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  1. Are any of you interested in winter camping in addition to geocaching? It is hard to find willing souls for the most part.
  2. Hey All, Lifes been crazy lately which has kept me farther away from caching than I like. I think this is my first time in the forums in about a month and a half. Aaahhhhhh!! Now I'm felling better!
  3. Very cool! Thanks John, i hope you had a good holiday also!
  4. Cool cache, i remember it well. One of my favorites!
  5. Congratulations on the milestone.
  6. High Bridge, just north. Come on up and cache!!
  7. Seeing as I found #800 while vacationing in Budapest (View From Gellert Hill) last week, I didn't figure anyone notice. Hope you don't mind me mentioning my milestone.
  8. Con-cache-ulations and looking forward to meeting you sometime.
  9. Con-cache-ulations Brian!! We should all be thankful that for every 3 caches you find, you've hid another.
  10. I sure hope I can make this! I've got so many business trips over the next 1.5 months it may be a challenge, but hey, I'll need some good R&R right!
  11. Team Hopewell reached the 900 milestone on my night cache Pathfinder. Congratulations to a couple of really nice cachers! Glad my caches helped you get there. Natureboy44
  12. Thanks for letting us know about this Brian
  13. Congrats Nik!!! I feel honor to have found about 0.2% of those caches with you.
  14. Con-cache-ulations on the milestone
  15. Con-cache-ulations on the milestone
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