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  1. I think you have a point, kunarion. I just checked in Firefox, and it looked fine there. In IE it didn't look quite right to me, but not blurred. Chrome is my primary browser (whereas you apparently didn't have any problems with that one).

    You may have a point regarding the size of the pictures, but on the other hand, the size is exactly the same as when the photos were hosted at OneDrive. All things considered, I'm happy that it apparently only is me who see the blur.

    I do need to see an optometrist, but I'm not sure it will solve this problem B) :ninja: :P 


    Thanks for your time :)

  2. I've recently been forced to re-install most of the photos om my cache-sites because I used to use OneDrive to host the pictures. For some reason they suddently changed the link to the photos (but when asking them why, noone could answer!). I CAN make a new one  instead and it works fine (but for how long), so now I'm mooving all the photos to geocaching.com


    I've notiched that the pictures on the cache descriptions is kinda blurred now  ... and also for a month ago, when I made the first changes. 

    It is, however, only on the cache site. If you right-click on a photo and choose "open in a new tab", the picture is absolutely fine.  

    I've attached a screenshot of an "old" and "new" version of a page. It's very clear(!) that the pictures on the right is blurred. The cache in this example is: https://coord.info/GC6NEW6 

    You can try for yourself to see, that right-click showes a perfectly sharp picture.


    Has anyone else noticed this? And how (where) do I address a complaint to the masters on GC?  


    Cheers from Denmark :)




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