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  1. As more areas return to lockdowns and tighter restrictions, the above will be more neccessary depending on the cache location and such, as we all know. I'm starting to consider cache disabling if certain parts of my city start shuttering....my city already has entered a lockdown as of 1 hour ago...
  2. Well then, that's an interesting article on Wikipedia. The averages for many countries are lower than I expected...hm. I think I tend to rate cache too low for the Terrain rating at times, partly since I'm of average height, well a bit shorter. Tree climbs are easier for me due to my height, although I don't like some of those low-down corner hides as a result.
  3. I find in that case, there obviously has to be a threshhold between when the cacher logged the online find, and the CO checks in on the cacher who virtually logged it. Asking for proof 8 months after the virtual log is a bit unrealistic, but asking after a few fews to....say 6 months, I find that acceptable. All cachers should really have proof of logging the find in case they lose their writing utensil or what have you, but I can understand if the user deletes the image on mistake, or loses the fil in a corrupt drive...etc. In any case, it's up to the CO to be stringent there are no virtual only logs, but also its imperative the finder logs truthfully, and in the case they cannot sign the log, has photographic proof by the very least, or can describe GZ. There are grey areas in my statement which I do acknowledge however.
  4. This year I've been caching less than last year, but a bit more than what I would've thought. My finds have been as such.... 2014 4 0.0154 caches/day 2015 0 0 caches/day 2016 6 0.0164 caches/day 2017 20 0.0548 caches/day 2018 271 0.7425 caches/day 2019 418 1.1452 caches/day 2020 293 0.9391 caches/day I usually go out of town to see family, and can grab a few more caches, but that's not been possible. (*That being my vacation) After I was laid off by the pandemic, I proceeded to hide more caches for a little while, and I stick to night caching, and working on finds for my 366 calendar. I've usually maintained a find a day for the days I need (some days not being possible due to work, when I was rehired, and just life in general). Sometimes I'd see my dad, who lives in a suburb more than a few miles from me, where I could grab more caches, which helped my cache number be higher for a little while, but all in all, I'd stick to caching at night when I could, sometimes going for caches at daytime. It's getting colder soon, so all my caching will be done at day now. But I'm still hiding consistently. Between last year and this year, I've been hiding on a consistent level, the pandemic hasn't affected my hide rate at all really. Since I exhausted more of my locale for hiding spots, I've hidden less, but I've hidden further. Last year, when I started hiding caches, I hid 39 caches...mostly trads. This year, I've so far hidden 27 caches, and am planning two or three more to hide. (two for sure*) Of that, 16 have been puzzles, and the year before I hid only 2. I've stuck to 2 multis this year, just like last year...albeit this year they've been easy multis, unlike last year. I had 1 event this year (March 14th of course), and 3 last year. I'm happy with this year...and tonight I'll finally get 1,000 cache finds. (ALs dont count :P)
  5. I have many hides with song names, though I live in an urban/suburban area., and they arent catchy songs per se. I used to post lyrics in some of my earlier caches, but I like to jam them with some history of the area, and find the lyrics get in the way. That said, I think my more likeable songs for geocaching would be something along the lines of: *(GC8QW36) I listened to this record a great deal in river valleys, and my local river valley feels like a great place to hike, slip down hills and cross the river whilst listening to this song and others. Also, the cache may be more of a T4.5, but don't tell anyone
  6. I had three cache disabled due to the pandemic, all due to municipal closures of park amenities like playgrounds, benches and water features. It took me until September to feel comfortable enough to re-enable two of those said caches...one of which hasn't been found since last winter due to it's high T rating and difficulty. The final cache was disabled all the way until literally two daysago, due to an apartment compex next door which had expanded the parkette my cache was in tremendously. Many of the stones which my cache was hidden alongside were removed....and I can safely say the cache did not make it. But anyways, that cache was 2 metres from a playground....the city never actually announced when park amenities were reopened, which made reactivating caches much tougher on my part. If we see similar municipal measures, I won't be afraid to disable these caches again....it may seem a bit harsh, but I'd rather have cachers be safe and not be charged for breaking the rules.
  7. I haven't really done the un challenge properly per se, although I do still have a good selection of walking distance caches that afford me said selection. I DNFed my would-be last cache to finish this promotion, so I think I'll be taking another 5 or so caches until I get one requiring that last ancient wonder. (I searched nearly 40 minutes for that sucker last night....grr)
  8. I've had one hide dealing with this....it was a tiny parkette on the corner of two side streets, but half a dozen buildings were under construction around, literal skyscrapers going up next to a bunch of houses in a well established neighbourhood. I disabled the cache due to the virus thing happening currently, as the cache is next to a park amenity....said park amenities were off limits by the city for months, anyone near it or using it would be fined. Sure enough, once I had a reason to go to this area (even though its less than a mile from my home), I foudn out the city/developer were working on expanding the park...two apartment towers were going up next to the parkette, and the developer expanded the parkette by about 3 times its original size. The old parkette was modified as a result, and the cache, well....it might still be there. The actual hiding spot is present, but I don't know if the workers cleared off the stones and shrubbery much. (Since the cache is between a big shrub and a rock). In any case, this cache is still disabled...I'm waiting for the shrub to be less pokey since I don't feel like sticking my arm down there...it's awkward even when the shrub is cut back, but also, I'm waiting for the remaining fences in the new park to be removed. The actual cache is a bit tougher I think, since there's more muggles then ever....those two buildings have about 600+ people in them combined.
  9. For me, what I really understand to make me feel good about geocaching is making a cache create an experience, whether it be a multi, wherein you walk about a neighbourhood, learning this and that about it, or working on a puzzle which makes your mind melt....only to realize it's a bit of a nonchalant breeze into a morgue of less approachable perspectives. Then again, I also love those good ol treks in the woods wherein it's either a nice bushwhack and hill climb/ride to the cache, or just a walk through a field, overgrown with vines and what have you all around. I've created about 9 caches which all fit with one of these descriptions more or less...but what it really boils down to for me is creating an engaging experience for geocachers in the community to have fun. It's taken time to learn how to create caches like these, but it's a good process, and very helpful. I also just love the sense of achievement when it comes to thinking about where you went just from geocaching...it's interesting methinks.
  10. My first multicache find was by accident. A letterbox was hidden nearby, and when I tried to find it, I ended up finding what turned out to be an old multi that's still active. I then found the letterbox about 5 feet away....that was a strange day haha.
  11. I've only started night caching because of this pandemic...it's been great. As a way of keeping my mental and physical health maintained, the adventure in the journey to the cache is always more interesting than the cache. I'm saying this because I only walk or run to these caches from my home, and have gone 20 kilometres at one point to get a cache...and made a full marathon of that walk. (beating my old walking record consistently...I think it was 25 km two years ago) I really appreciate that aide of the game now, and despite living in an urban centre, I walk toward the suburbs of my city, where it's easier to night cache...albeit I usually never cache in a wooded area or thicket unless I decide to. Tonight I'm going for an easy walk, about 15-18 km to get some easier caches....one might be tougher due to a subdivision, although I've figured I might now start hiding more night friendly caches now....of course once we can actually get them published.
  12. I'm finding it a bit exciting actually to think where new caches will be hidden.....though at the same time, any new hide I myself have is obviously at risk of being in someone's area if someone also placed a cache nearby during this time. I have a feeling my city will have a handful of caches in a ten mile radius of me....maybe 10 or more.
  13. I find it kind of funny how the Blue Switch souvenir comes up in a bit randomly at times....albeit it makes sense this year as it's an anniversary...but forgive if I;m wrong, but I believe the last Blue Switch Day souvenir was three years ago to this day.....well at least its still the second for me. I get and appreciate that HQ doesn't put out a souvenir for this day every year...as that would get pretty boring, but I do have to wonder why they release this souvenir on some more....seemingly random dates, like three years ago. I'm just viewing this in the sense of a formality, like a wedding anniversary gift (being the souvenir)….a gift for the 17th anniversary seems a tad strange compared to celebrating something for the 20th. Oh, and with regards to extending the date of the souvenir so that one can technically find a cache in December and still earn a souvenir meant for months earlier...I understand why HQ is doing this, but it definitely makes the whole point of the souvenir seem a titch....absurd. I suppose it's like a mulligan souvenir for the 20th anniversary of caching....made much laxer for less serious cachers, but more so because of the current situation going around. (As a side note, I did get a few caches today.....including an old DNF...it was a good day to cache, although I realize now that bike gears are very good weapons when misused….)
  14. I'm now tackling two types of caching mostly. Night walks, where I leave at say 10:00 pm or so and come home at 2-3:00 am with a find before and after midnight (for two days I will need a cache for my finds grid), or I'll occasionally go caching in daytime but in remote areas. I've tackled a good few caches near a river in the last month...High D/T caches that mean no muggles within my vicinity. On that note....I need to place a hide soon for this month.
  15. Well.....seeing as we're in this situation, I'm definitely going to put some of these goals on the backburner....unless things somehow drastically change by November or December. I've hidden a few more unique caches (t5's and such)...and am hiding a new one and replacing another with something much funner...but I'm still taking things very slowly. I'm only caching on days I need a cache for my finds calendar.....mostly night walks, which are either 10+ km long, or nearing 30 km....which is also helping my 1,000 cache goal...at least slowly. I sit at 830 currently, might be at 850 by mid-May....just by getting caches in a general area from me. I have a CCE now, but I'm going to say I'm very happy I didn't pay for a permit from my city to host an event on any certain day...I was thinking of doing it, but didn't.
  16. Also, all Community Celebration Events are extended until December 31st, 2021.
  17. That part is what I call a write off. A conumbrence of the mind where I was ending off my contribution to this thread with something that sounds more like heresy more than anything, unintentionally. I'm going to just check by other areas where my caches are in case of restrictions made by the municipal gov't....some of my caches aren't in parks, but green spaces.
  18. I don't live far from the CO who disabled their 1800 hides, which was actually around 2,500 a few months ago. In my city, the park amenities have closed, like playgrounds, sports fields, parking lots and skate parks...due to the possibility of surfaces containing the virus due to their popular use in what's becoming a time with less to do. I've disabled two of my caches without visiting them, but I know they're both next to such park amenities....and although they could access and sign the log they may face fines or charges as well...all dependent on circumstance. Typically newer cachers visit these two caches, and although they can sign the log, I don't want them to risk their hide/monetary obligations.
  19. I think I had one of the last events for geocaching in Ontario (3 days ago)….and it was just me and one other cacher. Went to a local restaurant and it was nice to come by...but I hate seeing the lack of business. (though I do understand why**) I have a feeling HQ may need to push CCE's a month or two forward....
  20. It's great. Someone hid one near me, and it's still not found (1/1 cache right near one of my own), but I'm now saving it for a day when I need a find REALLY close to me. I hid a cache a few days ago and need to figure out how to do some internet wizardry before publishing it....taking me forever because I hate using the internet for a lot of things other than browsing and such. Also updated a cache needing maintenance yesterday with a tougher hiding spot (2D/4T rating to 2.5D/5T)...and a local cacher is actually heading out to find it today o get some alone time due to this whole situation. Might try and convince some high school friends to geocache....may as well in these strange times.
  21. Well, as someone who works in a restaurant, I lost two of my three shifts this week...my restaurant has closed for Monday tomorrow and is only open in dinner service on Tuesday....I'm going to have maybe 5 hours this week. In the meantime, I'll be hiding a T5 large ammocan this coming week as a way to kill some time and finally get that out of the way....I've been planning this hide since July haha. Ammocans are a rarity in my city, and T5's are pretty well only water related caches in my city.
  22. Too bad it seems it wont be happening this year.
  23. I do the same thing, although I'm making plans to travel to cities outside of my own to cache this year....something I do occasionally, although part of the reason I do it is to explore a new area and be inspired. Possibly going to the Woodstock event this year will be the first cross country trip I ever made by myself....so it'll be interesting. When I geocache, I tend to stick to my city, which has a solid transit system...and plenty more geocaches to hunt for, so spending is minimal.
  24. Most of my containers are smaller than that first container I found, so it's tough...or their designed to not work that way, partly because I live in an urban and busy environment. This year however, I'm hiding some larger containers, further in some suburban areas of my city...and some still close-ish, where I'll label my caches. I do need to return to at least 2-4 geocaches and label them however.
  25. I first found out aboit geocaching when I discovered a plastic container in a hollowed log near my house in the nearest park. I looked up what geocaching was, and was surprised. I just wish I learned to make more meaningful online logs...and was more serious about it....though I was 13 haha. I stopped caching after my 4th find....I still dont really know when I found that first cache however. My first hide was five years later, just above 400 finds. I was VERY nervous around hiding caches, it sounded complicated with finding coordinates...but after that first one, I realized how easy it was....I published a few in the following weeks. I just wish I started hiding earlier, and pushed myself to publish one.
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