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  1. Ditto on the Limes Disease. Sick as a dog for five days. I've acquired more ticks geocaching than I can count. An application of DEET has become part of my geocaching ritual.
  2. Have you traveled and geocached a significant distance from your current location recently? If so, you may need to reinitialize your unit. Also, you might want to check that you unit is set to the correct time. If it got changed by mistake it could be "looking" for the satelites in the wrong part location. Hope this helps.
  3. While searching for a local cache, I realized I'd gotten myself into a location where I was geting no reception. The below picture was my solution. How have other solved interesting reception problems?
  4. The "Roaring Trucks" cache was my furthest FTF at 24,884 miles. My wife kept telling me we would get there quicker if we when in the opposite direction (only 17 miles) and didn't circle the globe; but what did she know, I was the one with the GPS. Besides, she has no sense of adventure.
  5. I bagged the "Rome Villa Borghese Park" cache in Rome Italy as a FTF, which is 4300+ miles from my home base. I anxiously watched its page for almost a month before my trip to Rome hoping no one would get it first.
  6. Geocaching has become an integral part of by business trips. It's allowed me to find caches in Denver, Boulder, Chicago, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, and Vatican City. I'm headed back to Europe next week and plan on logging caches from Germany, France, and Spain. I'm just pissed that my trip to Sweden in March just got cancelled. And to think my wife thinks I'm obsessive. It's going to be a good year!
  7. I lean toward contacting the owner. If you describe the location well enough, they should be willing to let you log. On a related note, I saw a log a while back where the cacher took credit for a cache when they arrived at the park after hours and the front gate to the park was closed. They even included a picture of the park gate in their log. What amazed me the most was that this was a cacher with a larger number of logs, but then may be that's how they got so many in the first place.
  8. Howdy and welcome Tholland! We should set up a day of caching. I'm due for a good day of hiking and caching and would love to help welcome you to the area. I'm in Hillsborough which is only about 15-20 from you guys. While I've covered most of the caches in this area, a trip to Morris county offers some good hiking and caching. January is pretty much out of the question for me as I'm about to hit the road for 2 weeks, but if your interested we could set something up in February.
  9. I did The Passaic River Ramble yesterday with significant aid of the weather. On the other hand, hiking 3 miles with temps in single digits was an adventure.
  10. Sounds like fun! I'll have to watch for furutre details.
  11. Wish I could join you all but I'll be away on business. Oh well, hopefully I'll nab caches in Europe while I'm gone.
  12. I opened this forum, read the first paragraph, and came within a second of closing down what I thought was going to be another one of those "bitching" discussion threats. I am so glad I didn't!! Thank you RK and the rest of you who added your thoughts. You've added warmth my heart and a smile to my face. What a great way to end the day. I'm going to sign off now so there's no chance this feeling will be diminished. Good night all!
  13. One of my sons and I may be able to join you this evening. We'll be coming from the south so it might be best to meet you in the parking spot designated on the cache page.
  14. Anybody have coordinates, or is it realatively easy to find?
  15. I'm hidden in the tree. You might not be able to see me.
  16. Since a few of my other caches were named, you can add MORIA to the list. The hike could be interesting, bu the cache should be retrievalbe.
  17. Hey all. There has been some interesting points made and I'd like to add my thoughts. There are both good and lame micro caches out there. There are both good and lame ammobox/tupperware (AB/Ts) caches out there. Some of us like micros and some of don't. Some of us like AB/Ts and some of us don't. In general, in support tha variety is the spice of life. Individually, we have the ability to choose what we participate in and to choose what we don't participate in. If functionality can be added to the site to differentiate between micros and AB/Ts and enough user would like this functionality, we should ask the administrators to consider adding this option to the site (e.g., as another choice in the "type" menu for pocket queries). The possibility of a cache rating system also sound interesting, although reading the historical logs of a cache has generally given me a good idea of what to expect. As much can be learned by what has been said and what has not been said in a log. Finally, lets all remember that is a vast spectrum of players of this game/sport, and a little tolerance can go a long way. We can all speak our minds without attacking those of differing opinion.
  18. Natureboy44


    Hey all, Just wanted to say that we should remember to take the time to log our "Did Not Finds." While I'm probably as guilty as most in not always logging these in, a recent DNF for one of my caches gave me a head up that my cache had been damaged. In retrospect, I've also found DNFs to be as if not more informative than "I found" logs in helping me validate the difficulty ratings I've given my caches. My thanks to all of you who take the time.
  19. I'm happy to report that I got Romeo Y Julieta back on line this afternoon, complete with the Memories of Merit clue. Please note however that any cachers needing the Romeo Y Julieta cache should visit the cache page for updated coordiantes.
  20. I agree, respect for all concerned is key and should part of the planning process.
  21. Like my spelling of cemetary?
  22. Does anyone have any info as to whether or not there are restrictions on caches in cemetaries? I've done 3 virtual caches in cemetaries in Colorado, however what I have in mind is a little more elaborate. Therefore, before spending the time/effort in setting it up, i thought I seek the wisdom of my fello NE cachers.
  23. I downloaded a pocket query today and the west coordinate given in query for a new cache (Watchung Falls, GCH3F9) was totally wrong (075 33.130 vs 074 26.870 which is the correct coordinate). I spot checked a few other caches and the seemed to be OK. Thought you might want to know.
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