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  1. I must think about this, I've been geocaching since I was 13, but I don't recall ever doing anything very bad to myself for a geocache, other than the usual scratches, bruises and cuts. I did manage my longest streak (21 days) whilst nursing an injury from work, which I "earned" on the 8th day of said streak. It was a bad cut to my thumb, reuqiring a few stitches, so opening up cache containers was a bit awkward, but I still managed to walk every day for a cache, and a walk or two in the woods to hide a cache or two.
  2. Well, I guess I'lll throw a few goals for next year here for now, and edit things accordingly. I'm scaling back my goals fro prior years, not that they were hard or anything, but just because I'm not exactly interesting in going to X, Y and Z if work slows down and I have less money to spend on travelling in my area. That being said, next year I'm intending on finding a cache in another state (New York), and also grabbing my first webcam there. I'll try and host an event or two, one of which hopefully will be on a hill. EDIT: I just realized one of my goals in 2020 was to find a webcam cache...huh, that'll be good to get done next year then.
  3. This is my own. I hid most of my higher DT caches just as the pandemic was starting, and prior...anything recent has been easier to get to or the occasional tree climb: Oh, and those 8 caches that are 1D are all events.
  4. I've been mulling this over within the last couple minutes, trying to figure out just what statistic I'm happiest with. I think the one statistic I can look back on and feel most proud with is this: Most consecutive days with finds: 21, from 2020-02-21 to 2020-03-12 Both in terms of the timing, seeing as this was all done just before the pandemic really became a bigger deal internationally, and also because this was a bad time to have a streak. I believe I needed 12 days of streaking for a challenge, then decided after to keep going as far as I could. I had recently bought a premium membership for the first time, so a bunch of "new" geocaches were still around nearby....making for easy pickings, well....sortof. There were some cold days, but I still managed to figure out places to geocache while I managed work and rest. I actually injured myself at work on the 1st of March, and had to take a week off work. It meant I had time to geocache, but it also meant signing logs was...awkward let's just say. It was ahand injury, so I could walk around with no issue, but signing things meant more care was neede. Anyways, I think the ability to find time to geocache was getting to be too much and I had to stop....I'm justs urprised I got as far as I did considering there were not many geocaches to find near me at the time, and that remains the case to this day. In terms of hide statistics, I'm pretty happy with this. 69 hidden dates, out of 366 (18.9%) I may not have many hides, but I do have a decent selection (34 DT square out of 81 isn't too bad) . I we exclude events, I still have about 65 dates, which is alright, but is satisfactory for me. I like hiding in all seasons, but these days, I find it tougher finding good hiding spots I feel compelled to revisit down the road...perhaps I'm just happy with what I have and don't feel the need to hide further away.
  5. 1. Hide a new cache that earns at least ten Favorite points. -> No thank you. I hold very little interest in favourite points and frankly, I care more about peoples experiences than a "point". 2. Visit your cache(s) every two months to ensure they’re in good condition. -> I can do this during a lockdown like the one my state is currently in...but under normal circumstances, this is not necessary unless I have a reason to visit a cache or indication it needs my assistance. 3. Take action on Needs maintenance logs or a string of DNFs within two weeks. -> I adressed my point above for this point. I'll do my best, but if I'm busy with work or something else I'll disable the cache....and get to it when I can. 4. Find at least ten caches with ten or more Favorite points. Then, apply what you loved about those caches to your owned hides. -> Respectfully I disagree. I find favourite points can be given for sporadic reasons not necessarily for the creativity of the hide. Not all the time, but sometimes. 5. Place a geocache that is accessible to people of all abilities. -> This is a goal I can do this year, no problem. 6. Reflect on the least favorite cache you’ve hidden. Ask yourself how you would make that cache better if you could do it again. -> I've doen this already. And I archived said geocache. 7. Follow us on Instagram to get inspired for your future hides. -> No thank you. 8. Visit your cache owner dashboard frequently to keep up to date on your hides. -> I don't really need to when I received e-mails, but the dashboard is still useful. 9. Pick a geocaching friend who has never placed a cache before and introduce them to the art of hiding. -> I've spoken with a friend online....so maybe I'm working on this without realizing it. But, I'm not introduing them per-se...they intend on hiding it. 10. Summon your inner Marie Kondo and declutter your caches. If one no longer sparks joy there is no shame in archiving it and making room for a new cache. -> I have a plan in mind. I'll probably archive two hides this year...perhaps more. But really...the lockdowns and restrictions have limited movements in my region....many people aren't caching as much as they would. I appreciate the effort made in these ten points, but I think I've kept a lot of these ideas in mind already. My main concern this year is continuing with my already set forth plans to review a few of my oldest finds and archive them based partly on their location (and well, the thousands of people movign in to my area). My area is becoming more urban in some ways, and that means some caches will have a tougher time staying hidden, or closer to balconies and windows of new buildings going up. I archived my 4th hidden cache due to this exact reason. 2 new apartment buildings opened up adjacent to the park where my cache was and the hiding spot I had was filled in with concrete. I have a few caches close to this rapidly growing area, and I forsee some archival logs coming in the next two years.
  6. I've only recently invested in good shoes with geocaching in mind. I have two pairs of running shoes that are fit for city streets and trails in parks with not much terrain variability, havig bought them just after pur last lockdown. I also have only recently [maybe 3 months ago] bought a pair of good, waterproof hiking shoes that, upon testing yesterday to replace my 3D/5T ammo can [which is no longer an ammo can....grr ] , stood up well to the test of mud, slopes and well,enough sturdiness to keep out the water....I do need to run more tests on just how far submerged thse shoes can be. I've only come to invest in good shoes after many years of just wearing one pair of running shoes...or boots for the winter. I've slid many times on leafy slopes in river valleys and such, but I was always lucky, mostly in that there were just leaves on the ground and I caught my fall with my hands.
  7. I still managed to hide a few caches this year, and find some despite the lockdowns and restrictions going around. I found 113 caches this year, which might go up to 114 for New Years Eve...and had 11 caches hidden. 3 events too. I'm happy with what I have hidden and accomplished this year, despite not finding many caches. (this is the smallest amount of finds since 2017). Next year, I have some intentions... --> Hide 6 caches. (I already have a decent amount in the city I live in...hiding a lot more would be tough for me since maintenance is already starting to be a bit annoying at times) --> Host 4 events. I want to beat my events record in a year, partly because I find being a host is rather fun frankly! --> Host my C.C.E. : THis is a tough thing to do....I had plans to host this event in a park, but city limitations are rather annoying and well, costly. --> Find a few caches. I'm not going to put out a number or anything, but I would be happy finding afew, of different tyes and sizes. But nothing as a goal that I should feel compelled to do.
  8. Been caching on and off from 2014 until the end of 2017. From there, I cached more regularly....this year is my most notable drop in caching, partly due to maintaining over 60 caches in one area, and others elsewhere....alongside dealing with stay at home orders which recently have become very serious. I don't have many local caches anymore, though new ones have cropped up. I'm saving em for a future date, to fill in my finds calendar...most still are a bit of a trek with this pandemic in mind. That said, a 10 or 15 km walk will still allow for about 30 caches at least in walking distance.
  9. I somewhat intentionally found my first of the new wonders a few weeks ago, but it wasn't....really intentional as well. I had made plans to go find that specific cache and wouldve done even if no wonders were there. Currently I have....3? I think 3 new wonders found....I'll probably finish this thing in a week, I'm probably going to beat my caching-in-a-day record soon....
  10. My puzzle isn't exactly an encryption puzzle (there's a few layers to it) but yes, I understand what you mean. Testing with someone else is very helpful for sure, albeit sometimes I find this to be a troublesome method if they give away the secret to the puzzle....I notice a good few users who, when asked about how they solved a specific puzzle, just say they were given the coordinates. (This howevere is more fitting for the pet peeves thread, but alas)
  11. Hmm. I've come to really like creating puzzles as my tasted in cache hiding have changed. I'm not good at solving puzzles...heck I kind of suck at it. BUT, I have a system. I also love history. So I have a lot of fairly easy puzzles, and a few....tougher nuts to crack. I think I can confidently say my rough average for puzzle creation, development, final cache container creation and development...placement THEN publishing....would be well, a few weeks. I mean, many of my puzzles only took about 2 hours or so to build out, but a handful took longer.....and in that handful there's a few that took over a month. I tested them myself, I rigorously checked them and made sure the system they need is fine, and made sure they havea logical path. Although of course, puzzle styles are a tough thing to crack if it clashes with your own...as many would be solvers have issues witha few of me puzzles. I have one D5 I hid over 6 months ago, which was published 5 months ago....strictly because that puzle took about 7 weeks to finish, or....15 hours minimum, probably closer to 25. It hasn't been cracked but I KNOW it can be solved. That being said, I think the quickest puzzle for me took about an hour and a half.
  12. I'm no good with streaks, although I don't drive nor do I care to cache consistently over a larger period of time. Last year I did a streak, not very long, but it was 21 days.....from 2020-02-21 to 2020-03-12. I did much of that streak with a hand injury which made caching tougher...but in spite of that injury, I hid a 3/5 ammo can. My no caches streak is 917 days according to GC....but I don't know if thats actually the true number. My first 4 finds were all logged on one day...the day I created an account. But I found my first cache a full month and change before I created that account...so I don't know much about those first few caches in any way. (But I do have a photo of my first cache...I posted it online in April..thats how I know that*)
  13. Well that's amazing! Awesome to see Guinness recognizing geocaching achievements....that's a heck of a crazy geo-art.
  14. That's very disappointing, but I guess people like to think they can be smart about it. I'll probably log it in spring or summer...an area with a large amount of my own caches is a frequent dumping site in one section, and also is host to invasive species like European Buckthorn, and Garlic Mustard (I can't tell you how much I dislike both species for their destructive and invasive nature). (Oh, and no, my caches aren't hidden in trash, I made sure the caches are hidden in respectable locations...though I did have to relocate a cache once due to this problem) It'll be a good workout though finding garbage bins nearby will be tough.
  15. That's a good point all in all. I purchased a few new geo-trinkets so an FTF prize won't be an issue. (which included trackables*)
  16. Rarely will I leave F.T.F. prizes simply because many of caches are too tiny or odd to work. I live in a more urban environment, so it's tough to hide biggest stuff. I am hiding another ammo can however, about the same distance from my home. I think I may just leave $5 as a FTF prize...but I'm leaving a trackable or two as well inside. It's tough making bigger caches to fit multiple items in my area, but oh well, there are a few spots around.
  17. I'm in the same boat. It's my oldest and most found cache, but not by much...it's weird having it be both a smily and an owned cache, but it's perfectly fine since the initiative was ade to adopt the cache...in this cache for myself the CO lives out of town and couldn't bother going and maintaining the cache anymore.
  18. That's fair. I'll stick to using the website for referencing disabled caches for those moments when I wonder where a cache or two went.
  19. For years I had a basic account. I knew the application was limited, and when I first started out, it was a huge turn off. When I got back into geocaching, I used the website and never stopped....it was THE only way I cached for many years until I got premium membership. Now that I'm premium, I see it's just that much more accessible and friendly to use the application, even though I do prefer the website for some things....the loading issues on the application and the clunkiness of waypoints (Using Android*) do frsutrate me at points. I also use the website at times to see caches which are disabled....I don't really get why the Application only shows fully sctive caches, and that you can't just flick a settign on and off for that, but whatever.
  20. I also agree however, the CHS is a little bit troublesome, but overall, it's a necessary thing in order to keep caches maintained and orderly. (Of course NA and NM logs are necessary too, though sometimes they are used rashly, even by not so new users.) As an example, the oldest cache in my city was given a NA log by someone who felt the cache was in a dangerous, erosion prone spot....the cache hasn't moved from the spot in 18 years despite her concerns. The trees around GZ held u the ground well, even though it is a bit of a stark fall down to the nearby creek, (Oh, and don't paint me as a negative nancy for my previous posts, I simply didn't explain my reasoning for my opinion well enough....if this were a person to person conversation, I can assure you I'd sound less harsh or brash than I do especially in my intiial post on this thread.)
  21. Of course they can, but it's not exactly something well appreciated, especially if it's a significant cache for the area. I mean, if your changing the DT range significantly after a few years, it's a little bizarre....of course that's just situation among many. I'm saying this from the position that the cache is a higher DT range, which it is.
  22. I've been caching for over 6 years and still need 9 spots filled...although this month I think I'll get one or two done. I'm only interested in getting more of my grid filled since there isnt much to do these days....lockdowns mean lots of geo-brainstorming or cache creating. I've been hiding higher T caches for a while, though I don't have a ton of em...and they're all pretty sccurate, except one or two which were old ratings that are a bit soft on the T, or too high...but only by half a star. I recently hid a 4.5/3, but I made sure everything checked out....I just found another 4.5/3 today, a puzzle cache like my own 4.5/3, but in soem ways it's easier then my own cache, the terrain is a scotche high too. Grid filling is fun, but yes,the journey is so so much more worthwhile to me. I'd rather walk 10 miles then climb a tree then just take a bus to fill a spot on my grid.
  23. I understand that, but theres a sizable group of people who understand changing DT ratings out of the blue isn't exactly fair, especially years later. I know that DT ratings are meant to guide finders on what to expect for a challenge with regards to finding the cache, but there's been many challenges created over the years where's this tool becomes more important to cachers. I think it's fair to say that as an example, a 3.5D/1.5T trad hidden for a few days but already garnering 5 to ten hides can be altered to a 1.5/1.5 if said cache is found to be far too easy...but changing said cache after say, 6 years and well over a hundred finders? I think that'd be a bit more of a nuisance. Of course, this isn't that bad of an example....a higher DT combination would be more tough to really judge, especially for newer cachers. Now....changing cache sizes is a different story altogether.... (regulars to small/micros*, or whatever)
  24. They can't really change the DT now....the cache was been found by hundreds of users and active for over 6 years. @Isonzo Karst I mean, yes they can, but it's not something seen as fair by others...changing DT's on cache years later. The cache very well could be a 4.5T IMO, depending on the tree and where it is, and how high it is. And what tools needed etc....the D may be a stotche low. Seemingly this is more of a 4T judging by the height, but I'm just guessing.
  25. Well, let's see... Posted December 15, 2019 #1. Hide more unique caches. I want to try for more mystery, multi and other types of caches....not so many traditionals….although I do have one or two ideas for some wacky traditionals. Not setting a formal amount for hides, though increasing my presence in my hometown is a goal I like working on. #2 Host an event somewhere interesting. I started doing events late into the year, when I became busier and the weather became too bothersome to be outside for long....I have some ideas for new kinds of events....the special one for next year sounds great, but I don't see myself getting it. I choose to believe my luck will be terrible. #3 Find my 1000th cache. As of typing this, I sit at 699 hides.....by January 1st, I'll be at least 710. And find more multi's....even though they can e frustrating. #4 Fill out more of my grids. I have 50 D/T combinations found...I'll have one or two more found by 2020, but push up that number. Same for my found dates....and Jasmer and yadayadayada. #5 Find my first webcam cache. I know of one now in Canada....and it's a ways away, but at least it's two train rides away....and a few hundred miles. #6 Find more counties. A goal from last year, I just want to push my map a bit...maybe even find another state. -Alright so... for my first goal, I did succeed with this by all means. I definitely hid more non trads than trads this year....9 trads out of what'll be 30 caches once my final puzzle is published in the coing hours or days. Tough puzzles, easy puzzles, tree climbs, ravine runs and valley foraging....and a couple roadside caches. All in good fun this year, and most definitely spread out in my city....I've hidden a good few in places I wouldve never expected. Number two: Well, I only succeeded on hosting one event, and that was as the uh, fear started kicking in from this....thing. It was held on March 14th, one of the last events of the year in my province. It was in a place I previously had held events....and I was planning for hosting more fun stuff in the future. Number Three: Yep. I did it...I'm sitting on 1017 currently, AL's make it 1032. I'm finding two more caches this year....so I'm content with this goal. Number Four: This was one goal which was a lot easier to do this year as I had much more time to plan. I have 72 grids filled in now.....next year I have some caches to target. This year has almost entirely been based on caching for find dates....I have nearly my whole calendar filled in now. Not so much with JASMER...but oh well. Number Five and Six: Nope. This couldnt be done.....not with the way the world is. I mean, I think I did earn at least one new county, but that was out of luck. Overall, I'm very happy with what I've done this year considering how things went. Getting my finds calendar nearly completed is a great goal for me...and getting more of my DT grid filled. More hides has been nice too.
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