bells and whistles of the 60CSx plus a few small extras such as it floats,it comes with 128meg microSD vs. 64meg and a couple other little things. 2)Become a Premium Member at Geocaching.com so I can take advantage of a few things plus help out the site. 3)Once I have a good handle on geocaching I plan on making my own cache to hide. I know many of you will say why dontcha get the VentureCx etc. but I know I'll have the best unit for geocaching,autorouting ( I own CN NT ver. 8 from my streetpilot i3 so that will be free),and hiking. I also feel it's a plus to have a floating gps that way depth will not be a factor in the event I drop it in water. Lemme know what your take is on my future plans. Thanx, Ray
  17. Very sorry to hear about your sister. She will rest in peace knowing her memory has been preserved in such a way. I send my best to you and your family. Sincerely, Ray
  18. Geocaching is satellite based therefore available everywhere and is free to use. I suggest you post in the section on countries on this forum for availability of gps units in India. Good luck and welcome to geocaching, Ray
  19. I am interested in the Venture Cx do you have the screen cap utility from Garmin that allows you to save screenshots from the gps I would like to see how sharp the display looks? Thanx, Ray
  20. Google Earth will do it for one. Just type in an address and it takes you to the spot, displaying the Lat/Lon. http://gpsvisualizer.com/geocoding.html Ray
  21. Lee check this out: http://www.tigergps.com/magellanexp500adv.html Ray
  22. Personally I don't like greyscale too much I find the contrast makes it hard to read without reading glasses. That being said for about the same price you can get the eXplorist 500 which is 16 color and probably easier to read. I assume you are a hiker because you need the topo info I am not sure if the 500 can be packaged with the topo however I do know they do bundle it with navigator software for sure. Just my 2 cents. Ray
  23. As a newbie I too found this very confusing. I swore I wouldn't touch a TB until I knew exactly what to do about it. I thought I did but luckily someone locally caught me up and walked me through the correct steps. I don't think it's just me that was/is confused! Thanks for the replies, I appreciate the time you took to respond. I have been very careful in my handling of Travel Bugs and such, because I regard them as a huge responsibility. I have moved several of them, to include 2 diabetes tags, and even placed one of my own so far. What doesn't make sense is the amount of discover-its that I run across from placing some type of traveler in a cache. For example when I placed my own TB, within a couple of hours, I had one guy tell me he 'discovered' my TB on the web page because I mistakenly had the serial number of the dogtag in the picture on the page. He then went on to say he would understand if I deleted his claim, but he did "discover" it, as if he was begrudging the loss of his 'discovered it' listing on my TB page, or something. Also, I am finding people are 'discovering' TBs and coins after I moved them to another cache, which I initially took as if they were confirming that I (the newbie) did indeed place it in the container as I said I did. Which, I now know, isn't the situation at all. When I decided to check the profile of one of these mass discoverers, I saw that he has built up a large inventory of icons for TBs and coins in his 'Trackables' tab, even though he hasn't moved practically any of them. I checked the profiles of other mass discovered-it cachers and found a similar trend, that's why I ask if it's a numbers thing. You can build up a huge list of some pretty neat-looking icons in your trackables tab and not bear the responsibility of actually doing something with the trackable item, just write down the serial number, post that you discovered it, and Voila! You have another medal to pin on the washboards of your cacher's 'uniform', or rather, your profile. It looks to me that the intent for the 'discovered it' function is suffering from severe abuse. I can understand 'dunking' a trackable to help position it in a location before moving it some distance to another location in order to show the mileage on the TB page, but 'discovering it' a whole bunch of times in the same cache doesn't seem to do anything beneficial to anyone but the discoverer. It's like spamming the owner of the trackable on his TB page. As you can see, I did a little research on this topic before deciding to ask this question. I don't know, it just doesn't make sense to me as to how mass-discovering benefits the sport... I recently discovered a geocoin and not knowing what I should do with it I logged it as discovered. Now I know to move it along so next time I'll move it. I have to say it was an impressive looking coin. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it Ray
  24. Fizzy that's just the program I needed! Impressive job, did you code this yourself? Thanx, Ray
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