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  1. I would like to think that most people who geocache are the rough-and-tumble outdoors-y sorts, who would balk at filing a lawsuit against a CO if they trip and twist an ankle during a yard cache. Being in a courtroom takes too much precious time away from the really important things in life: finding more caches. I know, this is whack-a-doodle (like my hope that Daniel Craig is out in the woods... with no shirt on... finding a cache where I'll bump into him... holding swag... from Tiffanies).


    I just don't like yard caches because they make me feel conspicuous and exposed, and I feel like I'm not really working for them (like I would if I had to a significant hike to get to GZ). You're walking around a yard that doesn't belong to you with a GPSr. I can't hepl but think about how that looks to someone who has no idea what geocaching is or why people enjoy doing it. It's only a matter of time before someone confronts you with a bad attitude.

  2. It's not elected officials who make these rules, it's unelected bureaucrats.


    Briansnat is right. Those are government selected jobs which are filled with GS employees on a graduated scale. Working for the National Park Service is like any other government job... you're part of a massive beaucratic nightmare which makes regulatory adjustments tough. It is possible to lobby to change regs at the national level, but it takes time, research and persistance.


    With that said, the reason you can't hide a nano in a canon on a battlefield full of cannons isn't because your average GS-8 park ranger thinks geocaching is the root of all evil. It's because of lowest common denominator: once you allow a little online community like this one to place a magnetic container the monuments, you have to allow for everyone else to have the same benefits...

  3. The TB sounds like a good idea! One other suggestion for an alternative (or maybe an addition), since TB's notoriously go missing. And even when they do move, it may not be as quickly or wide-ranging as you would like. What about a signature item, maybe branded with a website or something explaining what you are doing. Or baggie it with a card explaining what you are doing, and ask them to e-mail you. Or something like that. That way you could drop as many or as few as you wanted, and spread them out wherever you want. Anyways, just another suggestion. Good luck with your idea! :D


    that's a very good idea too. See? This is the reason, despite the minor snarkitude and good debate on the merits of healthcare, I'm glad that everyone keeps throwing out ideas.


    I'm not completely against placing a cache and taking the effort to make it as neutral and agenda-free as I can. I'm just going to plan it carefully and avoid any chance for controversy!

  4. Boobs aren't the cause of sexism! Men who can't stop staring at boobs long enough to carry on an intelligent conversation are the cause of... umm... actually they aren't the cause of anything really...


    Okay, I take that back. They're the cause of more free drinks.



    As a woman, I can quietly appreciate the niceness of another gal's rack. It's like looking over at another woman on the morning commute and coveting her pair of Jimmy Choos and Michael Korrs bag. "Oh, she has a lovely figure and enviable knockers."

  5. I wouldn't say that you've lost the battle (thus resulting to sarcasm-- which is a tool I love too), but you just have to reorganize your forces on another front.


    A National Historic Site is every bit as precious as the delicate ecology of a National Park or other environmental area, just like John in VF said. If they get destroyed or even slightly damaged, we don't get them back. You can't make more Gettysburgs (which is a good thing considering what happened to make it so important to our nation).


    But there are many ways to make a geocache that aren't invasive to the surrounding area. Puzzle caches are an excellent example. I've seen puzzles that take someone all over to gather clues that lead you to the ending cache (which is placed off site in an area that isn't protected). You just have to be creative and considerate.


    Find history that appeals to you personally and make it your goal to develop a geniunely unique puzzle. The more you research a place or part of history, you may find that you begin to appreciate the history of a place enough to make repeated visits without the need for cache.

  6. .. because they are truly magnificent.


    In general or yours in particular (just kidding...couldn't resist...I am a guy after all!)


    I was waiting and hoping someone would rise to the occasion... :angry:


    Yes, they are. I owe that to every wide-arm push-up the Army ever made me do.



    I really do like the TB suggestion, and I think that will work just perfect for my idea. I hadn't even thought of doing a TB for this kind of thing, and I'm really happy someone jogged the 'good idea' side of my brain (which is the reason I posted). I know how quickly coins go missing, and I love the one that YemonYime did for breast cancer awareness. If I got one though, I'd end up keeping it because it's really beautiful and very neat.

  7. Okay, well. Here's the thing.... I've already decided to avoid the cache, and just go with a Bug (Thank you, addison, familywatson, knowschad, wimseydude, and the unstoppable nypaddlecacher).


    SGK is a charity that I like. I don't show up on your front step in Long Beach and insult your favorite charities (if you have them). What I choose to do with the cash that I get from Uncle Sam and the military industrial complex that I work for is my choice.


    And no... thanks. I don't want a lecture about why SGK is bad in your personal opinion.

  8. For the past few years, I've been doing Susan G. Komen race for the cure (because I like running and I like my boobs to be cancer-free). A friend suggested that I couple my interest in geocaching with SGK, and put out a "pink" themed cache.


    My concern is the rule that states "Solicitations are off-limits. For example, caches perceived to be posted for religious, political, charitable or social agendas are not permitted."


    I wouldn't be soliciting cachers to raise funds... I'd be making a donation in their honor. For every cacher who signs the logbook, I would donate a dollar to Susan G. Komen in their honor (via a donation website that I made), and there would be pink ribbons in the cache container as swag.


    Would you, the caching public, feel that a cache like this would be more of "pushed social agenda" or would you be okay with it? Or perhaps this would open a can of worms that no one wants to deal with?


    I was just seeing what the geocaching community would think before I go through the butt-pain of trying to get a cache set and approved. Thank you.

  9. The Adirondacks would be an excellent choice... look at Raquette Lake, Tupper Lake or Long Lake (great day hiking trails are everywhere between those three lakes). My personal favorite for a great easy day hike would be Blue Mountain, but it's something that you'd probably want to save for fall (!!!!) or spring (only if you have bug nets and spray).


    If you're looking for some place slightly different from that with a little history mixed in, have you considered Ticonderoga?


    I'm from Buffalo, and my family was in the Adirondacks for hiking and cross-country skiing everytime we could get away. There is also great kayaking, if you're interested in that!


    What kind of skiing do you like? If you like cross-country or snowshoeing, I have some other options for you in Finger Lakes.

  10. Gorak is right! Life is far too short to limit yourself.


    Regardless of your financial situation, you can find decent deals on camping and hiking gear on the internet... you just have to know where to stalk. Or where to look, if you just aren't patient enough to wait for the right deal.


    Happy hunting :blink:


    Oh and PS... there are always good reasons to learn how to SCUBA dive in North Carolina!

  11. So, why haven't you learned how to SCUBA dive yet? Or rock climb for that matter? Or kayak?


    You only get one shot at life... why not learn how to do something new? Rather than pricing out toys on the internet at work, try pricing out hands-on classes (like ropes classes led at REI or a PADI dive course). See if it's something you like, and then develop a new hobby.


    You'd be surprised, you're wife might wantt o join in too, and then you both can go after tougher caches.

  12. Some of you seem to be lacking a little perspective. Put yourself in the landowner's position for a second and pretend that you've never heard of the hobby.


    I agree with this. For some time now I've been learning how to boulder and rock climb, communities that have long had a turbulent relationship with private landowners, just like caching. Whether due to fear of injury resulting in a lawsuit, or dumping trash, or just creating trouble, private landowners have every right in this day and age to say who can come on their property and who can't (which includes getting upset when someone trespasses).


    It's a shame that some people hide caches on private land and didn't ask permission.


    As far as the rock climbing community, education and good ambassorship have gone a long way to open property and establishing good working relationships with landowners. The Southeast Climbing Coalition is a great example of this. CM is right... taking the higher road and not rising to the challenge of an irrate muggle is better for the caching community!

  13. I was stopping by a cache on my way to Eglin AFB once to deposit a TB, and found the neatest thing I had never known about: a Pathtag. I love 'em. I think they have a great principle behind them, and I immediately ordered some when I got home.


    Now I leave them in caches that take some effort to get to (4/4's or better) or are just really fun to find, like a reward.


    For normal swag, our local chamber of commerce has Enterprise, AL, Boll Weevil Monument pins and little peanut pins. They're cheap, but still well made, and they have great local history.

  14. Should we maybe consider a new attribute for pocket queries?


    It could be a depicted as a XXX, meaning cache is likely to be "exposed" in that naughty kind of way (unless you're in Fort Erie, Canada... then it's "fully exposed, with no pasties").

  15. So, if this is a family-only game, what happens to all us kid-free cachers?


    "We're gonna go caching kids, but not before we see some nipples."


    (ooh, I'm sorry. Does using the word 'nipple' offend anyone? My bad.)

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