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  1. A woof woof and a you've been congratulated to you Trail hound!
  2. Hey wait a minute! Combining regions is one thing, but if it means only one chowda to choose from forget it.
  3. Hey guys, you want to hear something funny!!! I don't think you looking in the right place. Maybe close by, but not the right hole based on your description and Niks pic!!! I think you should go back and poke around a little more. WHo knows what will pop up next. Too funny. Hey Avro, you certainly have adventures looking for my caches: Police, dragons...
  4. Which two of you are you talking about?
  5. Hey Congrats Avro!!!! I missed your milestone. This is why I need to read the logs on my cache pages and note just the notification e-mails for my cache logs.
  6. Wish i could join you for the hike, but family responsibilities will have to take priority this weekend. Hope you enjoy the caches!!
  7. Congrats Quoddy!! There's no keeping up with you these days.
  8. Wish I could join you all but alas I have another commitment. FYI, if you decide to do the Sourlands sometime you can do all of the cache in what would basically be a loop of about 6 miles with only moderate terrain difficulty. I'd suggest the following order: Take A Hike - Scout Lore by TeamHopewell (Stage 1) Romeo Y Julieta by Natureboy44 Take A Hike - Scout Lore by TeamHopewell (Stages 2-3) Magoo's Memories of Merit by mr.magoo (only for those who have found the 5 prerequist caches) Take A Hike - Scout Lore by TeamHopewell (Stages 4) Magoo's Missing Morgan on the Mountain by mr.magoo MORIA by Natureboy44 Walking the Line by Natureboy44 Balls of Fire by RATTeam6 Sour Land Scramble by teammagic The Ruins by mr.magoo Bootlegger's Lair by Natureboy44 Among the Rocks! (formerly A Kid's Cache) by mr.magoo
  9. Well Kevin. Even though you told me this story today, I had to read your written version. Glad I wasn't there. By the way, where do yo get bear mace?
  10. I'd be happy to adopt the Sourland Mountain Cache. I have other caches in the in the park so I go there already.
  11. Way to go Klizich and nice meeting and caching with you at the Joker's Wild Event! You have to admit that climbing that fence was fun.
  12. I just saw Laura's log for Cipher Cache Charlie and am honored that she hit 600 with one of my caches. Congrats Trowel32!!
  13. Yes, Hardcase seems to be leading right now but Team Ekitt10 was headed to Bravo this afternoon. It may all depend on how quickly Nik can decode Charlie and whether Hardcase can find stage one of Charlie. FYI, Resolution had solved ciphers Alpha and Bravo by at least 6:44 a.m. on Wednesday and had the essentials for Charlie in hand (or head) then also. I was impressed. Of course she still would have had to find the caches, right Nik!!
  14. Shameless plug. The caches are posted!
  15. I'll be bringing some burgers and rolls.
  16. Yes and just waiting for approval.
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