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  1. Con-cache-ulations TB. Way to go!
  2. I think that if a park manager offer to do this around here, I'd have to wory that all of my caches would be archived within a week.
  3. Ditto on being a little late. Another future option is High Bridge NJ where there are about 12-15 nearby caches including 9 along a 2.5 mile stretch (5 mile RT) of the Columbia trial which passes through the Ken Lockwood Gorge. This is a beautiful hike or bike. Here's a link to the cache on one end of the trail: High Bridge
  4. Con-cache-ulations on the milestone!
  5. Con-cache-ulations SF! Little did I know that on my second day of caching when I ran into you in the Sourland mountains that I was in the presence of such a masterful cacher. Good luck on the next 5000!
  6. I've taken my GPSr a number to times into various countries in Europe and Canada and never had a problem. Shouldn't be any different from a cell phone, PDA, or computer. The only problems I've had is being spotted by police in who've wanted to know what I'm doing.
  7. Con-cache-ulations on the milestone!
  8. Con-cache-ulations on the milestone!
  9. Con-cache-ulations on the milestone!
  10. Con-cache-ulations on the milestone!
  11. Looks like dhenninger is helping you out. I can send one if you need let me know.
  12. Long live the King and those who seek his caches.
  13. Bambi, I don't know if you're looking for something more original, but there are a series of state quarters here in the US, and you might want to use the NJ state quarter. It's not real big (1" diameter). NJ Quarter Picture
  14. Con-cache-ulations! Nice tolking to your today Old Navy!
  15. Way to go Team H!!! Hope to meet up with you again soon.
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