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  1. I was also confused by this, someone mentioned you only needed six finds in this three week period in an online group a few days ago....which confused me earlier today as I found a bit more than six since the 11th. Turns out I have found caches on 5 days now since the 11th, so tomorrow's adventure will be a my ticket to this souvenir (not that I really care about this souvenir....but it's nice to get in it's own way).
  2. Alright, year end update, even though this isn't quite a year technically. I found over 370 caches this year.....and much more than one a month. I can't blame myself too much for this goal...I didn't know how this year would shape up. I did end up finding more caches in different counties. I think I racked up 4 or 5 counties....not bad at all. This final goal was one that felt very daunting to me....hiding caches seemed SUPER difficult to me, and that's why I kept myself from hiding any until May. After that, I began releasing a bunch....and now I sit at 37....of which 32 are traditionals. The rest are events, mysteries and multi's.....and another multi is awaiting approval. Overall, I did pretty well this year, I'm happy.
  3. Going from last year, I'll try and set some real goals that don't sound so wimpy. #1. Hide more unique caches. I want to try for more mystery, multi and other types of caches....not so many traditionals….although I do have one or two ideas for some wacky traditionals. Not setting a formal amount for hides, though increasing my presence in my hometown is a goal I like working on. #2 Host an event somewhere interesting. I started doing events late into the year, when I became busier and the weather became too bothersome to be outside for long....I have some ideas for new kinds of events....the special one for next year sounds great, but I don't see myself getting it. I choose to believe my luck will be terrible. #3 Find my 1000th cache. As of typing this, I sit at 699 hides.....by January 1st, I'll be at least 710. And find more multi's....even though they can e frustrating. #4 Fill out more of my grids. I have 50 D/T combinations found...I'll have one or two more found by 2020, but push up that number. Same for my found dates....and Jasmer and yadayadayada. #5 Find my first webcam cache. I know of one now in Canada....and it's a ways away, but at least it's two train rides away....and a few hundred miles. #6 Find more counties. A goal from last year, I just want to push my map a bit...maybe even find another state.
  4. Streaks are just not my thing...I pulled off an 8 day one when I was in High School, but these days with work, caching is limited to 2 or 3 days. Going for a streak would come and feel much like a chore at that point anyway, I don't lie the idea of just making up an incentive on the whim.
  5. One caching couple left a $25 gift card once for the FTF of a new container, and I did manage to find it, not that it was hard to get to or anything. Other than that, I've seen coins in a few caches. Sometime I'll leave a bit of cash in a cache, but nothing crazy, maybe $5 if the challenge is substantial enough.
  6. I'm going ahead as well with a half year check up...I genuinely wish I could say I was inebriated by some degree when I typed this....the first goal makes no sense because I was trying to find a certain amount of caches per month. The first goal is a write off....completely. I'm working on the second one, and the third one is already good to go, with my tenth cache having been planted yesterday, of which four are yet to be published.
  7. I've had two confrontations, though one was less concerning than the other. First story; Me and my friend were looking for a geocache in a park. Just after making the find (having searched for fifteen or so minutes), a cruiser went to the parking spot right near the GZ, and questioned what we were doing. I think we told the truth....but my memory is bad in some cases...this is my log, can't believe I found it last year, it feels like a while ago. https://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=2a958c9f-fc1d-4e5f-92f5-583cf2a489fc Second Story; I was going for a few caches in a small town where some family live, my relative having dropped me off somewhat nearby. I made out with two DNFs (mostly because the few inches of snow we had made geocaching troublesome). I was in a park, which was barren due to the weather, and I was being a goof. Breaking ice, trying to find a cache in a pine....and I decided to finally look for this cache hidden in a wooden lot near the railway bridge, and not far from someones house. Well….as I searched the GZ, an officer came by, and directed me to come out of the woodlot....telling me where to exit because their were brambles and such. Once I was out in the open, he approached me and asked me if I was okay and what I was doing. I told him the truth, and they carded me. I had no idea if they were charging me for anything (I didn't exactly figure out if the woodlot, which is quite small, is restricted for the public)….but after going to the local police station, they explained that I wasn't being charged, and hat someone called the police because I looked distressed or lost in the park. My log is here; https://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=2d62ed74-701a-4375-8871-cf20edcf8bf3 I will return for this geocache, when I see those family members again, and it'll be MUCH easier to find since I'm pretty sure the cache was covered in snow.
  8. For the following year, I want to continue caching by finding at least 1 a month, go and find more caches in different counties, and place a few caches.
  9. I started geocaching when I found a Tupperware container in the park near where I was living at the time, in spring of 2014. I made an account soon after, and I completely messed up the found times....my first few cache finds are all incorrect as to when I found them haha. Anyways, I stopped geocaching after I became bored of it, and becoming frustrated by the applications which serves geocaching (most were knockoffs, the official was quite strange to me). I briefly geocached a bit a few months after….and stopped....and went back to it a few months later....and stopped, then got back into it just over a year ago, and haven't stopped geocaching since. I geocache for the fun of it, and because it can be such a unique and fun experience.
  10. Anyways, I began geocaching under an alias which was likely "penini74", which was created under a sporadic and strange conversation with a friend years ago. I changed it to something which truly fit me, and was less vulgar in it's origins. This alias is my newer one which I use on a small fraction of the sites I use. It's derived from the final song from Phantom Planet's debut album "Phantom Planet is Missing", called 'Sleep Machine'. I love the record, and find this song to be very interesting. It also speaks to my strange experiences with dreams....which has caused me to be scared of dreaming as time has gone on. The song is below; https://youtu.be/Hew9vTBCOCU I decided to stick with the song title, but change "sleep" to Dream to reflect this, which just happens to be a slight nod to my favourite song, called "Only in Dreams". The end of my name is for the two numbers I have a fair predilection to, 7 and 4.
  11. I wish the Earth Cache could've been left as is, that's very unfortunate to hear of the logisitics of why this cache had to be streamlined to be "family friendly" (really just made less interesting for a patty reason IMO). I'm glad that the cache's been brought back at least....I'm guessing you can't allude to the previous rock display on the ground of the store for that may step on the toes of the big folks at HQ. (I hope HQ can improve their communications by some degree in the future) EDIT: Oh....this cache is in the UK....well then, by the way this thread sounded, I thought this was in the US.
  12. I mean there are multiple "did not find" types of messages on the page for the cache.
  13. Good point. I, for example, found the last cache for a letterbox cache, which was right next to a multi-cache final container. I only logged the letterbox cache, which I intended to find.
  14. I'm getting annoyed by folks who log a challenge cache found who hardly have any finds, but found the challenge cache, but in no way could've possible met the requirements. When they admit it wasn't met it's more annoying.
  15. I've never placed any caches, even though I've geocached for a few years now, but in the next few months, I'll be placing caches, some of which are generic, but some WILL attempt to be creative, whether it be because of an area, or for a theme.
  16. I generally agree with the points made above, and heck, I happen to be going to an event just as this time period starts....but the incentive to find caches for this souvenir isn't too high, especially as it's something we all can earn, and earn fairly quickly.
  17. Haha, I will. I'm being strategic however, as I'm going for a challenge that limits by finds per month...(Just because I need a certain amount of caches for the next few months...which'll be increasingly harder to find as it gets colder)
  18. Considering I've been playing for over four years, I've found a pretty sad amount of caches...albeit it's better than this time last year, where I was around nearly half as less as I have now. My cache finds are a puny pile comparative to most other folks I see.....but in the next few years, I'll try and go for more caches, now that I'm more comfortable with it.
  19. I earned this souvenir after finding my first multi...I've been very timid about going after them, especially since I've been so busy over the years that geocaching hasn't been something I could do much of. This souvenir didn't motivate me to go geocaching more, but it's nice to see more of these kinds of souvenirs now. I liked the multi-tiered ones like Hidden Creatures, it offered a good challenge (for me...since I was working in a forested area where caches were around, but I had to walk miles to get to them), albeit a tough one.
  20. I couldn't find another photo I had taken whilst geocaching....but I do have a few here taken right near the time of finding a cache, http://TJ095613 by Josh Kenn Photographics, on Flickr http://TJ043975 by Josh Kenn Photographics, on Flickr TJ048497 by Josh Kenn Photographics, on Flickr
  21. Yep, that's what I mean. It's stalled me twice now....and is just annoying.
  22. A little, but redundant peeve is staring at and "stalking" a cache online which clearly isn't there since no one has found it for months or years, but the CO never responds and it's never archived. It's annoying after a while.
  23. Hello! I started geocaching a few years back, but didn't play for long because I forgot about it. I played again and took a break, and repeated the same thing until I began regularly playing over a year ago. I'm unfortunately busy nowadays so finding caches is difficult for me, but I do try and get some every month. I find geocaching to be such a fun and amazing experience at times, for you can see so much and have many experiences that stay with you as you search.
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