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  1. I go this log on my Pathfinder Night Cache. It always makes me feel good when I learn that the experience of finding one of my caches has brought people closer together. June 6, 2008 by MatireMind #119 - Was out with my 11yr old son tonight and we had a blast!!! When it was light out he was up for it, but when driving down the dirt road to the bridge in the dark he'd say when seeing a car heading toward us that was leaving I wish I was in that car. We laughed and continued on. We both loved it, it was the first night cache we'd ever done. What a GREAT time I had with my son!!! Thanks For The Cache and we Signed the Log. We took a button, Thanks so much!
  2. Way to go to the top for this one. Congratulations on the milestone. My priviledge that it was on my Stairway to Heaven cache.
  3. Congratulations to the first cacher I ever met on the trail. Little did I know at the time.
  4. Ladies, THis is a good reason to let your leg hair grow. I usually feel the little buggers tickling my leg hairs on the way up! All kidding aside, anyone who ventures into the woods of fields of NJ should a) protect themselves (a good DEET containing bug spray, and LONG pants), ensure you dogs are using a preventative and c) you and your dog include lymes and other tick borne illness testing as part of your annual health check-up. Unfortuanetly ticks in NJ are like Mom and apple pie (at least my Mom), except the pie does taste better and you need fewer apples for the meal.
  5. Similar to weathercast, I too am approaching #1000 (979 and counting) and want to do a memorable cache for this milestone. I have a few in mind but I am also looking for suggestions. Got any in mind?
  6. Here's a few in Philly I enjoyed for various reasons. Anne Rice's "The Mummy" The Spring Garden Big House Big Ben Franklin Triangle Raise the Roof CCC4: Let me In
  7. Congratulation to you!!
  8. Too bad you are not located in this area. I would have like to have heard more about what you had in mind.
  9. My faith in camping has been restored. This was a clear oversight from the earlier list. Mine always includes: a slightly golden colored liquid Limes salt and yes a thermarest I'm going to try and get up here at least for one of the days/evenings/nights (the golden colored liquid could result in this being an overnight)
  10. Once you've had lymes disease, the "dork" factor isn't really a consideration. Sweats followed by chills followed by sweats followed by chills, etc., etc, headaches, body aches all while running a temperture over 102 degrees for 3-4 days, makes wearing long pants and using a good repellant a minor inconvenience. P.S., once bitten you are not immune. Educate yourself, e.g. know the difference between dog and deer ticks (only deer ticks carry lymes), bullseyes only appear about 80% of the time and not always before you get sick (I can atest to this item). I've had it twice and had very different symptoms. My first case, I had severe acute symptoms (see above description) but the bullseye rash (about the size of a grapefruit) did not appear until my other symptoms were over. The second time I had no acute symptoms at all except the rash (a bit bigger than the first time). Either way, if not treated the chronic affects can be serious. As noted in other logs, there is a pretty good blood test available, which can aid in the decision whether or not to treat. Finally, if you have dogs make sure they are using a tick repellant also and get tested as part of their yearly examination at the vet. Lymes in dogs can shut down their kidneys if left undected/treated. While this all sounds scary, I still spend a lot of time in the woods, albeit with long pants (not tucked into my socks) and a good deet repellant applied beforehand. Being educated and taking some simple precautions can go a long way.
  11. Congrats to Steve and Nanette on getting #100 under their belts at "The Dam Cache". With the significance of this milestone I thought it was worthy of its on topic.
  12. - you ALWAYS are in some stage of making/planning a cache - you have a list of potential cache idea on your computer - you have purchased PCV tubing, paint, wood, misc. hardware, magnets, a tap/die set, special drill bits, hot melt, etc, etc, etc, etc...... just to make caches - your wife has said on multiple occasions "you should spend that much time on something for me" - one of the considerations for ALL of you vacations plans involves research re nearby caches and you test run the pocket queries to ensure they run properly at least a week ahead of time - vacation locations in states or countries where you have not previous found a cache are always at the top of the list - new ideas for caches are sometimes created in your dreams - you own a Palm that is totally dedicated to paperless caching - you don't mind when people think you are "evil" and tell you they have cursed your name on more than one occasion while looking for one of your caches - the website that has the best price for lock-n-lock containers is one of you "favorites"
  13. Hey all you cachers in and around Palo Alto! I headed to PA March 10-13 and was wondering if anyone would be interested in an imprompto (sp?) event were this east coast cacher (NJ) could meet a few of you west coast cachers. Either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night in the PA area would work. Let me know if anyone is interested?
  14. Funny, I was just going to go to see what's happening in CA as I'm headed out there on business in March.
  15. I don't know of any in Philly but if you are ever up near Clinton, NJ, I've got two up here. Roadtrip Night Cache and Pathfinder Night Cache (this one should be back on line are this weekend.)
  16. THanks for the education PBS. We used to just put a firecracker in a nice warm one and the one with the most spots on their shirt wa the winner (at least that what we hold the younger cousins).
  17. Does anybody know a place that has a cow? Yeah we wouldn't need to get milk for the coffee!! I like the bonfire idea. I wonder if a state park might work? I live by Voorhees SP if you want me to look into it.
  18. 1000 definitely stands on its own. Congrats!! Hope to meet you some time.
  19. COngrats AG, good seeing you on Tuesday!
  20. Thanks all for your kind words. I wanted to add two comments to my first thoughts. First, I recieved an e-mail from Mag-man that seemed to indicate he was questioning his decision to stay at the parking area to wait for emergency personal to arrive versus returning with my wife to where the dog was. He decision to stay at the parking area was an important one. If anyone has been to this area they would know it is is hundreds of acres of fields and woodlands and my wife could have been at numerous locations. She was at least a half a mile from the parking area and Mag-man's ability to direct the police/rangers toward the area where my wife was saved precious time in getting her the treatment she needed. Second, relating to the karma/coincidence question, I did a few calculations about the chance of someone being there and looking for the cache when my wife was there. Based on when the cache was hidden, using 30 mins as the average time to find this easy cache, the number of logs for the cache, averaging for day light, etc, I calculated that there was no better than a 1-1.5% chance of a cacher being there the same time she was. Yes people other than cachers could have been there also, but I'm leaning toward karma given the caches name (..... for Life).
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