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  1. My guess is some kid has been taking the money from their mom's purse and has been putting it here for safe (no more) keeping. I like the monopoly money idea!!!!
  2. 700 is great, but i'm also impressed with 37 states. Congrats!
  3. dear oldfarts, please, please, please move to the northeast and hide a similar cache. what a great ftf prize.
  4. From someone who battled Limes disease last year, I would highly recommend applying a good DEET containing insect repellant before caching. I'd previously been "comforted" by the fact that I could always find any ticks (the common dog ticks that is) that hitched a ride with me after an off road adventure. The same is not true for a deer tick. You will not see the deer ticks! They are so small that they can be easily missed long enough until it too late. A deer tick's body is about the size of a dog ticks head, and it only get a little bigger after it feasted for a day or two. Trust me and take the time to buy and apply a good repellent.
  5. Try this link, it includes links to caches throughout Europe. http://brillig.com/geocaching/maps.shtml
  6. Too bad I'm busy, wish I could join the fun!
  7. Congrats Hart! FYI my son's favorite cache is still Nightsweats that we did with you that cold winter night! Thanks for all you hids too!
  8. I am so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose a dog, but never in the way you have. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  9. Very cool. I wonder if they are aware of geocaching and whether they would want some of their sites to become caches. Have you contacted them?
  10. One mistake I made when I first started was to rely too much on my GPSr. Not only can readings fluctuate somewhat (especially under trees or near other objects what obscure part of the skyline), but the coordiantes for a cache are only as accurate as the person who took them in the first place. Once you become more aquainted with the personality of your GPSr, you'll start snagging caches more readily. Have fun and good luck!
  11. I love the term "drive-up window" cache.
  12. It was, but I went caching with CCCooper and bagged 300 in a day.
  13. Exception noted and agreed to. Thanks for the clarification.
  14. Thanks all!!! As I said at 200, I can only find em if some one takes the time to hide em! My thanks to all of you who take the time.
  15. Way to go WB and W! You'll always be remember as the first caching couple I met on the trail (in the Sourlands). I was a real newbie then!
  16. Hey all! Something that I didn't think about when I first started caching was to carefully observe how and exactly where a cache is hidden or placed before retrieving it. Sometimes this is very important to ensure that the cache in maintained at its original level of difficulty. The next cacher (and the cache owner), will appreciate your effors! Welcome all!
  17. If you go to the user profile page and click on their "user stats' and then "all finds" you'll generate a search of all or their cache finds. P.S. Nice meeting you at the CITO event
  18. Ditto. The membership fee is a small price to pay for the enjoyment you'll recieve from geocaching!
  19. Hopefully there has just been a delay in resetting them. If not, this is unfortunate and I hope consideration of other cachers will prevail.
  20. Humm... well in addition to beating Magoo to a cache or two (including one in the pouring rain tonight) I'd have to say my shared FTF with Gopman on Magoo's Memories of Merit.
  21. Good job you two. Hope to see you out on the trail again soon!
  22. WOW! I can only hope to reach 2500 some day. Congratulations Stayfloopy!
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