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  1. Bump...I'm still really interested! Sorry, I was away from the computer for quite a while. Yes, I will accept $70 via Paypal. I can still provide photos. Let me know. I sent you an email.
  2. Low-cost intro to geocaching with this set. Garmin Etrex (latest h/w with 3.70 firmware) Serial data cable Vehicle power cable USB-serial adapter with driver CD Trip & Waypoint Mgr CD (provides Mapsource) Additional files on CD Palm Tungsten E (great for cachemate) Soft rubber protective case Wall charger Vehicle charger USB sync cable Original CD $80 for whole set
  3. Yup, you're right. Thanks. The ole eyes.... Anyway, I have an "old-blue" Legend (without the H). Great gpsr. The H model is even better.
  4. The Etrex, your Etrex H, Etrex Summit, and Etrex Venture are not mapping gpsrs, so they don't take add-in maps at all. In the Etrex line, you have to go with a minimum of Legend, Vista, or the advanced versions of Summit and Venture before you can add maps.
  5. I opened up the GPS technology forum, logged in using my old password, and started the new topic. It was later that the moderator moved it here. Again, simply adding an instruction to be sure to click the Forums link before logging off will go a long way toward reducing the confusion about this.
  6. That number 1. instruction seems to work very well. However, it is not intuitive. All password-protected sites (like banking sites) allow you to update your password right on site in the profile or security section. Yes, geocaching.com does, too. However, the Groundspeak.com forums do not. When you begin a profile change process in the Groundspeak.com forums, you are taken over to the geocaching.com site. You can update your profile/password there just fine. No problem. So far, so good. However, unless you remember to click the Forums link, your updated password will not get transferred over to the Groundspeak.com forums site. So, please add instructional language to the "change password" page in geocaching.com to be sure to click the Forums link before logging off. Very simple. Add the instruction. This would have saved me 16 hours of agony and frustration. Sorry about the shouting. After 16 hours I was starting to throw things. If essentially all other sites can do this straightforwardly, so can Groundspeak/geocaching.
  7. Thank you. That instruction worked. After changing my password on the geocaching.com page, clicking the Forums link appeared to have moved the new password over to the Groundspeak forums server. I have a request. Please add that instruction to the "change password" page so that we will always know how to pass the new password to the forums server.
  8. No, not the wrong trail. This is forum I read and follow. This forum has a login. There is no reason why the geocaching.com login should not "take" on this forum, since, after all, this IS a geocaching.com forum. When I complained about this 6 months ago, the moderator or somebody said something about fixing the link. They did indeed fix it at that time. Voila, my geocaching.com login worked on this forum. But now it is unfixed again. Am I the only read/poster here who ever updates his password? I can't believe this is not an issue all the time. Please fix this and keep it fixed permanently. Thanks.
  9. Once again, just like 6 months ago, I want to change my login password for this forum. It takes me over to geocaching.com. Over there I can change my password just fine. I logout, then login again to confirm the password change. Over there it all works fine. Out in out in out in--everything works with the new password. However, back here on this forum ONLY MY OLD PASSWORD WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on, moderator. Fix this! Please! And make the fix permanent this time! Thanks in advance, segler999
  10. Sensitivity in deep canyons, and sensitivity under tree cover are two completely different issues. Apples and oranges. First, canyons. No amount of improved sensitivity (chipset, antenna, whatever) is going to help you see a satellite that is separated from your gpsr by yards or miles of dirt and rock in the form of steep canyon sides that block the direct view of the satellite. So, inside a canyon, if you have a line of sight to a satellite (clouds and weather have little effect on this, by design), you can fix on it with any level of gpsr. Second, tree cover. Here is where a more sensitive receiver, or a better antenna, can help. A few feet of wood or brush or leaves or needles is not the same as yards or miles of rock. So, a better receiver or antenna can, and does, improve the satellite fix under tree cover. I see this all the time when I go hiking under dense tree cover in Pacific NW forests. My ole blue Legend (Garmin) rarely keeps a fix under tree cover, but my 60Cx (SirfIII) trucks along just fine with little problem. I can hike all day under Douglas Firs, seeing very little sky, and still get a good track from the 60Cx with very few missing points. One of my hikes, however, takes me alongside a high and long overhanging cliff that blocks the entire sky to the south and about 1/3 of it to the north. Both the Legend and 60Cx lose the fix here. Nothing you can do about it short of getting more sky above you. Some people talk about a more sensitive receiver being able to receive satellite signals reflected off opposite canyon walls as a way to "expand" the available sky. Same for tall buildings. I consider this to be a problem rather than a solution because reflections serve only to confound the location calculations.
  11. For sale: Palm Tungsten E (not E2). Includes data cable, wall charger, car charger, original CD, new battery. Good clean color screen. Ideal for cachemate. $50 includes shipping via Paypal within USA.
  12. Most usb-to-serial adapters use either the Prolific PL-2303 chipset or the FTDI chipset. I have both, and both work with my ole blue Legend. Others have opined that the FTDI works better than the Prolific. So, for a better chance of success, look for one with the FTDI chipset. You have to install its driver since it is not a default usb mass storage device. Install the driver BEFORE you ever connect the adapter to the PC the first time.
  13. I use a Holux M-1000 with my Axim X51v. Works great. Chipset is mediatek, which I find is just as sensitive as the SirfIII in my 60Cx.
  14. Elias, thank you. It now works. --segler999
  15. Exactly right. It does not work. I have clicked through all the instructions between Groundspeak.com and geocaching.com to update my password on both sites. Geocaching.com did update my password. Groundspeak.com requires me to login with my old password. The new password is not being transferred.
  16. OK, let's try this again. All I want to do is change my login password for this forum. How hard can this be? When I start this, it takes me out to geocaching.com. I have to login there, and change the password there. It works there. I can re-login with the new password there. No problem. Then I come back here and try to login again with the new password. No go. It's been like this for at least 3 years that I know of. Fix it !!
  17. Why is it so difficult to change my password here? It directs me over to geocaching.com, where I can successfully change and password and login again. However, when I come back here to Groundspeak.com, my new password is not accepted. Can you please fix this already!! Thanks segler999
  18. I think you can be confident that the Mediatek will perform every bit as well as the SirfIII. I have units with both chips, and the performance is the same. TTFF, sensitivity under tree cover and between buildings, sensitivity inside my house...it is all the same between both chips. Don't sweat it. Go either way.
  19. I use a 60Cx as follows: 1. If you save a tracklog within the gpsr deliberately it will be nearly useless. So, don't ever save a tracklog within the gpsr. Never. 2. In Settings turn on "track logging to the memory card" and leave it on as a default. The gpx files so created have all data with nothing stripped. Files are based on dates. The files are fairly small (text xml files) so card size is not much of a limitation. 3. The active tracklog in the gpsr memory can be downloaded to a file with Mapsource. Save it off as a gpx file. The active tracklog wraps after 10,000 points inside the gpsr, but it keeps on saving to the card (see #2 above) until you turn off the gpsr.
  20. One other solution is to use a BT gps receiver with the Touch PRO. A great example is the Holux M1000 with the very sensitive MTK chip, and it definitely has the static nav turned off by default. However, can somebody confirm that the Touch PRO will make a BT SPP connection to a gps receiver? Many phones do not, but the wm phones perhaps do.
  21. Is that right? They are putting a Mediatek into the 60CSx? If so, about when was the cutover date? My 60CSx has the Sirf chip.
  22. Somebody should start to calculate and map out cache densities in various states/counties/cities. Make a cool false-color density map. With numbers like reported above we will start tripping over all the caches just walking down the street. No place to hide them anymore. All the hiding places already have one or multiple caches. Why, cache owners will check and find new unauthorized residents in their hiding places. Caches will be tossed. Tempers will flare. Cache squabbles will escalate to cache feuds, which will further escalate to cache wars. Laws will be passed. The President will appoint a Cache Enforcement Czar. I'm just waiting for public agencies besides the national parks to come out with cache placement restrictions. Something like the city council in, say, Dubuque issuing an annoucement that no cache be placed within 25' of another cache. Make it 10' next year.
  23. My understanding is that 3.90 permits the file GMAPSUPP.IMG to now be up to 2gb in size. The 2025 segment count limit still applies.
  24. Yes, that's right. The mere fact that you have saved a track means than you have already met the challenges of cabling, mapsource, and computer use for this. Good. Since you have mapsource, if you make sure to save the track as a gpx file, you are enabling the track to be displayed by numerous mapping programs. So, if you happened to have saved the track in the mapsource default, you can always re-open it, and save as... to the gpx format. Mapsource also has mapping capability if you have purchased or acquired mapsouce-compatible maps. By opening the gpx file you will see a plot of your track on the map. Many other map programs can display gpx track files as well. I happen to have Delorme Topo, too. Also, as mentioned, Google Earth. MS Streets and Trips does not display gpx tracks directly. However, you can take the steps recommended above to make it work. I save and display track gpx files from both an ole blue Legend and a 60Cx, all using mapsource for both capture and display, as well as Delorme, GE, and others for display.
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