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  1. Thank you for the help. Unfortunately neither of the above mentioned measures worked. I’m beginning to wonder if my friend’s maps just aren’t compatible with the newer version Garmin. Of course I would be stoked if indeed I am able to use them but if not my second problem is getting them off my unit. Once again, any help is appreciated. -Rand
  2. I recently received the Garmin 60CSx for my birthday and am having a little trouble getting maps loaded on it. I am stationed in Iwakuni Japan and have a friend here that has built maps of the local area. He has the 60CS and has loaded the same maps on his GPS without a problem. When we loaded them onto mine we could not find them on the unit. My storage capacity has dropped from 54mb to 50mb. Has anyone else run into trouble loading maps that have been stored on the memory card? I would appreciate the help. The New Guy!
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