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  1. Hi and welcome to geocaching! One thing about pocket queries is that I seldom choose attributes. The attributes you choose all act as AND, meaning that a cache has to have that specific combination in order for the PQ to pick it up. Leave the attributes squares blank and see what you get.
  2. I don't really see the need in keeping an offline database either. I have 2 main databases... My Finds, and one for Home. I always delete/replace the Home database each time I do a PQ, because I will always want the freshest logs and non-archived caches.
  3. I'm on Sanibel Island this week for vacation.. trying to find all 30+ caches here before I leave. Beware.. muggles everywhere!
  4. And call Garmin, and tell them you want the part that slides on the back that accepts the ball socket (looks very similar to the caribiner that you can slide on there. It should only cost about $8 (but if you're nice, they may give it to you for free.. they did mine). Then you can use it with the bean bag dashboard mount.
  5. It changed from the 4-color square icon to a "found" treasure chest icon. Wonder why they did that? Was there some copyright infringement? Is Garmin promoting alternative sites (is there any??)?
  6. You have to generate a new file, and download again. The updates do not happen real time.
  7. Successful upgrade. Will test in the field tomorrow along the Seaway Trail.
  8. And all this time, I thought sumac was edible. Now you're telling me it's poison? This might explain my stomach problems. Edible Sumac?
  9. My Garmin Quest has a soothing female voice, and my 8-year-old daughter (at the time) named it Gina Patricia Smith. My new Oregon 450 is her cousin, Gordon.
  10. Wow.. a job that supports your hobby, instead of getting in the way of them! I'm jealous
  11. +1 +1 I also add the DNF to my bookmark list, so that if someone later on finds it, I will get an email notification of the log and then I'll go back and give it another try.
  12. Updated my 450 last night, and went smooth as silk. All functionality seems to be working. I will test it out in the field tomorrow.
  13. Yes, I use GSAK to load my info to my unit, and modify the way the data is sent, and hence, the way it is displayed. I can get the GC code, container size (M,S,R, etc) difficulty (1.0~5.0) and terrain (1.0~5.0) digits and usually the FNFF etc for the last 4 logs all on the display. On the main display page for each cache, I get anything that didn't fit there - but hey, it's a 1 liner, right? Here's my GSAK "Name" field setting for "Send waypoints", %drop2 %con1 %Dif/%Ter %last4 %name With the latest software update, there is a new filter option that lets you filter right on the 450 for difficulty/terrain, cache size, etc.
  14. I'm doing it for my 10 year old daughter right now. Just like a previous post, I'm putting an explanation in the log that she just got her own account and is logging the finds. As she gets older, if she decides to continue caching on her own, then she's got a record of what she's done. Wish I just would have thought of that from the beginning
  15. I just updated to 3.80 via WebUpdater mygarmin.com/dashboard updater, and it took about 5 minutes total, and the GPSr seems to be working properly. I plan on taking it out in the field on Monday, so we'll see how it works then, but I don't expect any issues. (edit to correct source of update..)
  16. If you have CN version 2008 or earlier, Garmin will let you put it on a second device for free if you call their customer service number and ask. Anything after version 2008 is only allowed to be put on one device and one device only.
  17. Thanks! Your pocket query has been saved and currently results in 467 caches. GOF, you obviously live in a slightly richer area than me..
  18. Sounds like a great idea! Ideally, it would be nice to have a "history" attribute. Another thought I had was that there are different reasons for the historical significance, and this should be identified in your index. For example, was the spot significant because of an event, or because of a person who lived there, or because there is a military significance, etc.
  19. There is a GSAK macro that I just installed last night which puts the new attributes of 1.0.1 on my Oregon as a "dummy" log at the top of the log list. Very nice! I'm testing it out in the field tonight. Macro name is GarminExport.
  20. 3.74 (i'm on an oregon 450) with multicache ability downloaded, installed, and ready to go!!!
  21. I see how you are.. you're going to make me take the plunge too, huh? Can't have you be able to do multi's and not me on our next trip.
  22. Although I enjoy geocaching with my family, I've recently started going out with a friend and fellow geocacher, and that has been a lot of fun too. You don't want to force someone to come along who isn't into it that much.
  23. I usually just like to leave my signature in the logbook. I really only trade things if my 10-year-old daughter is with me and sees something in there she likes. And welcome to geocaching! Fun, isn't it? I really love it.
  24. I log both also (found and NM). Gel pens also work well for signing wet logs.
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