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  1. Forgive me for I have been sinning... *hangs head in shame* again.


    I found a geocoin, and was intending on taking it to a 10 Year celebration for a photo op before dropping it off. Unfortunately, I got stalled and couldn't go to the party (thanks to the weather and flooding recently). I still have the coin. I wrote to the owner with profuse appologies, and got no response.


    I swear I'm gonna drop it off. I promise... it's just things got a little busy *sniffle* and I haven't been able to escape *snifflesniffle*... I feel like a bad person... like I drank the last bit of OJ and then put the empty back in the fridge with a slightly sadistic smirk.

  2. Army cacher!


    There is a cache here on good ol' Fort Rucker! There are plenty of well- maintained caches in Iraq and Afghanistan, you just have to be willing to look for them.


    Welcome to the Navy and best of luck in your new life as a Sailor!

  3. Because the game requires a GPS for most caches, I never head into the unknown without a good compass.


    Yep. I completely agree! Basic navigation skills with a map and compass don't require batteries and can't get bad reception from too many trees. Of course, it is a perishing skill these days. I just don't see too many people out geocaching that would know their rough terrain pace count for low illumination situations.

  4. Hey, I like that idea! 100 cache limit! Rock on.


    I'll stop researching hide ideas on my lunch hour in the Groundspeak forums. I'll stop asking questions or reading messages from experienced cachers. I'm also going to delete my routes that I was going to hike over the next few weeks to see what really cool terrain or locations are out there in my neck of the weeds. I'm going toss out those two brand new ammo cans I got from my 1SG at the range last month (who set them aside for me and my weird hobby specifically). I'm also going to use that new lock-n-lock for left-overs instead.


    I guess at the rate I'm going (a couple finds here and there on a spare saturday or sunday, when I can get away from work), I'll just have to wait...

  5. I do paperless with an iPhone. Once you type in the TB/Coin's reference number on the dog tag, it pulls up the trackable's goal and description. If you have a data package on your phone, it might help to bookmark the geocache.com website, and check trackables before you grab.


    Sometimes this works (in an area of good coverage), sometimes not...

  6. I've been stalking around the TB forums, looking at the vehicle bugs, and then ordered one.


    My question is how many people really have gotten more than just a couple "discovereds" on their vehicles, aside from the events? I kind of figured (based on some reading and a lot of speculation) that vehicle TBs are more of a decoration to let other geocachers know that you're an addict too. More like a "I know that you know, that we both know, that we're in the know" sort of thing?

  7. The tagline is actually a throw back to one of my warrant officers when I was a young platoon leader in Germany. He would swear up and down that I was going to get lost in the wilds of Bavaria every weekend that I went camping or hiking or "communing with mother nature." I always managed to be back to work after the weekend, but it never stopped him for saying it.

  8. What's the worst that could happen? They say "no thanks." What's the best that could happen? They turn out to be totally cool multi-millionaires with a beach pile in Key West and invite you to join them, all expenses paid.

  9. Yep, she's an LT (see the tagline).


    Actually, I'm senior CPT (they're even going to make me a Major... honestly, the Army will promote anyone these days). No worries though. It just means that I've got 3 weeks in the Army, instead of just 2!


    I did ROTC as well. Oddly enough, Land Nav has always been my favorite training... that, and Gunnery.

  10. Came on active duty in 2001 to present as an OH-58D pilot. Have been stationed in the 101st, 1st INF DIV, and have returned to Fort Rucker for a break. Been deployed to Iraq (twice) and Afghanistan (just got home 4 months ago).


    I didn't know there were so many military and veteran cachers.

  11. Why does that exchange remind me of a certain scene in Caddyshack...

    Now you've got me thinking of the Caddyshack II scene where Bill molded plastique into little animal shapes. :blink:

    Perhaps Johnny Public should fear gophers? After all, they could be bombs! Bunnies too! :laughing:


    Sorry CR I'm going to have to ask you to turn in your guy card. Bill Murray blowing up the golf course with plastic explosives molded to look like gophers was in the first Caddyshack.


    I believe that Lil Devil was refering the "Baby Ruth- Dookie in the Pool" where Bill Murray shows us the value of the 5-Step Decision Making Process. Yep, it was the original Caddyshack...


    I don't think that it's either a failure of the law enforcement or the geocaching community. Everyone did exactly what they were trained and equiped to do in a circumstance like that.


    It comes down to the average American really believing that everything is out to get them (because American society is generally crude and violent??) and that they can't make a single informed choice for themselves. Aside from the masses of fire trucks, policemen, bomb squad dudes all dressed up in their little bomb squad outfits, there was a normal person who actually thought "Hey, I bet those people over there are a cell of Taliban bombmakers, and they really want to teach America a painful lesson about it's lazy, western ways... BY BLOWING UP THIS LIGHTPOST." That normal person called that bomb threat in, and started the evil circle of doom, which culminated in this thread! The average American doesn't want to engage in a 5-step thought process that leads to them opting for a smarter response than calling 911. They just want to save the day and blame someone else for the energy and time of the first responders that was wasted.


    Okay, I'm done ranting like a crazy old cat lady who watches too much Glenn Beck...

  12. This was during the big emu craze that has mostly died down.


    In other news... why is this thread not in Off Topic yet?


    Big Emu Craze? :rolleyes: How did I miss this? My world... *sniffle*... so bleak... *sniffle*... why?!! That must have been the weekend I spent exploring the inside of my toilet after too many Jello Shots.



    This thread is not Off Topic. It is awesome.

  13. Okay, and now for your safety brief (because I am responsible and s***)...


    1. Don't get lost

    2. Don't roll in poison ivy

    3. Don't roll in something squishy

    4. Don't forget to drink water

    5. Don't forget to wear sunscreen

    6. Don't forget to wear long sleeves and pants

    7. Don't forget to do a tick check when you're done

    8. Don't pet any critters


    Okay, now I feel better about that whole leadership/ responsibility thing... I think I'm going to go drink a beer now.

  14. The largest Emu farm in Alabama is located a mile from my house, on the edge of Morgan and Cullman county.


    I have a sudden and overwhelming urge to see this, for no other reasons than you used the words emu farm, Alabama, and largest. I'm genuinely intrigued.

  15. Oddly enough, it is. I've done this before. I've used both 1:50K and 1:25K for a local area. When you go on the geocaching.com website and pull up a cache, you can also pull UTM along with the standard coordinates that most of the civilian world uses for their GPSr.


    1. Go to website

    2. Find desired cache

    3. Note that, under the LAT/LONG, there is a UTM grid too

    4. If you desire other conversions... click on the hyperlink for 'other conversions' to the side of the LAT/LONG.

    5. Enjoy your home-made land nav course.

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