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  1. Hi, We would love to come. My better half and two sons were able to attend last year but I had to work. I will have to check the calendar to see what else is up. For some reason May is very busy for us normally. I will check in later for the details. Since last year's get together my work has transfered us to Bluefield WV. We may be able to make this a camping weekend. Thanks, Scouting For Cache.
  2. We would have enjoyed making the trip up to Elkins, but I have to play piano at a wedding that day. I hope you have a great turnout and a good time! Scouting for Cache
  3. Hi, everyone! It was great to see some familiar geocacher faces in the Charleston paper! YOu guys looked great and I'm sure you did a lot to raise awareness of the sport. Good job! Michelle of Scouting for Cache
  4. Scouting for Cache here, I have to work that day but my wife and 2 sons are planning on attending. So 3/4 of our "team" will be there. I did have an idea....Michelle will have my digital camera there and will take photos of those who agree and I will post them somewhere so that those of us that can't attend can still see what the other cachers look like. Think about it and if you see a lady that looks younger than her 35 years of age with a camera SMILE!!
  5. We are new to geocaching and have really enjoyed finding our first cache and a couple of benchmarks. My question is this......we are preparing to go out of state to visit family and geocache in a couple of weeks. A travel bug just showed up (according to the cache website) in the cache close to our home. This is the same cache that we just visited last week. Should we retrieve the travel bug and take it with us, or it is in "poor form" to visit the same cache so soon? Thanks for your help! Scouting for Cache
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