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  1. I searched and the topics were all about "overpaying", "double billing" and "it did not renew" when it was supposed to and none about stopping it from renewing.


    I had a 1 month membership and it was all I wanted then bam I got the renewal. Ticked me off but it is only $3, now I am up for renewal again and I cant see a place here or at paypal to stop it from occuring again. So if you know what steps I have to take please let me know as I dont want to go through a refund process. Thanks.

  2. seems it was an abnormal glitch by here. Took almost 8 hrs to get them but then 4 hit all at once. I always check my spam filter and had 2 of the 4 sent to a couple junk accounts i have. since that day they seem to come soon after establishing the query


    thanks guys

  3. You have to be a Premium member to get access to the gpx files. Well worth it. the difference between .loc files and .gpx files for info is night and day.


    i made a couple queries and it says they ran but I still have not recieved the email. did I miss something?


    I did check the zip files.


    EDIT: came to a different email then my membership email :huh:

  4. I am going to set my first one next week at a site that snowmobilers from snowmobileworld.com have been looking for for 2 years now (no coords just boondocking). It is an old dozer left on a 2 track in Michigans UP, still have not finalized the hiding spot yet but will soon. :laughing:


    for you winter riders take a look back in a few weeks in the paradise area.


    You're original hunch probably still holds, despite your stab at empirical verification. In almost all instances, this error message is associated with a serial number mismatch. My guess here is that the bad serial number was so-o-o bad that it didn't even pass the first sniff test that the GPS made for validity.


    Your instincts are serving you well on the CD firmwares...these firmwares are for older models such as Meridians and SporTraks. Magellan could be a little clearer in regards to whom they direct their dire warnings. SInce the Explorists are received with compatible firmwares installed, you needn't worry about updating (although I think the European "beta" has features worth taking on).


    Solved... part #, part PICNIC


    You have to drop the first and last digit of the serial # from under the battery. I had a missing digit for a few of the uploads and that did not help with it.


    Thanks for the help embra

  6. Im now having problems loading maps on to my unit!!!

    I save regions to my SD card through a reader, The unit does list the detailed maps that i uploaded but then when trying to activate the map in the unit I get a map security error!! Does any one have any ideas. I looked on the Magellan web site. and it mentioned something about renaming (this was the key to loading more than 1 region on to the SD card)so i tried that and it does also list the renamed maps when trying to activate but still im getting the ERROR!! even when trying to activate both renamed and non-renamed maps. Please help!!

    and where is this Power Users section on the magellan web site.


    i finally have mine working through the reader and the transfer cable. Double check your serial from the about area and not the # under the battery.

  7. I still have the preloaded basemap but get a "map Security error" when I try to load my mapsend topo map. I looked to see what happened if you put in a bad SN and it just doesn't even show up in the GPS so I dont think it is that. Any thoughts?


    I have uploaded the firmware 2.03 but have not used the firmware cd the GPS came with and am hesitant to. Reason being it does not have the explorist model in the list f selections and states that you can corrupt your GPS if you load the wrong one.

  8. ummmh i see logging roads as well as the dirt roads. My only problem is getting it into my memory card. having some issues


    Ummm... You see dirt roads? Wow please tell me your secret. Id really like to know.

    You know im not talking about Logging roads. Im talking about small dirt roads and trails.

    Just what the OLD maps had thats all i ask.


    Go to Google Maps and zoom in and you will see the dirt roads im talkin about.

    It so sad when a search engine company has better maps than a GPS company.


    I hate getting ripped off!!

    Magellan has ruined my GPS experiance for life.

    I will never buy a megallan product again EVER.


    if you tell me how to bypass the SECURITY ERROR download incomplete I will show you the dirt roads


    Sorry the dirt roads are there. Check Geirman rd in Maybee MI. That is a dirt road. I do not know anything about the past software but a blanket statement that dirt roads do not show is incorrect.

  9. has anyone else had the problem that there serial # is one character longer then the software allows for? this is the only reason I could see for it not working. :D

    That's probably it. IIRC people with 600s had to drop the leading digits or something like that (MapSend took my 500's serial number as displayed in the about screen). You can try an experiment to see if you find the right combination, or maybe a 600 owner will tell you what worked for them.


    If it helps any, my serial number begins "1184..."


    think that may be it.. .mine starts 01181


    thanks for the help, for others when i get it I will let you know


    also mine is the 500 (non le)

  10. I followed the manual step by step and it did not read anything on the card. I looked through the read me text for this and it was exactly the steps that I followed. Still nothing.


    has anyone else had the problem that there serial # is one character longer then the software allows for? this is the only reason I could see for it not working. :lol:

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