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  1. If you're looking for a good deal on an "expensive" jacket for the outdoors, stalk the camping/ outdoor gear ODAT websites, like steepandcheap.com or mountaingear.com. I found the love of my life, a North Face Summit Series shell, there one afternoon and haven't looked back since.

  2. Not really "naughty" but for a time someone in this area was leaving tampons in caches.


    I briefly thought about trashing them out when I found them in my caches, but decided heck, one might come in handy to someone and left them.


    Juvenile for an 11-year old boy to leave behind? Yeaaaa. A good find for a female cacher in a spot of bother? Most certainly. Brownie points? Only if you leave them in a ziplock baggie to keep them from getting wet.

  3. For military cachers:


    When you've gone to the range, waited all morning to shoot, get told by the range NCOIC that you didn't have to come out because you qualified last month, and then you swipe an empty ammo can before you leave...


    ... a four year reenlistment contract should at least get you a free ammo can, right?

  4. I was moving to a new town when I found a TB. I was without internet for about a month, but the new iPhone app saved my butt. I was able to log the find and log the drop right at the sites!


    For some people, part of the issue might be travel or having the ability to log the find in a timely manner. You just forget about it because you've "lost the momentum" of your find. You toss it in a backpack or a glove box and forget about it. If you can log the find right away, it might help to be able to hold someone accountable (for lack of a better term) for squatting on your bug for so long.

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