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  1. The idea is to be able to tag friend(s) if you're geocaching in a group. Take this example: two people were geocaching together, but only one person could record which geocaches were found. The person recording could mention the other in all their logs. The person who was not recording can now easily see which caches they found together(and log em of course!). My girlfriend is usually behind on her logs...she simply brings up my profile page and uses that to see what caches we found together...so I'm with fraggle...what is this feature good for?
  2. I had this problem a week or two ago and when I went to look again so I could report it, the maps were working. At this time I am seeing the same problem as SisqoKid.
  3. I'm about to log maintenance on one of my caches and the Edit Attributes link is still there. I don't see the Cache Owner actions link you mentioned. Everything looks just like I remember it. Perhaps you came upon some Groundspeak work in progress?
  4. http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=61
  5. A friend asked if I saw her new cache and I hadn't. Another one I didn't get the notification of publish. When can we expect resolution to this problem?
  6. Go to the gc.com home page (the New search page) and scroll down a little...
  7. I didn't completely understand this post at first, but now that I'm trying to catch up on my logs, I certainly do. Please fix it. One step forward, two steps back... Firefox 45.0.2
  8. I also got a Server Error 500 when trying to Update Coordinates on a cache. Normal browsing on the site seems OK. Firefox 45.0.2
  9. Parts of the site seem to be working off and on, but there are still issues, including the occasional Server Error. There's several threads going already and Keystone tells us they are working on it. I guess it's time to go watch TV.
  10. I've got two so far. Heres a good reason to be able to delete messages from the Message Center.
  11. I've also seen this problem recently and seems to be happening now, even after a few refreshes. Using Firefox 38.0.5.
  12. Straying just a bit here, but I thought the oldest active cache in Ontario is Deer Bait, hidden 2/17/2001. GC2B4
  13. I just noticed this problem today when adding a mystery cache to a bookmark list. Now I see it is an old issue. Is there an easy workaround? Are there any plans to fix it?
  14. I don't know how, but somehow my GPS marked a find in the Visits file on 10/7/2018. I noticed it while logging so corrected the date. The problem is, the website now thinks my latest find is in 2018. So whenever I go to upload Field Notes, it considers that to be the date of my last find and won't upload my current finds unless I uncheck the box. I don't always delete the Visits file from the GPS, so if I uncheck the box, I am bound to get older (already logged)finds uploaded again. Is there a way to reset the Field Notes date on the website? I've uploaded current files that have correct 2015 dates, but the website is retaining the latest found date as 10/7/2018.
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