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  1. Go in small groups (or solo) to comply with social distancing requirements and wash your hands. I actually see very little danger of geocaching increasing community spread, and there are tremendous physical and mental health benefits to getting outside and into the sunshine.
  2. We carry baby wipes, but I also have a suds pump (I got mine from Pampered Chef but I am sure others make them). You fill it partially with regular antibacterial hand soap and then to the indicator line with water. It allows a quick hand-wash without the need for running water. Just pump out the foam, rub your hands together, and dry them with a paper towel/napkin.
  3. We found one recently that is a snap-lock type container inside an electrical box. I was very surprised that the city had allowed it to stay there, and was honestly pretty nervous about retrieving and replacing it. If my husband had been on that trip he would have made us take the DNF.
  4. I always have chopsticks in my geocaching bag. I have found that particularly for micros I can use them to get the log out without damaging it better than I can with tweezers. They are also useful for getting the log rolled back up tightly enough to fit into the containers. I regularly use them for poking around into small spaces that I'm not sure are safe for my fingers and for clearing spider webs.
  5. We played it this way as well. i got the detective on my lunch break Thursday, the clues over Friday evening and Saturday between errands and thunderstorms, and 14 jewels yesterday. I lucked into jewel 15 on my lunch hour today. Now I'm ready to go full speed ahead into the last set of finds. We had a lot of fun just going with it the way it was intended, especially my daughter. It was funny to hear "Ugh! Another stupid diamond!" from the back seat.
  6. LOL! We looked that very differently. I was just glad there wasn't a requirement like having your 81 grid completed for the final
  7. I am going to jump in here knowing that I am solidly in the minority and say I am loving the promotion. I found the detective on my lunch hour yesterday and then found 2 footprints and a fingerprint with my kids last night. I have scoped out several possibilities for the other fingerprint and 2 shadows for this evening and hope to snag some jewels starting tomorrow. For the record, I am not in an extraordinarily populated area, but we are pretty cache-rich, I think. I have used the web page to locate clues and then my iPhone to find and log the caches - but that is pretty much my MO for geocaching, particularly if I am going to make a quick grab or 2 over my lunch break. So far I haven't had any issues with getting credit for the clues I have found.
  8. I would love to find some of your wine corks! I have a collection that is becoming impressive, particularly for someone with no winery contacts and who personally removed all of them from their homes I may have to start using some of my duplicates to make something signature to leave/trade. Off to Hobby Lobby I go!
  9. I have an iPhone 7 and verizon wireless service. I use my phone exclusively to geocache (I have a GPS but can't figure out how to use the blessed thing!) As others have said, the jumping around at GZ is pretty typical. When that starts, it is usually our cue to ditch the phone and tap into either our geosense or the clues/previous logs. We have gotten as close as 2 feet with the phone before the craziness kicked in. It depends on everything from the weather to the tree cover to the mood my electronics are in that day :) Don't let it frustrate you too badly - if it was always easy, it wouldn't be fun!
  10. My guess is this one. I think anything else would require too much behind-the-scenes management. Personally, I am looking forward to it. I have a hard time motivating my kids to go out with me sometimes, but when there is a challenge they will jump on board
  11. This is off topic for this particular thread but I have a question about this (I have read statements similar to this in other threads as well.) Do those on power trails actually steal the intended container and replace it with their own in order to reduce the time it takes at each stop? I am picturing in my mind starting with a container in hand, stopping at point A, replacing container A with my container, signing log A en route to point B, taking container B and replacing it with cache A, signing cache B on the way to point C, etc. Is that the gist?
  12. I don't generally mention my trades in my log - never really thought about it to be honest. As a CO, is that something you like to see? I am starting to wonder of I am actually one of those cachers that drive COs mad. But on a good note, I have been more conscientious about how I log since I have been on the forums - again, it had never occurred to me that they were really for anything other than documenting the find until I started reading comments on the forums from owners.
  13. Me too! I have several small things that we have tucked away. The kids love remembering where we found them and other memorable parts of that particular day.
  14. I could be wrong, but I think this is by design. Otherwise, anyone could see your public lists and find the mystery caches based off of your work rather than doing it themselves.
  15. This is interesting, because I was with a group that was FTF day before yesterday. My girls and I headed out, and saw 2 others looking when we arrived. While we were there, another cacher also came looking for the FTF. I had been the day before with no luck, the other ladies had been there quite a few minutes searching, so we all took on the mission as a team. When it was finally found, the lady who physically spotted it rightfully claimed the FTF and we signed along with her. It ended up being a great story (she actually accused us of being muggles when we first arrived - the horror!) and we made some new friends. At that point, the FTF was really not the point any more even though it was what got us all to the spot at the same time. And I felt it was just good etiquette that only she claimed as the FTF.
  16. I love ammo boxes! I get bored with log-only finds... I want stuff to trade!!!!!
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