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  1. Try some freeware called SmartGPX (easy find on Google). I use it, and an add on also availble from the smartgpx site, on my S60 V5 Samsung i8910 HD. Never had any problems with it at all and it's a great bit of software.
  2. Picked up the new Samsung i8910HD last week and have used it for a few caches so thought I'd post my (UK based) experiences here. The phone is on an orange contract. I purchased 1:50000 OS maps from viewranger as a download and had no problem installing them on my phone as a direct download. The maps were swiftly followed by SmartGPX together with the SmartGPX add on, which is essential if you want to be able to sort caches by nearerest position based on the internal GPS. Finally, I subscribed as a premium grounspeak member to enable me to download and import smartqueries direct, all from the phone. The only use of the PC was to get a signed version of SmartGPX addon, which was easier using the PC browser rather than the phone. The quality and size of the screen on the Samsung is great, bigger than an i-phone. It was a bit had to see in todays bright sunshine but definately manageable. The touch screen itself enables access to the viewranger features with no problems. Identifying individual caches on the map is a bit of a fiddle, but not hard. Unfortunately, viewranger doesn't integrate with SmartGPX so there's a bit of juggling to be done between the two applications when near to the cache, but given it's entirely paperless, it's not much of a hardship. The in built GPS seemed to be spot on with coordinates and there was no problem finding any of todays caches. Best of all is the ability to link direct to geocaching.com to log your finds immediately. I also love the ability to download routes from sites such as walkingworld, direct to the phone. Although you can do this "on the fly" using viewrangers built in functionality it's considerably cheaper to take an annual subscription to the site. My only concern is battery life. We had about 4 hours out today, with the phone being used to display maps, browsing, or navigating for most of that time. The battery was still fine but I doubt I'd get more than a day on one charge without very very careful use. Hardly surprising given the power of the device but it does illustrate why my Garmin Vista CX will still get the odd run out, even in good weather. I can't imagine ever wanting to use the Vista in good weather for general caching or a gentle walk in the country though. All in all, I'd recommend the i8910. If all you want is a "phone", go for something else, but if you want a phone for caching, walking, camcording, photography, browsing and some great apps, (and is not an i-phone) b go for this.
  3. Hi Please can someone give (or link to) a step by step guide to how I can create around 50 POIs and load them onto my Vista CX (which has garmin topo gb loaded with the associated POIs. I have 2 2GB memory card) On my PC I have Mapsource software and have just downloaded and installed POI loader This is hopefully simple to do but I think I might just be being thick! I have created my POIs as waypoints and can add them that way but I really want them as POIs. Many thanks! Dogs Dad
  4. I'd never heard of Geoaching until just before Christmas. I was looking for ideas of where to take our dog for a walk and came across a website http://www.mikes-walks.co.uk which had a link to a page about Geocaching. I thought it sounded fascinating and contemplated my GPS purchase over Christmas before going out and buying myself a Vista CX. I've found around 60 to date and love it - I also love the GPS as having loaded up topo gb on the gps and mapsource on the PC I can play with routes to my hearts content. THANK YOU MIKE!
  5. I can only speak from uk experience but the UK Topo CD is far far better value than buying MicroSD versions - they are expensive for each area and more hassle changing cards. I have just bought a cheap 2GB micosd (SanDisc) and am as I write this transferring the whole of England, Scotland and Wales onto the card with a size of about 1.6GB. I know we're just a small island but thats a lot of area on one card and leaves plenty of room for poi data etc. I'd go for the 2Gb given how cheap they are now (on ebay at least) Cheers
  6. Always North up, can't get used to reading a map any other way when hiking but I can see the attraction of track up when driving and will give it a go
  7. Always. I like the fact it's recorded and it gives me a mission to go back and try again.
  8. I was trying to make the same choice around Christmas. It seemed like a fair bit of extra cash to buy the vista cx just to get a few nice to haves like the compass BUT I took advice which said buy it if you can afford it. I got the vista cx and love it. I use it often when geocaching. I have also downloaded loads of GB topo maps to the vista and use the compass for general navigation. It won't replace your silva in some situations but for most of my day to day trecking I now leave the paper map and compass in my rucksack. Go for it!
  9. Still not managed to resolve this so any help much appreciated! Cheers
  10. Additional info - exporting from mapsource works fine. Now have nice geocache symbols if I use this. I'd much rather be able to export from memory map though so ideas still welcomed!
  11. I have a dog and I'm his dad - but not in the biological sense of course!
  12. What have I done wrong? I have memory map (full uk 1:50000) and a vista cx. In the past I have imported loc files into memory map (with geocache symbols in memory map) and then exported them into my cx. I've been messing around with the settings and now when I export to the cx the caches just appear as blue flag waypoints rather than the cache symbols as before. The name also appears next to the symbol rather than the waypoint ref so I've done something strange here. I can't remember if I had to change something when I first got the unit. I know I can change the symbols individually once exported but I want to do it globally, either beofre or after I've imported them. Any ideas? Cheers
  13. Hi I have sympathy with you. There's so much information in these forums and so many different views it's hard to decide. The advice I got when asking similar questions to yours was: - go for something that has lots of broadly consistant good feedback for the purpose you want (for me it was general hiking, bit of geocaching and nice to have in the car as a back-up) - go for something that has an SD card if possible but if not, as much memory as possible, so that you're not limited in what you can download - go for something that has a compass, a nice to have but good to have when you're standing still - go for something that has the functionality you think you want, plus some more so you won't instantly be wishing you'd bought the next model up For me, I agonised over the etrex legend, venture and then the c and finally cx models of these. In the end I opted to spend more than I'd planned and went for the vista cx on the basis that I should be future proofing myself to some extent. Really happy I did so far, just shop riund for a bargain. Can't really comment on us software. Enjoy
  14. Well, I decided to go for Topo GB V2 to see for myself. My first thoughts are: - there is no contest in terms the "debate" about whether memory map or topo GB is better for planning routes and exporting waypoints and cache details for example on the the PC. Memory Map is light years ahead in terms of what you can do with it and the level of detail you receive. I knew this would be the case though anyway - unlocking the mapsource topo gb maps and downloading them on to the SD card on my vista cx was a doddle. - topo gb comes with loads of pre-loaded waypoints including attractions, shops, resteraunts, key geographical points (like pubs or key junctions - the places you generally navigate by) which I wasn't expecting but look really good if you're in unfamiliar territory or looking for ideas for things to do when out and about - most of out local streets around Preston appear at least in outline BUT not all are named. - autorouting on roads works ok if you have some common sense BUT it has big limitations as it doesn't know about one way streets, pedestrianised areas etc. - mapping detail for walking is fine. Ok, not all paths are there but there's enough detail for you to have some comfort in terms of where you are without always having to look at a paper map. Personally, I like to see a bit of detail and was gutted by the base map detail for the vista cx (which I guess is the same for all) So, is it something you should rush out and buy? Depends on how much money you've got to spend I think. My priorities would be: - get yourself a gps device - get yourself memory map (ideally the whole of GB - look on ebay for a real bargain - don't be fooled into thinking like some that you can download these maps to your Garmin, YOU CAN'T! but you can download routes, waypoints etc which is great and then upload once you've been out and do a 3d fly through - cool gimmick!) - get yourself topo GB when you feel like treating yourself, it's nice but won't change your life! Friends in the US please note that GB mapping software is really expensive compared to what you seem to have access to. eBay is our friend though, but not really for topo gb. Hope thats helpful to someone
  15. As you already have Memory Map. Why don't you spend a few more £'s and Buy a PDA with built in GPS ? Some interesting responses so far, thanks. I think I should clarify that: - I'm not bothered about printing from topo as I can print nicely using memory map - Maybe I could have looked at a gps pda but I wanted the ruggedness and functionality of a handheld nav and am pretty happy with that choice so far. I have had several pdas for work and they take a pounding in my work environment and I don't think would last long in the wilds I guess what I'm really asking is it is worth £125 for topo GB V2 simply to have a better point of reference on the GPS unit itself. Cheers
  16. One for UK cachers. I have a Vista CX, I have the full UK copy of memory map. The basemap on the Vista is pretty poor and the thought of having a more detailed map visable on the Vista is appealing to me. I couldn't say I "need" it as I think the memory map is better for planning etc on the PC but I WANT it, primarily for walking so TOPO GB seems the only real option if I have anything at all. If you've bought it, was it worth it? Thanks
  17. Love the compass on my vista cx, works a treat! As for why? Why not, yes it makes life easier and I see nothing wrong with that. I can stand and admire a view (yes, thats part of the experience) or pat the dog (part of it too) and still know which way to go.
  18. Had my vista cx for a few weeks to. I wondered whether I was splashing out too much cash but I'm glad of the extra functionality I got. I rarely loose satellite reception, had no problems in woods. Love the integration with memory map (UK) (tracks, waypoints etc BUT potential buyers please note that you cannot import memory map maps into your CX. The only maps you can import are Garmin Mapsource maps. Don't let a salesman confuse you and check the memory map user support forums if you have any doubt! I haven't decided if its worth getting UK TOPO as it's expensive and I've seen mixed reviews. I guess I want it but maybe thats not the same as needing it! Glad I bought one too - I'd advise shopping around on eBay for both the CX AND the maps. There' a big difference in prices.
  19. Hi I've been asking myself (and the forums) the same question over the past week or so. I've today decided to opt for the vista cx as although I agree it's not as good value for money (in terms of what you get for your "bucks") as the venture I didn't want to regret not having the sensors. In terms of the 60cx, I wouldn't disagree that it is better but it costs about £50 more in the uk. The gap between the venture and the vista is about £100 which is pretty significant. To spend an extra £150 (before I've spent anything on mapping) was just a step too far. The general advice I've had is go for the best model you can afford - for me that was the vista. Roll on Saturday when it arrives! Happy caching. Must learn to type!
  20. Cheers for these wise comments. I completely agree that no single device should be relied on totally. Always use your head too. Given the comments, I have though opted for the Vista CX and look forward to the functionality of an electronic compass as well as my trusted magnetic device.
  21. Thanks for the advice. Will not throw the trusty magnetic compass away just yet!
  22. I'm considering my first GPS purchase having relied for many years on a map and compass when hiking. At times, your life depends on these simple tools when in the mist or clouds, miles from anywhere, and with the dangers of the mountains and moors all around. I generally trust my magnetic compass and have some awareness of the locations where the geology of the area may affect its reading. An electronic compass bundled with a GPS unit seems to really only come in to its own if I could place similar reliance on it, otherwise, I'd take my magnetic compass on such outings anyway. Do you place total reliance on your electronic compass (if you have one built in to your unit) and if not, was there a point in getting it? Cheers
  23. Hi I've been looking through the many threads about what to buy and earlier today seemed to end up thinking the Etrex Venture CX was the best bet for my needs - hiking and hopefully some geocaching. My rationale was that in terms of the Etrex range the Venture provided better value for money than the Legend (essentially you're paying for an SD card) and that there was little extra useful functionality in the Vista. Am I missing something? I'm happy to spend a little more money if I get something useful. Cheers Dogs Dad
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