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  1. :)


    It is done, I have printed out a new tag and laminated it,

    dug out the sewing maching and actually created a copy of the

    actual TB, its not commerical quality, but it does have a lot

    of HEART in it. :) I have printed out a copy of the Travel Bug Sheet

    and even donated a plastic zip lock bag.


    I will place it today (christmas eve)


    I took some photos of the bug, to see them go to the

    bug sheet ( TBB344 )





  2. It would be really nice to have the town as well as the state displayed.


    When I do a search (seek a cache) I am presented with the

    Icons, (D/T), date Placed, Description, and last found date.

    within the description I am told the cache name, by whom, the waypoint,

    and the state.


    The only way I can tell WHERE in the state the cache is would be to

    click on the cache name and scroll thru the cache page till I get to the Map

    often I have to click on the map and then zoom out to determin where within the state the cache resides.


    while its true I can search by postal code, that result is displayed as distance order and not time order

  3. Certain - was started with a $20. I had orignally planned to start it with a hundred, but I changed my mind and decided to break the hundred up and restock the cache every so often, its still the same prize, only instead of going to one person, its being spread out. the only catch is I am not discloseing when I restock.... so like a slot machine... you never know if it will payoff.



  4. Weve been to a number of caches lately that after we got there we had to turn back because of high water levels. Unfinished business comes to mind, so does about any cache near wayne NJ this week. Im trying to determin if I should invest in some hip waders. Im interested in finding out if many others carry such speical equipment in the trunk of thier car for such occations... everyone except bassoon pilot, after reading his log for unfinished business its clear he doesnt let a little thing like water stand in his way :lol:

  5. Thank You All for all your assistance....


    I am going to go with the assumption that the Original TB is MIA, we can move along a replacement such as been discussed with laminated paper copy tag and heart shaped keychain or whatever. and when it reaches here i will replace with a small plush toy.




    PS> I have been in Email contact with Everyone who's listed in association with this TB.

    Ok, Ill make up the laminated Tag and laminated TB sheet.

    anyone interested in getting together at the Castle Park Cache

    for a Photo op and a fitting relaunch cermony?


    RetPhoto I need you to email me the Orignal TB number so I can make the paper laminated tag. the number is found on the 2nd copy of the tag and also on the label bag the tags arrived in. also are you part of Lucky Kid Proud Parents?


    Natureboy and Bigdaddy you interested in being a part of this?

    does anyone know where we can get an item that looks exacty like the orignal?

    otherwise Im going to go to the local mall and get one of those teddy bears that you put the heart in and they stuff it while you watch.


    Let me know whos in, I want to move quickly on this



  6. Did ya happen to notice if there were any logs in the logbook during that timeframe that were not posted online? For that matter, was the newbie's log in there? I've seen people accidently log a find on the wrong cache, because they made a typo when searching by GC#. It was only his second cache, it's possible.


    Ok, I personally went out to check the logbook today. (I sent the wife last night but she forgot to check the logbook, so I went there today).

    Mr Bigdaddy01 was in fact there and did sign the cache log, in the logbook he notes that he is dropping off the Be Mine TB. so that means only one thing. A Geocacher took the TB and did not log the find. nor did he log the logbook. the logbook is in cronalogical order and matches exactly the online log, includeing the notes by each cacher mentioning the missing TB. I really dont think it was a kid because the only thing missing is the TB, a kid would have taken everything.

    I have offered a reward for the safe return of the TB, ( I will give a unregestered TB tag set to the finder) and am working with the TB owner and Natureboy to devise a plan of what to do next.


    My gut feeling is that I can make up a Paper laminated travel bug tag and adfix it to another item, send the item on it way with instructions that if the orignal tag were found the finder should email the TB owner and have the TB mailed back. when the new item reaches its final destination the TB owner can remove the paper laminated tag and place the COPY of the orignal tag on it.

    how does this sound?



  7. maybe they grabbed it?

    As the cache owner I asure you that I have not grabbed it.

    As a TB owner myself I asure you I know how the owner feels.

    I myself have had my TB fall off the radar screen for a period.

    what happen to me was someone took my tb and never logged it,

    they did not log the tb nor the cache log, 3 months later they caught up

    on their backlog and it finally showed up. in the mean time it appeared as

    if it were still in the cache. this is where we are at this point:


    On Oct 29, I personally visited and inspected the cache. there was

    no TBs and the cache was in good condition however all the good prizes were rotated out and new improved goodies needed to be replenshed.


    On November 2nd Bigdaddy01 (who by the way ONLY has 3 finds) and

    could be considered Newbie? logged that he had dropped off THE TB.


    On Nov 8th Natureboy logs a visit but no mention of a TB


    On Nov 9th tpsauer logged a find but notes there is no TB.


    everyone else after that confirms the tb is MIA.


    Last night I recieved an email from the TB owner asking about his TB.

    I dispatched the wife to check on the cache and emailed natureboy, and

    the tb owner, Natureboy reports there were no TB in the cache during his visit

    and the wife confirms no TB but the cache is still in good condition.


    While it could have been a kid who found the cache and took the TB but I dont

    think so, a kid would have taken more then ONE item, My guess is that someone

    found the cache on Nov 2nd thru early 8th and took the TB but did not log the find

    (YET?) OR someone who has already logged the cache returned to pick up the TB and does not know how to log a note to put the TB in thier hands, OR the TB never really made it to the cache n the first place.


    Natureboy and I have offered to replace the TB with a new one but we are not

    sure how to transfer the mileage from an unregestered tag to the MIA tag and

    are not sure what would happen if the TB were to resurface in the future.


    In the meantime I am going to post a MISSING PERSONs (TB) flyer on the

    cache page and in the actual cache. hopefully the TB will show up.


    any advice would be appreacated



  8. Not a bad idea. I checked his stats. He has just a handful of finds and no event caches. I checked his logs to see if he cached with anybody else. No such luck.<BR><BR>I guess we'll just hope for the best, but we're not optimistic.<BR><BR>http://www.keenpeople.com/stats/' target='_blank'>


    We JUST got our TB back into circulation this morning.

    a guy had it since MAY. and he didnt bother to log that

    he had it until AUGUST. it took him until NOV to finally stick

    it in a nearby cache. the funny thing is that the guy never even

    logged it back out, he just put it in a cache and walked away.

    the next finder logged that he found the TB in a cache that didnt

    list a TB being there. so I dont get the miles

    His excuse... it was a wet summer

    I dont think the guy that had it all this time deserves to be able

    to keep the log as a find, so I deleted his entry.

  9. Maybe geocaching.com ought to implement those annoying pop-up reminder windows for anyone that logs on that has had someone else's travel bug in their inventory for more than 30 days?<BR>  <BR>I would also be agreeable to limiting a user's access to the full features of the geocaching.com website if they have retained a travel bug for more than 30 days without the travel bug owner's consent. 


    I really really like these ideas.

    instead of a 30 day automatic access denial, I would let the TB owner

    have a checkbox on the Travel Bug Owners page

    that will empliment the following actions.


    A) The TB thief would have the pop ups reminding them to move the bug along.

    B ) the TB thief would not be able to post on the fourms


    or better B1 (the scarlet letter claus)- all logs on the fourm and all cache finds are

    appended with the words" this cacher doesnt move bugs along"


    C) the TB thief would not be able to log finds or notes untill the bug has been moved on.

    D) The TB thief is not allowed to hide caches of thier own.

    E) the TB thief is not allowed to activate their own TB's

    F) the TB thief's own TB become inactive / archived with directions to have the

    next finder contact the owner of the stolen TB for a possible hostage exchange.


    In the event the TB thief would pick any cache and just

    say that he moved the TB into it in order to thort the sanctions then the TB owner

    could appeal to GC.com to have the thief's account frozen


    I only have 1 TB, (CHEERS -TB54DC ) I have had it for almost a year, it has been in the hands of a certain cacher since June. Mr (name withheld but you can go check it out for yourself by looking at the TB page) had it for 2 months before he logged it, I have contacted Mr (TB54DC) no less than 3 times and each time he says he will move it on soon. Yet Mr jcook continues to log caches, and other Tb's.

  10. quote:
    Originally posted by BrianSnat:

    My fire tacks have arrived. Night cache fans stay on the lookout for the results.



    I picked up 2 boxes of H.S. Archery reflective trail tacks and 2 packages of H.S. Archery Mag Limb Lights (they look like twist ties)

    I got them at Walmart for about $1.89 each

    are these like firetacks?



  11. Originally posted by scoobydooers:

    The Jenny mnt trio was awsome.

    and Ive got the scars to prove it.

    I kind of wish that replacement hip was still inside this cache, I could have used it <G>



    Ok, Ive dug the rock out of my leg and pushed the bones back together, I think they will heal in a few weeks, anyone planning on another group endever

  12. The Jenny mnt trio was awsome.

    and Ive got the scars to prove it.

    I kind of wish that replacement hip was still inside this cache, I could have used it <G>

    you missed a great time Melissa!


    Johnies Hotdogs were great even without

    the buttermilk. Team ekitt10 and Hiker77 are

    also great, a fun time was had by all.

    check the logs for the whole story



  13. quote:
    Originally posted by JandM:

    Molly and I would love to join the group (minus Joe because he'll be working as always), but it doesn't look like we'll be available until 1:30 or 2. Maybe we'll get to do the next group hike/hunt (with Joe, too)!




    Melissa and Molly,

    Please come over when you can, we can meet up on the trials between caches, you could always park on Shades of Death rd and work backwards while we work from the jenny parking lot forwards and we can meet in the middle.

    Ill have the FRN on Channel 2, and you can email Ekitt10 for the cell numbers



  14. I have a palm III xe and I purchased a GPS module that snaps on the back (no wires) and I puchased delorme steetmaps in order to use the palm to find my way to job sites without paper maps, it worked pretty good and gave turn by turn diections. while looking for additional software for it I stumbled across Groundspeak and located my first cache (washington's stairmaster) the way it worked was to watch the cord numbers go up or down till you were matching the cord number of the cache, then walk east or west till those numbers matched, not very easy to do. we had an unsecessfull attempt at Fast cache and went out and purchased a Megellin Platium for my birthday, (went back and found the fast cache.) Now I use the magellen for everything, I got rid of the paper maps I used to use in the truck and now I use the gps to located customers homes.

    and when Im done working on the way to the next stop I will zoom out and look for a nearby cache.

  15. quote:
    Originally posted by Team Ekitt10:


    We're thinking about getting there between 10:30 & 11:00.


    For all that are interested let me know so we can make plans accordingly. .


    Ok, 11:00 sounds perfect. we will be there. Ill have our FRN set to channel 2



  16. quote:
    Originally posted by Team Ekitt10:

    Originally posted by scoobydooers:

    We would like to join up with everyone. but we wont be able to get there till around 10am? is that too late?


    We're thinking about getting there between 10:30 & 11:00.


    For all that are interested let me know so we can make plans accordingly. .


    Ok, 11:00 sounds perfect. we will be there. Ill have our FRN set to channel 2

  17. quote:
    Originally posted by BrianSnat:

    We targeting The Love Shack and Beyond and the other two cache on the mountain, for a cache hunt and hike this weekend. (Sat. 10/25)

    We planning to start from the lot off of Shades of Death road sometime in the late morning.


    All are invited and timing is flexible.


    Count me as a definite maybe.


    We would like to join up with everyone. but we wont be able to get there till around 10am? is that too late?



  18. Our name (Scoobydooers) was derived because Karen, myself, my daughter, her friend and our dog all went out geocaching. since then my daughter and her friend stopped comming, then we had a problem at "the Chipmunks house cache" when the dog ran away to chase a deer, and it took me 4 hours in the dark to get her back, So now its pretty much the wife and me. she gets so mad when I go cacheing without her while Im at work. She even plans the weekends around goecacheing. one time we got in the car and drove 90 miles north JUST to move a travel bug. While I normally work the GPS (its a guy thing) I do let her carry the offical scoobydoo backpack containing all trade items,spare batterys and paper logs. when we get to GZ we split up and both go looking. she normally finds about 1/2 of them. She gets to do the trade while I get to log the book.

  19. quote:
    Originally posted by BrianSnat:


    The last log in my plundered cache said "what kind of person would do such a thing?" It doesn't sound like he was having all that much fun. A log from another nearby cache that had been plundered by this bozo said "...This was the first time we ever seen this. The kids were disappointed.". Yep, sounds like they had a real blast.


    _"You can't make a man by standing a sheep on his hind legs. But by standing a flock of sheep in that position, you can make a crowd of men" - Max Beerbohm_


    If you replace it.... they will come.

    they will come from all over, to pay homage to

    the cache that couldnt be killed. you could do it Brian,

    you could beat them and put it right back the way it was... only better

    instead of being a lame vile, it would be an icon. It would be as big as

    Cache #1 I would go, I would move that cache to the top of my list

    I want to see the place for myself, hell you could even make it a multi-

    and incorprate it with the others that were stolen.

    How about it Brian, lets turn this thing around and make something good out of it



  20. quote:
    leaving anything in a cache with the intent of transferring it to another person is not a good idea.



    I have a item that I am saving to be placed at my 100th find. the item is intended to be retreved by a certain person (Orange). The item is not so special that the world would end if someone else were to take it, in fact I dont thing anyone else would want it, however to Orange the item would bring a smile and a memory. Both Orange and I have this "CACHE DEAL" Im not going to "Tip my Cards" till the time is right but when its done I will tell you about it.



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