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  1. Thanks S&B!! A happy one (and some good caching) to you too!
  2. Hey Brian, Congrats on the finds and thanks again fo the many hides!
  3. Wow!!! You just keep racking them up. Congrats!!!
  4. How about Picture This. Scenic location with lots of goodies in the cache.
  5. I'm not going to touch that one!!!! On a more serious note, Brain has obviously made tremendous contributions to this little hobby of ours a deserves all of our thanks. I only wish I was located a little closer to his home base which would give me more opportunity to track down the 85 caches of his that I haven't looked for yet.
  6. Humm, i thought about doing something like this myself. Oh well... I'm just hoping my Haunted Depot cache gets approved.
  7. Welcome, and I hope to see you and the family on the trail soon.
  8. Nothing like that first (emphasis added) 100. Congratulations!
  9. Congrats John!!! I'm traveling on business this week but had a feeling I find this thread in the forums this week and wanted to added my good wishes. See you on the trail soon Quoddy.
  10. Very good!! After reading the log my kids asked me what I was laughing at.
  11. Hey all. My thanks to all of you cache hiders in London! I just returned to the US 40 caches richer than when I left and was introduced to a number of gardens, parks, and historical spots I would have never seen otherwise.
  12. Hey All!! Remember your insect repellant and long pants/shirts. For the two summers in a row I contracted Lyme's. Now if I could only figure out what keeps draggin me back into the woods every chance I get maybe I could prevent this from happening again. Doxycycline anyone!
  13. Ahhh nothing like the first hundred!!!! Good Job
  14. Good job! Hope to meet you on the trail some time.
  15. Took this while caching in Lucern, Switzerland
  16. Truly amazing!!! You're a caching machine Stayfloopy.
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