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  1. To mirror others suggestions. Look around and see what you can find that has the best "bang for the buck". There are deals to be had if you are patient. GPS technology hasn't taken any huge steps forward recently so most units will get the job done. It's just a matter of bells and whistles. 3-axis electronic compass? Expandable memory? Touchscreen vs. Non-touchscreen. Battery life? etc.
  2. Maybe it is just my computer (or W 8.1) and the fact that I only fiddled with it for a short while before moving on. That, and I never have looked into the settings that can be modified in IE that I have heard make the 2 play more friendly.
  3. One thing to consider when starting out is to maybe search for those caches which are larger in size and lower in difficulty. Consider it training in a different way to think about how and where hides could typically be. The micros can be a PITA.
  4. One thing that may be hallowing is am issue with the browser you are using. Magellan communicator can be finicky and doesn't always play nice. I was able to get it working with Firefox and my explorist. others have had luck with using chrome. IE apparently had never worked but I rarely use it so no experience myself.
  5. If it connects like the 110 does that I have then yes it will connect as a mass storage device. I don't have enough experience with apple so I was speculating. I'm strictly android and windows worth my background.
  6. To be honest I don't know if there is a way. AFAIK, there isn't a way to turn the port on the iPad into a USB port to connect your explorist to. I just picked up a explorist 110 from eBay for really cheap and it's just drag and drop when using a PC. I've been able to use the USB port on my windows tablet as well with no problem.
  7. I have windows 8.1 on my home computer and switched to using firefox to download caches individually from GC. I didn't mess with it too much though since I just drag and drop the pq into the folder when attached to the computer.
  8. It depends on if i'm in an area i'm familiar with or not. If I'm out local, I can look at the map and ballpark where I need to be in order to hop out and hike/walk/search for the cache in question. If i'm on a trip or in a new area, I'll look at the map and try use the car and directions to get me in the ballpark and use the gps to make it the rest of the way.
  9. Be nice if I could find that same deal around here. I'm looking for a new GPS but don't have a ton of extra money to shell out. That's a great deal for what is a solid unit from what I have seen.
  10. I have lived in Maine, Ohio, and New York. Some of the best caching I have done in the past was in the snow or while it was snowing. There were definitely more challenges to finds, preparing for the weather, etc. but I found it to be more fun because I had to slow down and concentrate a little more sometimes. This enabled me to actually pay closer attention to my surroundings and notice things that otherwise I might have missed had I easily been able to find "ground zero".
  11. Another application that i have used on my Evo is c:geo. I've used geobeagle also and it is a good program.
  12. Lee - The maps that you are talking about come standard with all of the PN40's. You typically have the main topo program and 3 'Regional' discs that have detailed maps on them. In addition, you can pay $30 subscription to download an unlimited number of maps (USGS quads, NOAA nautical maps, and aerial color imagery).
  13. The PN20 is sold. Still have the 40 available. Lee, I did use the PN40 for driving directions. It works pretty well, does not give voice navigation like a dedicated auto gps, does reroute if you get off track.
  14. Thanks jibby. I have been looking for a while and that was about the same conclusion that I had started to come to. Just looking for other opinions to help point me in the right direction. I tend to sit on the fence sometimes and hate to pull the trigger but with a decent deal like this, it's hard to pass up.
  15. GPSCity has the 450 on sale right now for $240 and Cablea's has the Dakota 20 Bundle on sale for $230 (includes Topo). Since the price is basically the same for both, any suggestions which way I should go? Any help would be great!!!!
  16. Cachechick - So what do you think so far? I'm thinking about hoping on board for a 450 also. I have 2 delorme's that i would have to unload first to free up the funds to be able to though. decisions decisions
  17. Appears to be sold out online now. Just as i was trying to get ahold of my family to see if they are interested. Grrrrrrrr EDIT: back in stock but the code isn't working now.
  18. BUMP. Anyone interested? Throw me an offer!!!
  19. The only thing that I can really see that would point out the Garmin connection is the 2010 copy right at the bottom of the page and the send to gps function only supporting garmin. Neither of which is a problem to me since there is also the create a gpx file function as well. I haven't really looked at the site much but as long as it is maintained fairly well (unlike my experience with the terracaching site and some of the 'caches' on there), the more the better in mind mind.
  20. I have both a PN-40 and a PN-20 that have not been used in quite some time. It's the holidays and figure that unloading both of these units is a win win for everybody. The PN-20 has been used a handful of times. It was actually a replacement that was sent to me from Delorme when my original PN-20 crapped out on me. This unit comes with Topo 7.0, all cd's that came originally, and I will also include an SD card for storage. I have the USB cable and will include that with the unit as well. The PN-40 was my replacement for my 20. This unit has seen a lot of miles and was my primary unit for about a year. It also comes with an SD card and the USB cable. I have Topo 8.0 with this unit that includes all of the cd's. Both units are in perfect working order. I was looking for $100 for the PN20 and $175 for the PN40. I think i have an 8gb SD card that i can include too. If you have questions or want pictures, feel free to PM me.
  21. Has anyone tried to see if it is possible to import any of the files that can be found on the gpsfiledepot and how they work on the new magellans?
  22. Any news when these new explorist units are going to be coming out? I would love to see a review of them to see how they stack up against what is currently out there. I was an explorist 500 user and loved it before i switched to my pn20 and now pn40.
  23. *bump* Any interest? Throw me an offer if you are.
  24. I have a PN-20 sitting in a drawer at home collecting dust, not being used, and feeling neglected. I had a 20 originally that died on me and Delorme replaced it with a new unit. This unit has only been used once or twice because I purchased a pn-40 as an upgrade shortly before my 20 had it's issues. I will include all software (7.0) and cables I have. I'm asking $100 + whatever I can find the be the best/most cost effective method of shipping. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. It was a great unit for me and has lots of miles left in it.
  25. I like the idea of the GC, but it seems to be too much of a unitasker if I am going to spend $200 for it.
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