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  1. While I won't go into all the details, one of my dogs fell through the ice at Spruce Run Reservoir on Sunday and was trapped about 35 feet from the shore line. During the ordeal to save him, my wife who was otherwise alone, ran and found someone who called 911 and he later helped directed emergency personnel to the area where she was. My wife suffered hypothermia after breaking her way through the ice to save Finnegan, but due to the 911 call and emergency personel being directed to her general location, they soon received aid after getting out of the icy water. The man she found who made the call was the Geocacher "Mag-man." He was there to find one of my caches. The cache's name just hit me. Scary! Check out the Jan 6 logs. "..... for Life"
  2. LOL thanks Kevin. Really enjoied the music. What is it?
  3. Wow Laura, I haven't been as active as usual but you are really rolling along! Congrats!
  4. Con-cache-ulations!! Hope to be there myself by te end of the year.
  5. Ok, like may others I was very dissappointed to learn that Mobi would no longer be available to me. PQs are essential to my caching, especially when travelling. While Mobi had it's challenges, I knew how it worked and got what i needed from it. That said, and mainly on the advice of Miragee, tonight I downloaded Cachmate and GSAK. This is not a replacement for Mobi, IT IS COMPLETELY BETTER THAN MOBI COULD EVER BE!!! For those of you still in shock and dismayed re losing Mobi, don't be. This is a much, much better solution, and I'm already happy to have spent the $8. Wish I'd know about this sooner as I would have given up Mobi long ago. We should also thank all of our fellow cachers who have help us find alternative options.
  6. I've moved the feeder to "higher ground"
  7. So I guess a bear taking a bird feeder off of my front porch doesn't count.
  8. Con-cache-ulations on the milestone!!
  9. Any new Hunterdon, Warren, or Somerset County, NJ cachers feel free to contact me!
  10. Plus, there are dragons in Hillsborough, so I keep away too! You know, you two could get a guy thinking that you don't like his caches LOL
  11. Good idea Nik. An occasional float to another location now and then, might also help to bring in some other local and stir up additional interest.
  12. WOW what a source! Thanks so much for sharing.
  13. In defense of micro, people seem to enjoy them when they are creative or in a nice location. See the logs on a couple of my micro caches. That said, I also know how I was close to boredom while caching in London one day and at least 15 of the 20 or so cache I found that day were the same theme: 35 mm black film cannister with magnets stuck to the back/bottom of a park bench (hence the ability to find 20 caches in less than a day). Some of my most memorable finds have been micros. Ultimately "to each his/her own" when it comes to what you like or don't. D&F's Second Spruce Run Park-n-Hide Tom, Dick, or Harry Romeo Y Julieta Black River Gorge If the Shoe Doesn't Fit
  14. Did I read this right!!!! (har, har) I think Ekitt10 and I are long over due for another day of caching, so maybe we could join forces. Can say for sure since the date is so far off, but let's re-connect as the date gets closer.
  15. Yep, this was my stomping ground until a year ago, but I'd be happy to visit for an event. What did you have in mind?
  16. Glad to see there are some potential takers!!! I'm thinking either the 1st or 3rd weekend in February.
  17. Fun you should mention vultures. They seem to like to a roost in trees in our neighborhood. I counted over 100 of them on Saturday evening. Really freaks out the wife. Come on up Ekitt10, just you kind of crowd!! P.S. Let me know if you are going to so Pathfinder and I join you for the fun.
  18. I'm thinking of upgrading from my Magellan Sportrax Pro (which I've been happy with) and am looking at both the Magellan 600 or the Garmin 60c. Sticking with the Magellan will allow me to continue to use the MapSend software I have (and save a few bucks on the way), but I'm interesteed in other's opinions. Especially anyone how has had experiwnnce with both units. Thanks!
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