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  1. I've occasionally found evidence of "romance" around caches, but never actually seen any.
  2. Congratulations to a couple of real nice cachers.
  3. Too bad I didn't know when I met up with her when she grabbed 801. Contragulations Laura!!!
  4. Cangrats Avro!! Sorry I couldn't be there for the event and your milestone.
  5. I was just looking at some recent cache logs and notice TeamHopwell got number 400 recently. Congratualtions to a nice team!!
  6. Welcome to the area TucsonThompsen and congrats on nailing number 2500 on Cipher Cache Alpha
  7. WOW!!! That's a handful of caches in a year. Congratulations.
  8. For your first scenario, I would not change it to a find since you can never know if you would have found the cache even if it was there. I personally would leave the DNF but there may be some argument to deleting the log altogether. For the second scenario, if someone contact me about one of my caches what did not require any type of special retreival, and they described the location and circumstance that lead them to their decision not to retreive the cache, I'd let them log the find. That said, I have a couple of caches that can be seen, but their retrieval is half the challenge. For these seeing the caches would warrant a log in my book. I'd suggest e-mailing the owner with the circumstance and see what they say. My last two cents is there too much sensitivity about posting DNFs. They help owners ID potential problems with their caches, and there also can provide alot of entertainment to boot. See the recent example from this cache. Bootlegger's Lair
  9. Not that I am aware of. FTF means "first to find." The other one I see a lot in logs is TNLNSL: "took nothing, left nothing, signed log."
  10. Congrats Kevin!! We need to plan theat lunch meeting soon.
  11. I made a difficult series of caches (Cipher Caches Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie) with a "Where's Ulysses" as the FTF prize. The finder ended up treating me for dinner at a local pub after he found it.
  12. An 1886 Morgan silver dollar (value $35-45)
  13. Hey TRL!!! Maybe the bear was looking for a Father's Day dinner too... YOU!
  14. Scenic view from the Sourland Mountains, NJ. Or was this Luzern, Switzerland (I can never remember the difference)?
  15. thanks, but the idea is to grab something easily, as i've got a uhaul and a car in tow - making a 'uturn' (i know, not literally) just for a cache going west bound - i don't think so - if you know of any east bound, in would love to hear em - thanks anyways! 'neko You'll just have to nab it on your way back to Kentucky sometime.
  16. Way to go S&M!!!! I can only hope to join you at that number some day.
  17. Congratulation JG!!!! I'll bet this make you almost as proud as finding that first 100 caches (just kidding). P.S. and yes I can confirm that TRL did it.
  18. Good job!! Noticed you've been snaggin a few an mine lately too. Hope to see you on the trail sometime.
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