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  1. Congrats Quoddy! Happy to have done some caches with you and hope to do some more in the future.
  3. If you wouldn't mind telling me, how do you attach the file to the page? Sounds like a cool idea.
  4. Shine on you Crazy Diamond, Pink Floyd (hard to just pick just one floyd song) Here Comes the Flood, Peter Gabriel Coming Home, Mark Knoppler
  5. Personally, I think the history of a search should be captured. Isn't that half of the fun? I think way too much sensitivity exists around entering DNF logs. If you searched for only a short time, you can state that in your DNF log. If ones looks for a cache for only a short period of time and finds it, does that mean those shouldn't be logged either? I see a lot of logs that say, "found it quickly." I doubt many would think that a quick find should be logged as a note or not at all. I guess I don't see why a DNF after a even a short search are viewed as irrelevant. There seems to be a disconnect here.
  6. Count me in Nik, should be fun. Let me know how I can help.
  7. I've been watching Magoo approach 400 over the past week and am happy to add my congratulations for his milestone. Good job!
  8. I think Harrald has pretty much summed thinks up. Interesting discussion, but maybe we should respect BS's privacy and GC.com's policy.
  9. Hey all, am I being unreasonable to expect that after I take the time and effort to make and hide a challenging cache, that those who find it won't add hints, pictures, or not so subtle text in their logs which lower the challange of the find for future cachers? As a standard, I've now asked that finders avoid this in their logs. I like to read logs of previous finds to see what kind of challenge I'm in for, and I'm amazed how often hides are given away in previous finders logs.
  10. Just checked the web. A 1/10 oz coin goes for about $50 and a 1/4 oz for about $125. I don't know if there are other sizes. I wonder what weight the cache coin will be?
  11. Sure wish I lived in Houston, or for that matter anywhere in Texas should be close enough for this to be worth the effort.
  12. Here's one from a 2 stage multi. At least I'll give them some credit for finding the first part in the dark: Only found the first part. Found it at 11:30 pm. This adds a little of a new adventure to geocaching: doing it in the dark! Couldn't find clues to the second part, probably because it was dark.
  13. I think I saw this posting (or at least one very similar to it) and what I was most surprized by was who posted it. When someone already has a large number of cache finds, you'd think they wouldn't be worried about logging those that they didn't find, or in this case even get close to. But then maybe that's helps explain the large number of finds in the first place. Humm let see.... I was in the DC Mall on Tuesday evening so I guess I can log the other 25 or 30 caches there that I was generally in close proximity to.
  14. I've seen some interesting found logs also. This might make for an interesting forum topic, but I would suggest not including the cacher's name (it might be considered bashing and result in the forum being locked).
  15. Another reason: the satisfaction you feel when you find a cache with multiple logged DNFs, that verify the challenge of a good hide. I usually celebrate with a good "YESSSSSSSS!"
  16. I have starting doing this and it has made setting caches up much easier. First of all you get assigned a waypoint which you can then add to the log box and cache container before you place the cache. As long as you are diligent about finishing placement of the cache I see no problem with the practice, in fact i wonder if they've done this just for this reason.
  17. I just read Magoo's log and attached picture of a Park Ranger's log. Isn't it nice to here about a Park officer who supports our fun!!
  18. You have a dream Saturday morning about a cool cache idea and within 30 minutes of waking up you are in your workshop creating your latest idea. The idea transforms into a series of three caches and by lunch time you're out with your son scouting to the perfect locations. Two trips later to Lowes (one on Saturday and one on Sunday) and after taking abuse from your wife that she has created a monster (she bought you the GPS unit), your new series of caches are hidden Monday night (tonight) in the dark, and cache pages submitted for approval. I scare myself sometimes.
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