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  1. As a CO I have the ability to delete photos in logs. When doing that, I have to give a reason. That's a pretty good feature, even though I think it would be more appropriate if it was applied to deletion of  the entire log. Obviously, the message should turn up at the owner of the log, but apparently it doesn't :(  

    I had a suspicion that nothing happened, (I didn't get a reply on the last message I sent)  so I tried it with a friends account. Yup! No message appeared at my friend! :( 

  2. Maybe I'm missing something here, but to me it seems stupid!

    I'm in the progress og making some new caches and would replace a photo. When trying to delete the photo to be replaced, a dialog box appeared: 

    It's pretty good to receive a warning, but I can't delete unless I write something in the box ? ... And who is receiving the message?? It's certainly not me ?


    (Well, I guess it has something to do with deleting photos from logs, but wouldn't it be pretty easy to divert those two things in the code?)  


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  3. 1 hour ago, SnowstormMK said:

    I cannot repro this (using Chrome), What browser are you using?


    I am using chrome (and tried it just in Firefox ... same result)


    I've tried again, hoping it was just a temporary issue, but it's still the same. It's apparently because I have used the region search. If I make the same search, only with cache name and CO, the map shows the right thing. It is, as Isonzo Karst says, a zoom problem, but I shouldn't have to zoom to see the right thing?!


    I just noticed something odd. If I look at the adress bar when it's loading the map, it starts by showing zoom level 12, but then changes it to level 18 when it's finished loading. :o    

    If I zoom out manually, I can make it show the caches. I just don't understand that you can make it show the right zoom level from the beginning??!

  4. I've just made this search: https://www.geocaching.com/play/search/@55.62112,8.48069?origin=Varde,+Region+Syddanmark&ot=3&g=32541&types=8&kw=stjerne&sort=GeocacheName&asc=True but when hitting the "map these geocaches" button, the (new) map doesn't show any icons. In the left panel there's also more than the originally 50 results. See attached screenshot. 

    I'm pretty sure it worked fine some days ago.


  5. As stated in the title, leads the arrow (which appears when you scroll down to read logs) to the old search page instead of to the top of the cachepage. I've noticed it in a couple of days now. 

    back to top.JPG

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  6. On 4/9/2018 at 10:30 AM, on4bam said:


    The placed date shouldn't make a difference.I'm sure no cache would survive 3 years without a OM after a NM around here. Reviewers would have picked that up soon enough and posted a reviewers note followed by a TD and archived log.


    You are SO lucky! The reviewers in my country doesn't (and WILL not) do that, and I think it's such a pity :(. They leave it up to the rest of us to be "the bad guys", risking being called geo-police and worse, when we make NA's  :( 

    In Denmark you can easily find caches with numerous NM's and a CO that's been "dead" for years.

    Well ... The worst part is actually the caches with numerous NM and an ACTIVE CO! Active in the meaning that they have plenty of time to go chasing other caches, but when it comes to maintain of their own, they don't give a s***!  That kind of people really piss me of :mad:

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  7. Thanks for all the answers, but I think some of you may have misunderstod WHY I want to download the cache before it's published (or maybe it's just my english that isn't good enough, - me being danish :)).

    I of course check and doublecheck the coordinates, both in the field and when it's transfered to the cache description, but even though I've checked, and checked and triple-checked, I'm still not calm before the cache is found (and for multis and mysteries the checking almost never ends :o). Therefore it would be nice, - and reassuring - to be able to get the coordinates FROM the cachedescription, that I'm about to send to the reviewer, without having to copy them manually to my gps as a waypoint. Then I can go to check a last time, - go home and hit the SEND button, knowing that the coordinate I just submitted in fact IS where the cache is. Yeah, yeah, I may be too cautious, and I have never send wrong coordinates ... but still ...   


    I know it has been possible before, and then the cache looked just like any other on my gps. Since the button "Send to my gps" doesn't work like it did some years ago, I was just wondering if there was another way around. Using GSAK isn't a solution for me.  That leaves the LOC-files, but I can't figure out how to make them work. The one I've tried to download will not open in EasyGPS. 

  8. 9 minutes ago, Isonzo Karst said:


    You can PRINT your unpublished cache. 



    9 minutes ago, Isonzo Karst said:

    Most (all) handheld gps units will take the LOC file. The LOC will give you the coords as they appear on the cache page, the cache type, name and GC Code.

    How to load the LOC to your device depends on your device ;-)

    It's a Dakota 10 (yes, it's old, but I love it :wub: )



    9 minutes ago, Isonzo Karst said:

    Quote, " event holders offer gpx-files of caches"  I expect they are creating the gpx file in their own software - GSAK will let you create a gpx file with all the same fields as a geocaching.com webpage.

     You may have a point!

  9. How do I download my unpublished caches to my gps? I have done it previously, but that may have been when the "Send to my GPS" button stil worked. Hitting the gpx-file doesn't do anything. The LOC waypoint file DO download, but I don't know what to do with it?? Putting it in the normal gpx-dir in the gps doesn't seen to work. :( 

    I want to have the caches to show as "normal" caches on my gps when I go to make the last control before publishing. That way I'm sure I haven't made any typing-mistakes in i.e. the coordinate or other stuff..


    Furthermore I have seen event holders offer gpx-files of caches that won't be published until later. How do they do that?

  10. Is it an "only-Denmark" problem, since noone apparently has addressed it here, that the mail notification doesn't seem to work? Ever since some time yesterday afternoon (DK-time! (min. some 14-16 hours prior to this message)) I've recieved no mails whatsoever from HQ. That is messages about submitted and later published caches as well as mails telling about logs ?? 

  11. 1 hour ago, NYPaddleCacher said:

    That's actually an invalid tag.  A break tag is one of few html tags which  is self-closing rather than as separate opening and closing tags.  What you've shown would be the closing tag (without an opening tag).   Most browsers will parse an opening tag without a closing tag, but it's "technically" invalid.  

    You can either use <br></br>    or <br />



    Well ... actually I DO normally use <br/> (without the space)  :D

  12. 14 hours ago, The A-Team said:

    Does anyone know if this worked before the new cache editing page came along? Caches around here generally have very short or empty waypoint descriptions, so it isn't something I would come across very often.

    That was excactly what I seemed to remember. I think the change was made when the layout in the edit page was changed.

    In this case I want to use it in a multi-cache. Not necessarily because of a long description, but it looks better, - and is easier to read. If e.g. there's three questions, it looks so much better to have one question per line.

  13. 4 hours ago, Tungstène said:

    OK. I finally just tried for myself. Line breaks do not work for me anymore. But [br] alone works!

    First line of waypoint's description.[br]
    Second line of description.

    This is how I made up this waypoint of mine.

    Wow! Thanks. I love you  :) I would never have guessed to use the square tags around (instead of the pointed ones).

    My knowledge to html is on a learning-by-doing basis, and I actually learned it in desire to make cache descriptions look better.

  14. 12 hours ago, The Snowdog said:

     But I would like to see the highlighted defaults change away from "Submit." I just KNOW I'm going to submit something when I intended to edit.

    I second that! I've already almost hit it twice today, as you get drawn to the green BIG button :wacko:

  15. 7 minutes ago, Phronimos said:

    Personally I’m VERY disappointed with the whole new cache listing changes. I always create, then review the finished product, and finally Submit. But now I am not able to edit my newly created cache listing. Yes, I’ve checked the Conditions checkbox, clicked Save and Preview, and my changes are not reflected in the listing. I’ve submitted the cache. Then cancelled the submission, edited, saved and resubmitted - another three times. Now it’s in the Reviewer’s queue again and the listing does not reflect my changes. After 108 hides I am reticent to hide any more. This is SO FRUSTRATING!

    In this very minute I've edited twice, and it works fine for me. 

  16. It was quite a surprice to bump into the "all new look" on the edit page, when I was starting on creating a new cache tonight.

    Most of the changes, however, is for the better. I like that everything is on the same page unlike before, and the map with all waypoints is great (just by chance, it is a multi I'm about to create ;))

    One thing that's NOT for the better, is that all the "new" things on the page pushes the edit text field further down the side. When I make a cache, I edit it lots, and lots of times, and it's almost always text that has to be edited. Not all the things that I have to scroll past :wacko:

    A  re-arrange of the "items" would be very, very useful. :wub:


    I agree with those that mentions the sizing of caches. From apple to shoebox?? I'm sure you can do better than that.

    I also agree, that the buttons for submitting to review should be faded out and maybe only be available on the preview-side.

    The "save AND preview" button is great. 


    Question: Is the space for entering info at waypoints decreased? It kinda spoiled my intention of forcing info down peoples throat  ... And furthermore: Is it not possible to format the text in wp's? Not even linebreaks seems to work :( 

  17. I don't know if this has been addressed before, but when I just recently made a new series of caches, I noticed that they were displayed in random order on the "new" site. And it seemed that the randomness varied everytime I looked! :wacko:

     At first I thought that they displayed in the order I may have edited them, but no. It's just ... randomly :(.

    ... And why all that white space?? Only 5 or 6 caches are viewable without scrolling?!

    Looking at the "old" side, the caches line up in perfect order. 

  18. I just tried to send a message to a CO from a cachepage. Clicking the small envelope next to the CO name, used to open the message center, ready to text the person in question AND starting with a line saying "Regarding [gc-number] [title] ... "

    Now it just opens the MC with a blank page, where I have to fill in the name for the one I wish to write to myself.

    Just tried in both crome, IE and edge. Same issue. :(

  19. Love it! :wub:

    For the time being I've only tried it on a single mystery-solve ... sooo easy :D

    I'll definitely use it on my own mysteries when creating new ones. Only if it requires some special information given afterwards, and/or some deviation is required, I'll still use Geocheck or similar.

    I would prefere the single-field option as well, for the same reasons that many others have given.

  20. I think you have a point, kunarion. I just checked in Firefox, and it looked fine there. In IE it didn't look quite right to me, but not blurred. Chrome is my primary browser (whereas you apparently didn't have any problems with that one).

    You may have a point regarding the size of the pictures, but on the other hand, the size is exactly the same as when the photos were hosted at OneDrive. All things considered, I'm happy that it apparently only is me who see the blur.

    I do need to see an optometrist, but I'm not sure it will solve this problem B) :ninja: :P 


    Thanks for your time :)

  21. I've recently been forced to re-install most of the photos om my cache-sites because I used to use OneDrive to host the pictures. For some reason they suddently changed the link to the photos (but when asking them why, noone could answer!). I CAN make a new one  instead and it works fine (but for how long), so now I'm mooving all the photos to geocaching.com


    I've notiched that the pictures on the cache descriptions is kinda blurred now  ... and also for a month ago, when I made the first changes. 

    It is, however, only on the cache site. If you right-click on a photo and choose "open in a new tab", the picture is absolutely fine.  

    I've attached a screenshot of an "old" and "new" version of a page. It's very clear(!) that the pictures on the right is blurred. The cache in this example is: https://coord.info/GC6NEW6 

    You can try for yourself to see, that right-click showes a perfectly sharp picture.


    Has anyone else noticed this? And how (where) do I address a complaint to the masters on GC?  


    Cheers from Denmark :)




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